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Sydney Results Clinic

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Double Bay, NSW

Clinical Hypnotherapy | Results Psychotherapy

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Negative Thinking\Psychological Matters?

Addictions, Negative Behaviours or Habits? 

Welcome to the sydney results clinic. We are Sydney's leading results focused therapy practice, providing psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy. We specialise in facilitating behavioural changes, psychological health and emotional wellbeing. Because of our high client success rate, we include our distinctive results policy with our service. Health fund rebates are also available.

Visiting with us can help to overcome various issues such as- anxiety, psychological matters, depression, self esteem, fears & phobias, eating disorders, addictions/ habits, stop smoking, weight loss.

To book a free first 30 minute consultation now, please call reception on (02) 8021 7174. 

''The practitioners at the sydney results clinic have an exceptional understanding of human behaviour and psychological processes'' Terrence McClendon- Psychologist & Author, NSW.
Hypnotherapy Anxiety Weight loss Clinical Hypnosis Counselling Psychotherapy NLP CBT Smoking Cognitive Therapy.
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Reviews of Sydney Results Clinic

  • Having a long history of anxiety and over catastrophizing life events, I am no stranger to counselling. It was so bad at one point that against my better judgement, I even tried psychiatric medication. In hindsight now, I am thankful my body rejected the meds because it allowed to continue my search to find Sydney Results Clinic.

    After a recommendation from a friend, I booked a consultation. Arthur Marx knows his stuff! After two sessions there was a noticeable improvement in my anxiety levels, worry, and thinking. After five sessions I was living in a much better emotional place. Now 3 months later, I don't even need to worry about being anxious because I feel I can handle just about anything and its nice to hear people commenting on how calming and positive it is to be around me.

    I have also since returned for two sessions to work on sugar cravings and I am thrilled with the results- I simply don't feel I have to have it nor do I really want to. Amazing!

    Thanks so much.
    Highest recommendation.

    Nat. M
  • I'd just like to say that I stopped smoking after 2 sessions! It feels like I was a smoker in another life. After the first few days it just got better and better.

    Thanks SRC :-)
  • I am happy to recommend this practice. It delivers on its promise to provide results focused hypnotherapy for personal changes. Personally, I prefer this approach to others because it works and you really notice improvements. I have been better ever since and am happy to report that my previous issue is no longer causing me problems in my life.

    Thank you Sydney Results Clinic!

  • Arthur helped me achieve more in 7 sessions than a clinical psychologist did in four months of weekly visits. I cannot speak highly enough of Arthur and the amazing changes I have gone through due to seeing him! One of the best things I have ever done!
  • As someone with an incredibly busy and often stressful media law practice, I had reached a point after many years of work and having perfected a list of every excuse under the sun to avoid exercise and eat poorly where I had a constant sense of hopelessness when it came to losing the many extra kilograms I had put on since my Uni days. Every failed diet seemed to result in more unhappiness, and extra weight. Out of desperation, I Googled weight loss hypnotherapy, and was so glad that the Sydney Results Clinics website came up.

    Not only did the sessions include hypnotherapy, but Arthur also took the time to challenge my thinking and counsel me on my approach to exercise and eating. I was sceptical at first, but lost a little over 15 kgs during my sessions with Arthur, and a few more after our sessions ended. The weight has remained off. While personal training had made some impact, my sessions with Arthur changed my life. I know have a positive attitude to eating healthy, Im more confident, and much more perceptive when it comes to matters of health.

    Best investment Ive ever made, just wish Id visited the Sydney Results Clinic sooner.
  • I stopped smoking successfully and it's like it was in another life that I was a smoker- amazing! I'm in the middle of my weight loss program now and have already lost 3.5 kilos!

    Extremely happy to invest in myself here. Thank you very much!

    Miranda H
  • I was experiencing anxiety about public speaking and I decided to visit the Sydney Result Clinic after I read so many positive comments and video recommendations which praised Arthur for his approach and attitude of care.

    I have met with Arthur about five times now and I can testify that, if you really want a change in your life, he can help you to achieve it. His manner is calm and compassionate and he quickly becomes a person you can share your thoughts with. For me, he reconnected me to ideas and thoughts I used to have years ago and that somehow I had forgotten all about. On top of this I am very grateful that he has given me some super, simple tools that can keep me pointed in the right direction.

    I plan on checking in with Arthur regularly because as a life coach I am positive he will continue to guide me to a happier and more successful future.
  • I decided to undergo hypnotherapy with SRC for weight loss, to deal with my sugar addiction and poor diet choices. Every time I met with Arthur was an amazing learning experience, I felt enlightened. I suddenly had a completely new perspective on food and eating. I am so glad I chose to meet Arthur, the therapy has given me huge sense of relief. Arthur is very supportive and I never felt judged .... Which is something I was so scared of because I was feeling judged by people everyday. I am a completely new person around food and sweets. I'm losing weight now, I am confident and free ! Thank you SRC. Thank you Arthur. I'm alive again.
  • I have waited a few weeks since my last session with Arthur to see if my results were lasting and I now know that his treatment really works! My deep seated issues with family members now seem way behind me and I can move on with my life. Just feeling a lot more confident about who I am and how to stop stressing about the past. My relationship with friends is so much more relaxed and positive. Arthur is very professional in his work and I highly recommend his skills.
  • I had been to a different Hypnotherapist and decided to try Sydney Results Clinic to see if i got better/different results. I had 5 very affordable sessions and have been thrilled with the results! I'm now more confident, calm, decisive, and am much better able to manage my addictive tendencies/self destructive habits/and overall emotional well being. Arthur is very professional, and i felt like he really cared and wanted to help; giving me extra tools to help me along on my transformational journey. i would highly recommend Arthur and Sydney Results Clinic to ANYONE with ANY issue, big or small - and with the free 30min no-obligation consultation, what have you got to lose?! You won't regret it - i certainly didn't. in fact i've already booked my next program with them... :)

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