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Reviews of Sydney Locksmiths

  • I found this company, to be exceptionally rude when a female calls asking about a replacement lock. Made me embarrassed to call back and ask something else about my concern. Unfortunately staff was even ruder second time around. Please learn the importance of patience and courtesy towards customers when they ask valid questions. I will not ever bother this company again. Past experience has taught me that they overcharge and lack a great deal in customer service. Return customers are an important part of any business, keep this in mind when answering the phone
  • Excellent same day service and never a problem, been using for over a year. Usage aprox 3 - 5 times a week. Excellent service from Ben and the Team.

    Regards Aron
  • Unfortunately nil stars is not possible - I dont usually write reviews but I really wanted people to know about my experience with this company before dealing with them.
    Initially they were really personable and seemed to really know what they were talking about - unfortunately I was taken in by their patter and wanted to share my experience so others would know before they retained the company
    They sold me a 'premium quality laser cut key' for my car (I had one but did not want to be without a spare and I had lost the spare).
    They looked at my other key and were very vocal in telling me what a real 'cowboy job' the locksmith who had cut it had done and how I had been taken for a ride - it really seemed like I was dealing with a company knew what they were doing and so handed over $169.00 for the new key.
    Well lets just say, once they have your money everything changes
    A couple of weeks ago (less than 6 months after I purchased their 'premium key' for $169!) their 'premium quality laser cut key' broke off in the lock in the boot of my car leaving me stranded 24km away from home - hmmm - not sure what their definition of 'premium quality' is but $169 for a key which breaks less than 6 months later certainly does not satisfy my definition.
    Just by way of background - all the keys turn very easily in the locks of the car so the broken key was not forced (in fact they tested the key in the lock before giving it to me)
    Thinking they would stand by their product, naively I took my car (with the half key still stuck in the boot) and broken key into the store - not withstanding the great deal of loss and inconvenience I had suffered as a result of their defective product, all I asked for was that they please repair/replace the key and help remove the broken part of the key from the boot.
    I spoke to 'management' who was rude and arrogant, told me (a) it was not their fault (b) that it would cost me $55 to have the key repaired and (c) that they would 'without admitting any responsibility' remove the end of the broken key from the boot - just to help me out.
    They told me that the key design itself was bad (According to them it seems Mitsubishi was to blame!) and that was the reason for it not working - I pointed out to them that the car was 15 years old and we had not had this issue with any other keys - even those 'cowboy keys' they were so dismissive of - well, they said it was clearly the locks - they were old and worn out - this was a diagnosis they made without even bothering to look at the locks (the car was outside) and needless to say - the 'cowboy key' which I am now again using is still going strong after over 3 years of constant use!
    I have also since taken the broken key to another locksmith who told me that the only reason they could see for such a new key breaking during normal use after such a short time (especially given the locks were all operating easily when the key was turned) was that it was poorly cut.
    All I can say is be very careful before you hand your money over. They seem pretty good initially - but from time to time things do go wrong, and for me the indicia of a good company is whether/how they make things right and if/when things go wrong and whether they stand behind their product.
    In this case, not only was their workmanship, in my opinion, when things went wrong, not only did they refuse to do anything, their service was appalling and they were rude and arrogant.
  • They responded very quickly and we very helpful and friendly. On the pricey side but were able to respond swiftly and explain the issues well. They also had a sense of humour too! Highly recommend.
  • Found them very fast and helpful with the whole process being quite simple...
    only down-side is that services are a bit pricey... but then again most locksmiths are pricey.
  • I lost my car keys, i called a couple of locksmiths who won't very helpful.These guys knew exactly what they where talking about and cut me a key straight away.
  • Good communication skills , they knew exactly what I needed .I'm really happy with the alarm that they supplied and installed.
  • Best customer service , they fixed my car locks when other locksmiths told me they couldn't. Now they now work perfectly and didn't charge me an arm and a leg.
  • Not the cheapest , but defiantly the best experience I have had from a locksmiths.They fixed my door lock properly and didn't charge me more than quoted,cleaned up after them self and I got a receipt.
  • Thank you so much for getting me out of trouble today. Your the best. I recommend you to everyone.
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