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Redfern, NSW
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Redfern and Inner Sydney's Most Trusted Auto Repair Mechanics!

When your car is getting the proper maintenance and diagnostic services that it needs, it's not just the car that you are saving from any trouble but also yourself. Guarantee your safety on the road by trusting the expert mechanics at Sydney Prestige Autohouse. The residents of Redfern and Inner Sydney have been recommending our professional mechanics for more than 35 years!

Attention to detail, accuracy and professionalism.

At Sydney Prestige Autohouse, keeping your car in top condition is what our mechanics know best. We commit to delivering outstanding auto repair and maintenance services to our valued clients in Redfern and Inner Sydney. From establishing your car's problem to carrying out efficient and lasting solutions, we are the mechanics to trust. Take your car to our auto repair centre today and learn why the residents of Redfern and Inner Sydney have been relying on our diagnostic and maintenance services for over 35 years.

Our mechanics offer the following services:

-	Auto repair services
-	Maintenance and diagnostics
-	Complete safety analysis
-	Fleet car servicing
-	Clutch replacement
-	Front and rear brakes
-	Air conditioning service

Be it minor or major auto repair service, you have nothing to worry as our professional mechanics have all the proper solutions to help you! We use advanced and state of the art diagnostic equipment to guarantee the accuracy of our work and to ensure that you don't have to return your car for the same auto repair concern.
Don't wait for your car to leave you stranded on the road. Let the professional mechanics of Sydney Prestige Autohouse help you with your auto repair and maintenance needs today!


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Reviews of Sydney Prestige Service

  • I'm not sure whether you can award zero, but that is what Sydney Prestige deserves.

    I was told brakes and rotors need replacing. Due to the cars sensors this wasnt cheap.

    Upon arrival I was shown the old brakes and was shown the new brakes and rotors (which I was assured were genuine BMW parts).

    It was not until reading these reviews that I realised there may be an issue.

    After not having trouble with the car, I took it to a mechanic in Artarmon.
    He was extremely thorough and we even sat down to check the service book.

    It was a great surprise to learn upon picking the car up the mechanic (who only services BMWs) had written in his notes that the brakes were not genuine BMW.

    Do not go to Sydney Prestige, it's not worth the risk.

    Needless to say, I have informed the ACCC.

    I took my BMW into these guys to get serviced and later recieved a phone call to tell me i needed the brake rotors replacing, I asked how much was that going to set me back and was told 160 each rotor so was looking at $1000 all up with the service, upon collecting the car the invoice amount was for $1700.00, when i looked at the invoice, i was charged $220 for OIL among other extravegant charges.

    I noticed that the brakes were making a grinding noise only weeks after getting it out and put up with it for 6 months.

    I Recentlly had my car serviced again only 6 Months later and took my car to another repairer and was told i needed the brake rotors replaced, when i informed them that they were only replaced 8 months ago, they gave me an inspection report saying that the brake rotors had been on my car for at least 2 years. Sydney Prestige Autos charged me for brake rotors but never actually fitted them.
  • I only signed up to this web site to review this poor business. I have had two dealings with this company with my 10 year old BMW 3 series about 9 months and 16 months ago...

    The first time was for my first road worthy certificate on a recently purchased used car - after inspecting the car, they came back with $3,500 worth of repairs to be made. They reeled off all the things wrong with a set of prices for 8 items, and then I asked for them to e-mail me the details so that I could see them; this was of course a major hassle for them, as they then had to detail everything in writing. When quizzed on items like the brakes, they said that they actually didn't need replacing for the road worthy but "were on their way out and should be replaced". Being the first time having taken the car in for inspection / servicing, it was hard to tell whether these were indeed faults or nice to have things to fix that they were happy to do to get their revenue up.

    The second time was the one where I was totally put off. My fuel pump was on the way out; other services had managed to get it temporarily running, so I drove it straight over to the workshop for them to inspect. They had it for a few days and the pump was working fine, then on the 3rd day it stopped working. No problem, then they wanted to charge $800 to replace it including labour. I rang around as it sounded expensive, and it was certainly at the high end compared to other european specialists in the area...so much for being cheaper than the dealerships! Anyhow I called back to negotiate and their replacement on the front desk started getting agro and basically told me to get my car out of the garage by the end of the day (at 4pm!!). Well that would be hard when the fuel pump is now no longer working, so I would need to pay for a tow truck to take it to another garage further incurring costs, which they well knew. I certainly didn't feel like my business was appreciated, as I was negotiating in a calm and non-emotional manner.

    I feel stupid that I didn't read the other posts on this site before I took my car here.
  • Please advoid !!
    What a bad car repair service ever in my life. Never go back to that garage.

    Dont trust what they promised that they call you back for problem notice or even a quote over phone, you will never get their active call and you will be unhappy to pay a double price (compared to the quote over phone) when you collecting the car.

    I got a mechanic fix my power loss when accelerate 5 months ago with $800 (although mechanic quote me on phone just $500 including labour cost, I wasnt happy but still had to pay). After 1000kms travelled since that service, now the problem returns, still under 12 labour and parts warranty as statement in the invoice. (it means mechanic had to fix this recurring problem without charging me any extra money)

    I brought my car back on Monday morning with intention they will take maximum 4 days to get the problem fixed, and I can get the car back on Friday. But I was wrong!!!

    I always proactively called them to check what the progress on Monday and Wednesday afternoon (Tuesday and Thursday I fed up to keeping calling and receive a same thing), but still answered they need more time to diagnose (maybe the coolant leakage or something) and will call me back tomorrow. Then, I decide to pop in on Friday morning at this garage without notice to face to face with mechanic so that mechanic cant keep promising, and guess what, they took me out of the office (since theres another customer sitting inside), telling me that mechanic did change something in my car. WRONG!!!! I let them 4 days and called them all the time, telling them dont replace anything without notifying me. Then, mechanic turned to a truly rude man, yelled at me that I was wasting thier time, mechanic asked me to take my car out of their garage and never come back, that i dont even think after 5 or 6 months after the service, and now I can come back to blame them for a recurring problem and have any authority to ask them to fix it. Mechanic asked me to take my friend or any other repairer to fix it, and doesnt want to spend any time on my car anymore. Was that a prestige service??? Mechanic got money and then get rid of all responsibility for what they had done!!!

    I was unhappy to drive my car out and immediately find that the coolant warning light warns all the time while I am driving and the recirculation button does not work anymore although they all work well before I brought my car in their service. I got out and asked mechanic, told me that they didnt do anything on that recirculation button, just replaced the timing coolant sensor.

    Please dont ever make a BIG MISTAKE like me that getting them for doing service on your car. I regreted that I didnt record what they told me on that day as an evidencea, but now I have to tell everyone this TRUTH, so that no one wont be another victim. Lets think.you lost money for a poor service and anything can happens when the car function wrong!!!

  • Avoid! 1st service by them (service A) I asked them to check air conditioner as it needed to be re-gassed. After 3 days I was presented with an invoice just under $3000. No phone calls to confirm the extras. So it went from a basic service to new brakes and rotors, suspension A Arms, all new belts, fuel pump, engine mounts. I wasnt happy but paid. On my way home I noticed that the air con was the same. I rang and was told that it was re-gassed but the crack they noticed in one of the air con lines must have gotten bigger (in the 30 mins from picking it up!). Also whilst driving home the coolant light went on. When I arrived home I took a look over the car and noticed that they had rotated the tyres. However on the SLK they have a staggered tyre set up, so this means they put the large tyres on the front and the smaller on the rear. Wrong! They also didn't check or refill the coolant. With less than 1000kms travelled since that service the car started losing power. A local mechanic diagnosed this as a faulty Mass Air Flow sensor. So i took the car back. Again, told them about the air con. 4 days passed, I popped in un announced to find the belts they 'replaced' sitting on the windscreen looking like bits of chewed up rubber. Asked them how the MAF sensor was and was told that it wasnt the MAF and the car would require a new Kompressor (as it was only operating at 53%), and a throttle body and that there was no crack in the air con pipes it was a because the airconditioner compressor was also broken. Total estimated cost $2500+. I collected the car and took it to a specialist. In little more than 2 hours after dropping it off they confirmed that it was indeed the MAF sensor, that SYdney Prestige had used a different refrigerant in the air con, that my engine mounts had not been replaced nor had any of the filters, that there was nothing wrong with any of the aircon lines or compressor. Car now goes like it was when brand new.
  • I called to get a quote after the official Merc guys quoted me $1800 for what seemed like not much work. These guys did the same job for $1000 and it runs fine now. Thanks a lot guys.
    Skip the dealers people.
  • Had a breakdown (smoke coming off the engine), the two truck driver advised to take it to them and, I just agreed. Came to pick it up and they thrown about 10 things on an invoice which added up to about $2k, obviously thought this was a good threshold to go for. My regular mechanic confirmed that some of the parts they said they put in didn't even exist for my car.

    Don't make the same mistake I did, and ignore the posts that support them.
  • Thanks to the team... serviced the car really well at 1/2 the cost the dealer was going to charge me. Cheers guys - would recommend you to others.
  • Honestly I wont ever go to this establishment again. Been there on friday and ordered simple parts for my car.. some filters,oil, spark plugs. Been told to come on monday. Ok came on monday and been told that tomorrow they will have it all for sure and I can pick it up anytime I wont. Came on tuesday and guess what ?? The man wasnt even there and mechanic told me there hasnt even been a delivery that day. .. thanks I will look somewhere else and advise other not to use your "services" useless!
  • I took my car in for a service without getting a quote. The car was pulling to the left and I needed the alignment fixed. I came back at the end of the day to be told it was $2500. I did not feel that I had any choice, so I paid and took my car. I swear that it felt like they had not done a thing. I had to call and take the car back in the following week. Obviously this time they spent a few minutes on it because it felt a little better. Still, nowhere close to $2500 worth.
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