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Reviews of Techoni Technologies

  • Warning Do not deal with this company. They sell faulty products from overseas and offer no after service. We paid for a new phone, sent it back when it wasn't working and 5 months later still have no phone.
    They do not deserve to be in business still.
  • DO NOT BUY from TECHONI TECHNOLOGIES!! they offer full function direct import phones at incredibly cheap prices , this is because the firmware is loaded as overseas variant v5 what this means to you in Australia is , Your marketplace aka appstore defaults to overseas! no matter what you do to your phones settings the firmware (not covered by techoni warranty) cannot be changed , They will suggest a "factory reset" my NOKIA LUMIA 800 , restarted with two options available to me ...both of which were written in unaustralian! Australian consumers must be warned to AVOID TECHONI TECHNOLOGIES.
  • I have been waiting over 2 weeks for item to ship from Sydney to Perth. I paid for COURIER DELIVERY which I expect to take 3-5 days. I rang and waited on hold for 15 minutes to be told it would arrive yesterday, which it didn't. I am still waiting and it looks like I won't be getting it for christmas.
  • kar 16 reviews
    Oh dear. I wish I'd read these reviews before I placed my order. I placed an order for an ipad case 6 weeks ago. Their website says majority of orders arrive within 3 business days. I've called, I've emailed... they keep reassuring me it's coming. Yet to receive the product. Sigh.
  • Similar issues to everyone else - I bought a phone, paid for it, it didn't turn up in the promised timeframe. They then told me it couldn't be sent because I didn't provide a landline number. They then charged my credit card an additional amount to secure the delivery!! I cancelled my order in disgust only to have the phone turn up weeks later, left unattended in my letterbox. Tried the phone and it didn't work. Have tried contacting them multiple times, but they never pick up the phone and they have been ignoring my emails for over a month now. I've finally put in a complaint to Fair Trading to see if they can get me a refund.
  • They won't bother to contact you and let you know. 5 emails later and finally am told - unfortunately we didn't receive the correct stock! one and half months after my order. When you cancel, you must complete a form and this submission can take up to two days. WORST COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Don't use this company! I ordered a scanner nearly 5 weeks ago. They took my money very promptly, but I still have no scanner. They have replied to emails, but they are stock standard, saying they are out of stock and will have more stock in 3-5 days... Rubbish. I have tried to phone, but have been unable to get through to anyone. WHERE'S MY SCANNER?
  • I ordered a dedicated scanner for my small business. Their price was good but the service is horrendous. After placing the order and them taking my money, the scanner did not turn up when it was supposed to. Trying to call them is a complete waste of time. Once you make your choice the phone seems to ring one time - then there is silence for about 2 minutes, and then the call just ends. I was finally able to speak with someone by selecting the sales option. I explained my issue and he transferred me. Well what do you know? The same thing happened. Silence for about 2 minutes and then call ends. And this is after I specifically told them this was happening and that I wasn't impressed and wanted to speak with someone. What a way to do business. Get a phone system that can handle a call.

    While writing this review I finally received a reply to an email to them requesting the tracking info. I checked the Courier's website and no tracking info is found for the tracking # provided. Stay away from this place. They don't seem to have any clue as to how to run a business properly, or know what they are doing.
  • Pleasant, polite and ever helpful staff make finding the right mobile phone so easy.

    Knowledgeable staff can assist with any inquiry (in the store or over the phone) about the large range of mobile phones they stock, including those that aren't even in the major stores! and with competitive pricing, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

    You won't be disappointed using them for you or your companies telecommunication needs, truly a one stop shop!

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