Tahmoor Laundry Service

Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Tahmoor, NSW
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Reviews of Tahmoor Laundry Service

  • A broken washing machine sent me looking for a local laundromat. A quick call and down I went with my bag of washing. Would I prefer "the ladies" to sort and wash it? "YES". Dryed and folded as well? "YES". When would you like it ready? "TODAY?". "The ladies" also do ironing - Did they push this service on to me? NO. 6 hours later I picked it up,went home with neatly folded clean clothes that were a snack to iron. Run and staffed by easy going, pleasant and helpful people who simply listened to what I wanted and got it done quickly, properly and at a very reasonable cost.

    Go break your washing machine. It's well worth it.

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