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open from 5pm till late every day

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  • ABN 53 420 342 683
  • ACN 000 000 000
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Reviews of Tamarind Asian Cuisine

  • I've been here many times and let me say it is quite nice in my opinion, the Tom yum noodle soup is one of my favorite dishes along with phad Thai and green curry chicken, the massaman beef is also very delicious.

    Reasonable portions for reasonable price

    On the weekends it is a bit slow so I usually go during a weekday

    Try this restaurant out !
  • Rreally poor service, no manners and staff with no idea about proper service in the restaurant industry. But the bottom line is, it's inedible and ridiculously expensive for it having to be thrown away.
    • Well you obviously arnt talking about the same resturaunt as the one I went to the staff were so friendly and the food was absolutely amazing and cheaper than most resturaunts.. So you either have the wrong resturaunt or doesn't know a good meal.
    • The place I wrote about is just behind the BP petrol station on Dampier Avenue in Mullaloo. As for whether I know decent food and service when I experience it - I can only say I have realistic expectations, having travelled widely and eaten in numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars over the years. I recognize excellence and reward it, and I also know dreadful standards when they are shown to me. This place I wrote of is appalling, and I would not have bothered to write anything negative if it were anything better than dreadful. Tamarind Asian Cuisine in Mullaloo serves swill, not suitable for sale, and they have no business calling themselves a restaurant or claiming to offer anything near decent service, in my experience.

      That said, I am pleased you are able to enjoy anything and walk away satisfied and not feeling that the people taking your well earned money have also taken some advantage of you.
    • I agree...Disgusting and indedible ...Second time we been now and my god I could cook better myself!!
  • For a suburban restaurant, this is pretty good. The food tastes fresh and spicy, though I agree with another reviewer that the servings could be a bit more generous. The Tom Yum soup is a fave, best if you have a high chilli tolerance. I have found the staff friendly everytime.

    The only criticism would be the number of cigarette butts and rusty can serving as an ashtray outside - not very appetising! I have also often spotted staff having their smoko near the entrance, which is unfortunately right next to the kitchen door.
  • I used to never be a particular fan of Asian cuisine, until i discovered this restaurant about two years ago. The food at the Tamarind is delicious, and having tried most things on the menu, I haven't come across a dish that I dislike. The restaurant specialises in Thai, so i recommend you be adventurous and try a dish with an odd name!

    The food at the restaurant is westernised for those that don't like hot food, however the kitchen is flexible and you can easily asked the waitresses if you wish to any changes to your dish.

    I highly recommend the Choo Chee (especially in chicken), Ka-tha Lamb and Gatium Pik Thai Squid.

    Quantity of the serves could be slightly higher and the number of prawns has been lower on the odd occasion. Some waitresses are more friendly than others. However, other than that; an amazing restaurant.
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