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Your One Stop Mechanic Workshop! Western Sydney's Multi-Award Winning Mechanic! Call Now!

Taurus Service Centre, servicing Greater Western Sydney,is your first choice Mechanic in the area. The team of mechanics at Taurus Service Centre specialise in all your mechanic needs; 

motor vehicle repairs, maintenance and servicing, EFI specialist, Fleet 
Cars, Corporate Trade, Registration Inspections and e-Checks, Tyres Sales & Repairs, MTA approved new car servicing, free quotations.

Taurus Service Centre are qualified and have the facilities to service all makes of vehicles including new ones without affecting manufacturers warranties. That gives customers a real choice 

Taurus Service Centre has been operating since 2004 and prides itself on its quality, affordable, old-fashioned customer-focused service - without sacrificing workmanship.  

The mechanic team at Taurus Service Centre  take pride in winning the Blacktown City small business awards in 2006 for Outstanding Automotive Services and winning the Blacktown 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 True Local Business Achiever Awards in Blacktown.  Taurus Service Centre also became finalist in the MTA State Awards in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 Champion of Champions finalist in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.  

Khalid awarded the "Pride of Workmanship" from Blacktown Rotary. 

"The key to our success is holding our customers in high regard, measuring ourselves on customer satisfaction and ethical practices that ensure repeat business."

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  • Kabuto Newbie   1 review
    I am very happy with service that was just done on my ford Ute. Khalid and the boys did great job. Thanks for dropping me off at work then picking me up once the car was finished. Khalid is genuine and honest mechanic who provides a great service.

    1 week ago - 21/03/2015

  • ItsChrissy Newbie   1 review
    Khalid and his team were absolutely awesome with me and my partner. He and his team are honest and are seriously there to help you out with no bull. To be honest I was quite skeptical with all of the positive reviews but, once you go, you can see why he has such amazing reviews. This guy knows his stuff and honestly him and his team I wouldn't doubt are the best mechanics I've ever seen. Keep up the amazing work guys, we'll be back!

    1 month ago - 20/02/2015

  • flynn_ke Newbie   1 review
    I dropped in to Seven Hills Service Station last night to vacuum my car, on the way my car had started making an awful, loud noise and had me a little worried. I noticed the mechanic shop was still open (it was quite late and they were obviously finished for the day) and just asked if they could tell me what was wrong with my car, they were so helpful and polite! Diagnosed the problem (tire was about to bust), fixed it for me and wouldnt let me pay them for it, super impressed by their attitude and willingness to help, much appreciated :) Will be going there for any mechanical needs in the future Thanks Guys

    1 month ago - 05/02/2015

  • lea2015 Newbie   1 review
    I would highly recommend Taurus car service to anyone. I called up for a car service last Friday and express my concerns about the wheels, but due to the short notice they can't book my car in for the same day service. However they did ask me to drive in and happy to have a look at the problem in case it's dangerous to drive on the road. They quickly identified the problem and swapped the spare tyre for me and they didn't even charge me anything at the end! I'm super impressed by their service - very efficient and professional! Thank you for the great service!! I will definitely come back! Cheers!! :)

    3 months ago - 08/12/2014

  • AuroraSzot Newbie   1 review
    Super duper Service. Very reasonably priced, Value for money. Khalid, his lovely wife and amazingly capable team make the experience of going to the mechanic exceptionally smooth providing friendly honest service. Thanks for the free car wash. Keep up the amazing work everyone. :) Aurora :)

    6 months ago - 03/09/2014

  • Tony M1 Garand Newbie   1 review
    I have received Excellent advise and great service from Khalid, thank you to you and your professional team for a job well done, see you soon :-) Regards Tony.

    6 months ago - 31/08/2014

  • Aman Dahugankhiss Newbie   1 review
    Fantastic Service by a Friendly team of staff. I have brought my car a few times and the result was consistent with High Quality Service and Good prices. The honest nature in which I was dealt with was very gratefully accepted. Thanks for the great work you guys and gals do. :) AAAAAAAA+++++++++++++ Highly recommended.

    7 months ago - 26/08/2014

  • jeffchau Newbie   1 review
    The team at Taurus are everything you look for in a car mechanic. Their online reviews do reflect the quality of care and honest service. I brought my 2009 Honda in for servicing with focus on brake replacement. A quote was given rapidly over the telephone and a time scheduled as quickly. On the day of the service, I was given an clear review of the brake pads and disc conditions along with options and quotes. Servicing came out at a brilliant price and the car hasn't run smoother for years.

    7 months ago - 25/08/2014

  • Jerome0504 Newbie   1 review
    Recently purchased a used car so looked online for a good place to service my car, and Taurus Service Centre came up with great reviews. After they completed work on my car the payment came to a lot more than I expected, which was okay if the service was great and work done properly. When first taking it out of the shop, I noticed the clutch felt sticky and heavy. Then it was beginning to slip, causing wear on the clutch and not allowing me to accelerate promptly. I took it to Western Clutch Service, who were wonderful and fixed it for free. It turns out after working on components of the clutch they failed to properly adjust it. This caused unnecessary wear on the clutch, and put me in danger driver the car on hills. For what they charge and their positive reviews you shouldn't expect an elementary mistake like this. I don't know if it's because they don't often work on manual cars, nevertheless it was costly mistake and will likely cause me to replace my clutch sooner than it should be.

    9 months ago - 05/06/2014

      Jerome, you booked your car in for a service and failed to bring it on that day and didn't even have the courtesy to ring and lets us know, then you rescheduled, and once again you failed to turn up on time, turning up just before lunch time and requested extra work to be carried out . I informed you that it couldn't be possible due to the time frame required to carry out the work you had requested, you agreed to leave the car over night and for us to give you a comprehensive inspection on the car. Your words "I bought a lemon". We had corresponded with you on several occasions whilst your car had been here regarding the repairs and cost before any work had been carried out. We carried the repairs that you authorized, I also heavily discounted the work that had to be done on your car and you thanked me for that, so I don't understand you were surprised of the cost, as in the unlikely event were something has gone wrong with the work we provided you, we would rectify it asap

      9 months ago - 06/06/2014

      but you once again failed to contact us. In return you called us 5 days after you picked up the car (you mentioned that from the time you picked up the car that the clutch pedal felt hard) Steve told you bring back the car anytime convenient to you and we will rectify the issue , you agreed , but once again you failed to turn up . the following day around 3 pm you contacted the workshop to let us know that you were not happy with the work and got it rectified by another mechanic and rudely hung up the phone. I tried contacting you 3 times after that but you kept hanging up , in the evening you returned my call , to blubber few insulting comments and quoted " all you mechanics are the same " and hung up the phone. That was rude! very rude but all the same I'm glad you have found yourself a mechanic that rectified that minor fault at no charge , and good luck .

      9 months ago - 06/06/2014

    • QLD33R Newbie 
      Jerome0504 - I am shocked to have read your feedback. The team have been looking after my cars for 10 years now and I've never experienced an equivalent! My first car Taurus dealt with was a lemon of an Astra which I had bought brand new. Where Holden repeatedly failed in looking after my Astra, Taurus excelled! I now drive a Suzuki which I bought brand new and no other mechanic other than the team have touched my car and nor will it be see the light of day at any other mechanic. Last week I booked my Suzuki in for a belated service and was expecting a larger than normal service bill. They phoned me at 10am on the day of the service to seek my permission before any work was carried out and how much $$ I was facing. What other mechanic would provide this courtesy?? But it's your loss Jerome because from my own experiences, I know this team would have turned your lemon into an orange......

      7 months ago - 18/08/2014

  • Ianf1960 Newbie   1 review
    I normally use another specialist diesel mechanic to service my 4WD but this time I chose to use Taurus for my 140,000km service. I was surprised when I picked up my 4WD just well well it was running. They did a fantastic job and I will be using them in the future. Many thanks to Khalid and his team. Ian

    10 months ago - 29/05/2014

  • Alicia A S Newbie   1 review
    Ive taken my toyota camry to Khalid for services and small problems my car has had over the last couple of years. Ive never had a problem with any of them, they are polite and happy to help. Their prices are reasonably priced. Steven is the one that has done most of the work on my car and I couldnt be happier with the outcomes, always figures it out. Khalid and his team are hard workers and are willing to help anyone. I would definitely recommend them to everyone as you are never disappointed. Thank you :)
  • Rebecca V Newbie   2 reviews
    Would highly recommend. Easy to contact, repairs completed quickly. Very happy with work done. Happy customer.
  • Jenifa Newbie   2 reviews
    I love my car! Thank you to Khalid and his team! When I lived in Sydney Khalid was my mechanic for a very long time, since I moved to Newcastle 10 years ago, Khalid is still my mechanic. I travel to Sydney for every service. Every time I collect my car from Taurus Service Centre, it's born again, it's like a brand new car. Service is great, always the right price and best of all, I'm greeted with a warm smile and a fresh cup of coffee! Thank you to Khalid, Carol and the Taurus Team, you guys are the best in the west!
  • Matthew Fox Newbie   1 review
    Very good service, friendly staff that know there stuff! Highly recommend to all. My Golf GTI runs great.
  • ShanePe Newbie   1 review
    Very good service with reasonable price. After the service for my golf, it runs apparently smoother. Khalid is a nice guy to deal with too. Thank you.
  • Janis Jesu Newbie   1 review
    I've been taking my Hyundai Accent to Khalid for the past 5 years. He's not my closest mechanic but making the journey to Seven Hills is worth it because I know he'll fix any problem I have for a reasonable price. Not only are his services excellent value for money but his workmanship is excellent and he never over-charges or tries to up-sell additional 'repairs'. I'm so pleased to have found a polite, honest and skilled mechanic who's saved me calling NRMA!
  • Newbie   1 review
    Thanks for the awesome job on my 08' Lancer, Khalid! 100% satisfied with your service and would definitely recommend.

    Honest and trustworthy service centre, which is hard to find these days.
  • ndaher Newbie   1 review
    Great service and absolute honesty. Thank you.
  • Thomson Family Newbie   1 review
    The maintenance and repair work done on all of our cars over the past 7 or 8 years at Taurus has been outstanding in quality, time taken and price. We have owned an old Mazda and several new Subarus (Outback, Impreza) during this time and are extremely satisfied and will continue to take our future cars to Taurus. We recommend Taurus for both older and new cars as they are able to perform warranty services as well as quick diagnosis of problems with older cars - and sensible advice!
  • tink6979   3 reviews
    They are great i now have been going there for 6 years i have had a lot of bad cars and he has got them all to the best they have ever been.
    The car i own now is a Japanese import and he has done his up most to fix her the best he can she is the best she has ever been since she was left in the garage for 4 years then taken to a dodgy mechanic then given back to me and told she was 100% then things went wrong on the first week i decided then to take her to them and now she is the closest to 100% then ever before
    I owe them so much for all the work they has done and for always been the best persons to have a chat about things with and i will continue to always take my car to him and hope there will be many years of laughter.

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