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  • projectk   10 reviews
    I wish this was a review where I say something nice.

    -You can ring and check on jobs when they're very late which is often. The standard answer is "2 cabs came, nobody there. Would you like to rebook?" You'll be confused by this, in particular when you've asked them to leave a message when they arrive.

    -Despite living in an amazing world with mobile phones, GPS and maps...The driver will claim not being able to find your house. In fact, the drivers can't find my house regularly despite having a light AND numbers on the mailbox. This is just too hard for them. In fact, it's so hard to find your house that you wonder how the last 19 cabs you ordered from the same company found your house.

    -The last 4 cabs from this company have been unprofessional. Take that as you will.

    1 month ago - 15/03/2014

    • CCN Reach Newbie 
      Hi projectk, sorry for the bad experience. Could you please give us more information on your booking so we can find out what went wrong? @

      While we look into it, we have a Taxi booking app called mTAXI that'll let you book and track your Taxi on a map. The app also has a feature that will send you a notification to remind you once your Taxi has arrived. You can download mTAXI on

      We wish to hear from you soon. Again our apologies.

      1 month ago - 17/03/2014

  • Jarred Jay Newbie   1 review
    Bad service took over 2hours and no device showed up.
    Called to check what is going on after missing my prior engagements & was told it's not a guaranteed service.
  • David Ramj Newbie   1 review
    Absolutely awful. After calling taxis combined to pick me up from Surry Hills, I was told the next available cab would be there to pick me up, and I'd get an SMS when they were close. After 20 minutes, and watching 4 separate taxis combined cabs get hailed and taken by other passengers further down the same street, I called to check on my can and was told to hail one if I could. After saying that wasn't very good because I booked, I was told "it is what it is" and cut off. Terrible customer service.
  • John Roberts Newbie   1 review
    Booked a taxi from Liverpool to Concord through Silver Service. No Silver Service taxis (at 10.30am on a weekday!) so they sent a Taxis Combined instead. While the driver was prompt, knew the route and was very helpful, the taxi's lhs front tyre wasn't just bald - the canvas was showing through! I wouldn't have got in if it were raining. 45 years of riding in taxis and I've never seen this. Also the motor was clacking - they're running 24 hours a day to minimise cold-start wear so this one must have been worn-out. You pay a Silver Service premium - you expect Silver Service.

    10 months ago - 18/06/2013

  • karinnn Newbie   1 review
    Rude driver!
    This taxi combined service driver who claimed to be my booked taxi cab dumped me in the middle of the street and shouted Get out.

    I asked the driver whether the driver was my booked taxi and the driver claimed that the driver was the one until I told the driver that the service have been paid by my car repair service.

    The driver was upset and shouted you make me lose a job and asked me to get out in the middle of traffic light, which i refused so the driver pulled over straight away by shouting Get out!

    11 months ago - 15/05/2013

  • Link712 Newbie   1 review
    there mtaxi app works pretty good didnt have to wait on phone queue
  • ocaranda Newbie   1 review
    Horrid. Booked a cab well in advance to get into town, and after waiting until well after the time it was booked for, called to find that no-one had even taken the job. On another occasion, had to call twice to get a cab to even come to the middle of Liverpool. It'd be quicker and cheaper to just get the bus.
    • Ingalevin Newbie 
      Taxis combined are awful. They just don't care. Booking night before is a waste of time. They don't put your job out to drivers till 10 minutes before IRS needed. I've had drivers say they've picked up when they haven't and as a result I've been left high and dry- late for important meetings etc. They don't take your complaints seriously.


  • Jen90 Newbie   1 review
    Absolutely terrible.

    I live in Glebe and needed to get to Pyrmont for work at 4am. Short fare, but I don't have a car, and being a young woman I feel cautious about walking to work at that time.

    I waited an hour. I called every 5 minutes to ask where they were with getting me a cab, only for the operator to tell me on my last call there were NO CABS in GLEBE, and that I was on my own and would have to make other arrangements. Its the inner-west, its not like I was calling from a remote area... I've had better service in West Wyalong of all places.

    So after having to wake my housemate up to take me to work AN HOUR late, I will never use one of their cabs again. I'll be making complaints to the ombudsman, and I'm advising anyone else who's experienced something similar to do the same because they can't keep getting away with this.

  • serious101 Newbie   1 review
    ridiculous. Just had someone dropped home who got charged $20 to cover a very short trip up the road (less than 1km trip). When I tired to call up and talk to someone about it, they said they cound't help me, that there are "millions" of taxis operating out of this suburb. Put me through to the complaint department, where I waited on hold for 15 minutes before hanging up. Don't give them your business.
  • Chux D   142 reviews
    Taxis combined is just about one of the most frustrating and customer service lacking businesses I have dealt with. Apart from finding that their drivers regularly pick which fares they do and don't want to take when I've flagged them down on the street. On the occasions I've booked, I've found they can be next to impossible.

    Recently I booked a job to go two suburbs. I would have walked but i had equipment. It took 45 minutes and six phone calls to finally get a cab... and this is in Surry Hills, in the inner city. It would seem none of them like to take short fairs. Whilst that's annoying, what makes it a particularly frustrating experience is that the operators continually told me they weren't far away.

    I'd rather be told they're not going to take the fare and try someone else than be made to wait 45 minutes.

    I will never book with taxis combined again.

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