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The Expertise People Trust To Find The Cause Of Pain ... And Correct It.

Proffesional Spine, Back, Neck care.  Experts in finding the cause and correcting the problem. Effective, Caring, Efficient, Gentle. Quality care provided at affordable industry standard fees.Benefits of chiropractic spinal corrective care:
-  Increased energy 
-  Improved immune system 
-  More upright and powerful posture 
-  Reduced pain and symptoms 
-  Clearer thinking and concentration 
-  Better able to deal with stress

The chiropractic doctors at Sydney Chiropractic Care specialise in spinal and postural correction. 

Corrective chiropractic care restores spinal stability and nervous system function to its full health potential, naturally.

Our in house state-of-the-art digital X-ray facilities mean prompt and clearer visualisation of your problems.

The results speak for themselves 

Call and Book 9222 9997 or Book Online with our website www.sydneychirocare.com.au
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Reviews of Sydney Chiropractic Care

  • Love this place! Thank you Jeff and his amazing team for the wonderful 1st class care, consideration, knowledge and support you have provided over the last 6 months. Would and do recommend SCC to anyone who serious about their health and wellbeing. HIGHLY recommend.
  • Best chiropractic office I've been to! Thanks to our doctor for the wonderful ongoing spinal care :)
    • Dear Tanya,
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. We love having positive feedback. All the best,
      Team Sydney Chiropractic Care
  • I started going to Sydney Chiropractic Care years ago because I was having headaches and neck and shoulder pain on such a regular basis, and I was taking Panadol way too often. Thank goodness I went, because it didn't take long for the headaches to stop completely. What I love about Sydney Chiropractic Care is a) the "express" method which means you can go for your adjustment before work or at lunch in a really time efficient way (handy when you're an office worker in the city and can't just duck out at any time), b) they'll answer any questions you have happily, and c) the place has such a great, happy, healthy vibe.
    • Thanks for sharing Debbie. We love hearing what you have to say. Many Regards from all of us here at Sydney Chiropractic Care
    • Dear Debbie,
      Thank you for taking the time to give the positive message and sharing your experience. We have loved looking after you.

      Kind regards from the whole team here at Sydney Chiropractic Care
  • I have been seeing a chiropractor for years but this is the first time I've found this level of expertise,communication and care to help me with my health. They did a complete analysis of my nervous system and my spine. They showed me where my real problems come from.
    Now I know exactly what steps I need to take to correct my problem and bring me to my best ever. Thank you
    • We are happy that you make such a contribution to your own health and that you have referred others. Keep up the good work. We are pleased to look after you.
  • Finally, a group that do a great job at running a health care centre. The staff were so knowledgeable and helpful. The chiropractor did the examination and x-rays of my back that showed me where my problem was. He patiently covered all my questions and concerns so well before we began the care and that helped me to feel comfortable and confident that I was in the right place and was getting the right care.

    I totally see now the value of following a plan and strategy designed to solve the problem. Man, I wish I had learnt about this years ago. Why did I needlessly tolerate discomfort?

    The benefits are already showing. The difference in how I feel. I'm so happy they took the time in the beginning visits to explain the "big picture" about the problem, why it happens, what to do to get it solved and how to prevent it from re-occurring. Without that, I can imagine how I would have just been focused on the symptom; and not a solution that solves the problem.

    I'm happy to share my experience. I tell others around me so that they can get their spine checked to see how they can be better. I feel like a missionary! Which is great because it was my girlfriend who got me started and I want others to have the opportunity to get results too.

  • These guys are great. I went to Sydney Chiropractic Practice last month and found them all really professional. What really impressed me was the opportunity to learn how my spine works, what had gone wrong and what I could do about it. I had no idea about all that stuff before. I was hoping to be "clicked" on my initial visit, but was thankful that they took the time to do a full checkup of my findings and Xrays before giving a diagnosis (something my other chiro didnt do).
    Despite my care spanning the Christmas break, the results I have received have already been huge, and the friendly atmosphere in the practice makes visits very compelling! One other thing I like about this practice is that they are very efficient with treatment times; meaning that I am now able to get adjusted before I start at work. Personally, I cant recommend this practice highly enough. 2 of my colleagues have already checked them out with similar positive results.
    • We are pleased to help you with your health. Keep up the good work Jim.
      Regards from the team at Sydney Chiropractic Care.
  • I felt pressured into buying a long term treatment plan through a series of meetings that achieved little benefit to me. They also perform their adjustments in front of other patience which I did not like. I did not get any relief from the care they provided.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. You are truly making a difference in the lives of the people you touch.
    • Thank you very much Adam.
      Regards from the team at Sydney Chiropractic Care
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