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Taxim Restaurant

Hornsby, NSW
Open today - 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Mon 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Tue 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Wed 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Thu 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Taxim Restaurant is located in Westfield shopping centre, opposite Hornsby station. A great place for a quick lunchtime Yum Cha or a more relaxed dinner meal, there is an extensive range of authentic Chinese dishes to have indoors, outside or takeaway. The premises is licensed and BYO wine is accepted. 


Dining Options

Indoor Dining Take-Away



Price Guide

Mains under $30


Licensed and BYO


Family Friendly


Lunch Dinner

Disabled Facilities

Wheel Chair Access

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Reviews of Taxim Restaurant

  • The food is rarely hot when served. It tastes nice but is too cold! We had to ask for a trolly of yum cha food to come around. The staff at the counter was extremely rude and arrogant. Staff added up the total cost wrong and shouted at us when we told them. In the end we couldn't be bothered to stand there and argue with the staff and we payed $56 instead of the correct amount of $42. NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN.
  • everything about this place needs to be improved so slow took forever for the food to come out the food is average
  • I have visited this restaurant several times have always enjoyed the food and service. Recently I dinner with family and know that some members of my family look up restaurant reviews. In anticipation of this, I checked the reviews myself and found so many bad comments that I was surprise. I haven't tried the yum cha on Sat but have heard it is good and had another friend that has regularly attended yum cha. I reassured my family just before dinner to ignore the reviews and we had a great night out, good food and service. I have even recommended to another friend after their go to Chinese takeaway closed and they were happy with the food too.
  • I usually don't write reviews unless I want to let people know that a place is amazing or utterly horrible. This place is utterly horrible. The most terrible service I have ever come across in any restaurant ever. I highly recommend that you don't even bother trying this place out. First of all, the food is below par. It is poor quality and you can tell most of the foods served have been frozen and thawed. The service is absolutely horrendous. The staff and management are extremely rude beyond belief. We went out to eat there as a group of three and they charged us certain items such as tea and rice for five people. I thought that this was extremely disrespectful and rude. Overall, this place is not worth visiting at all. Definitely not money for value.
  • I usually would not go out of my way to write a review for any restaurant unless it is absolutely horrendous or amazing. In this case, I was so disgusted with my experience at this place I decided I would probably doing anyone considering going here a favor by writing this review.
    Me and a friend were looking for a nice place to have lunch, and decided to try this place as we are both locals and have yet to go there. What a mistake.

    I don't even know where to start.. From the get-go, the staff were extremely rude and dismissive. We waited 10 minutes just for them to clear our table, and the wait staff was very abrupt, like it was doing us some massive service by putting a tablecloth on our table. One of the servers came up and offered us some unappetizing looking dim sims, and when we said we actually just wanted to have a look at the menu (which by the way, they had not given to us) and then we would decide what we would like. They then proceeded to try and push these old looking dim sims on our table, even though we said we didn't want them. I said before I have any Yum Cha, I would like some soy sauce. 4 times I asked, still nothing. Every time I looked over near the bar, all the servers were standing around doing nothing, I eventually had to get up and ask for some sauce. Same thing with a simple bowl of steamed rice.. we eventually cancelled this off our order cos half an hour later it was still not on our table.. to add insult, anytime you try to ask one of the wait staff about anything on the menu, they would literally walk off mid conversation and cannot be bothered to find a server that can. We decided to share two Yum Cha dishes (calamari & dim sims), and two combination long soups with some noodles added. All dishes were of such poor standard, both our soups were tiny, had one prawn in each and two other gooey pieces of seafood. My friend did not even touch his soup. So we decide to just call it a day and get the bill.. $50!!! For two soups and two dishes.. So we go through the bill and surprise surprise, they have added a $4.80 'tea' which we did not even have, and had charged us $6 each on top of the original price of the soup just to add about half a handful of noodles.. Usually I would of just let this slide and left if the food was the issue, but I was so outraged at the service and the fact that they were trying to charge us this, I complained to the management. Wrong move, they started ranting on about how they would call security if we didn't pay the extra $12, and I told them that's fine, I wasn't moving/running anywhere, I just wanted this to be resolved cos I was extremely dissatisfied. They said they would take the $4.80 off for this non existent tea and also $6 off for the noodles, making the bill $40. I understand there is an extra charge for some things, but when the experience is this poor and the charge is that excessive, that's when its a problem. We had had enough by this point and decided to just leave and pay the $40. It was honestly the worst experience I have ever had at any restaurant and I will be sure not to return there ever, and I recommend you don't either, unless you want to be treated bad f and leave feeling hungry.
  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    These surprised me as I've really enjoyed all my meals at Taxim! I've only been for lunch and find I always get a great selection of my Yum Cha favorites. As far as Yum Cha servies goes it's not too bad. It is geat having Taxim in Hornby as it saves travelling to Chatswood or the city.
  • Been going there since they first open ten years ago, it's our famly favorite yum cha place. Love the food there and the friendly service.
  • I have been living in the area for around 4 yrs and now live right across the pathway from this place. I have been there many times, but I always found the service rude and dismissive, waiters ignoring us unless we call out to them several times. Everyone who works there speaks very poor English, making it difficult to get sense out of them when I want to ask about a dish. I once asked them if the vermicelli in the dish was bean or potato flour variety and they could not understand me at all. The food for dinner is ok, but not cheap for Hornsby standards. Yum cha is terrible, very limited choice, very greasy, and today was the last straw - we went in (2 of us plus 1 child) around 1.30pm and sat at our table for at least 30 mins and in that time 3 trolleys came out, that's it. And all the dishes were boring old choices of dim sim, fried noodle, deep fried spring rollls. We waited for another 10 or so minutes, no trolleys appeared and I asked the waiters - WHERE IS ALL THE FOOD? And they said "No more, finished" - at this point the restaurant was full of people clearly waiting for some more, as they all had bowls, plates and NO FOOD on the tables... and they all had the expectant look in the direction of the kitchen... We paid and left. It was terrible, and we were hungry.
    The one other thing I hate there is lighting - it's way too bright, they have so many different lamps, small and big, above you, and it's just blinding... I would not go there with a romantic date, you'd do better sitting on a park bench.
    I think it's sad that Hornsby has no other options for decent Chinese and no other yum cha. This place just doesn't seem to cut it and, most importantly, they don't seem to CARE if they are doing badly. They never seem to improve.
  • Good yum-cha with the usual varieties. Do not expect anything beyond the usual dumplings though. Have never ordered a la carte, mainly because it's so pricey. Yum cha usually works out between $15-25 per person, depending on how hungry you are. It's still the only yum-cha place in Hornsby.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,295 reviews
    I love yum cha- so when 4 friends and I stumbled across this restaurant tucked away in Westfield Hornsby we were delighted to find a possibly new place to frequent.... And the food at Taxim was good- but we didn't get to eat much of it as the service was slow. The dumplings were tasty but seemed a little overcooked and the selection wasn't as diverse as what you wouldd expect from a yumcha joint. We ordered 3 dishes because we were very hungry- but they didn't arrive, so we paid our bill (min charge of $10 per person when eating there) and went upstairs to Maccas. Probably won't be going back as I know much better places to have yumcha...
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