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Tempo has a rich heritage in being the international custodians of some of the worlds leading retail brands, a responsibility we take with utmost respect and devotion. Tempo is a premier supplier to the home appliance market place in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America. We have offices in Australia, Northern China, UK, Europe and the USA. We employ over 155 staff to manage a suite of in-house services to ensure we deliver to our clients a reliable and trusted service.

In the last 10 years Tempo has become a leading service provider in our market space. Tempo currently has 600 active items in our showcase ranging across such categories as: Audio Visual, Kitchen, Household, Floorcare, Whitegoods, Cooling, Heating and Personal Care. Tempo has a strong and enviable relationship with a supplier list of 300 manufacturers across North & South China. Typically our supply partners are recognised internationally for producing on behalf of the leading brands worldwide.

Our company structure is focused on providing an in-house service for sourcing, producing and delivering goods - on budget and on time.


Tempo Quality Management (TQM), founded in the year 2006. TQM provices one stop solution for the retailer chain store, including Products, Sourcing, Quality Assurance, Logistic, Brand Promotion, Hotline Centre and After Sales Service. As the strong back-end platform, we gain a lot of respect & expectation from our partners not only on Private Label of Chain Store but also some famous international brands.
Hitachi Onix Akai Nav-track Nakamichi SOUL BY LUDACRIS
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Reviews of TEMPO Australia

  • I don't know how Tempo remains a solvent company - it reflects badly on the clients they represent and is damaging their product brand. I have had a similar experience with Temp - almost 2 months of repeated emails with no reply. I finally managed to get through on the phone and got a case number and a confirmation email - but still being ignored. I'll definitely research any future brand I purchase to make sure they are not affiliated with this zero customer service company.
  • Aldi should be ashamed to appoint this Co as its repair agents - I purchased a 5" Bauhn smartphone ASP5000H from Aldi in Sept 13 & it developed a problem in locating WiFi in that unless you were within 1m of the router, it could not pick up the WiFi - I sent it in 5 weeks ago for repair & after phoning them weekly & then daily after 4 weeks (you have to wait in a queue for at least 20min, before you can talk to anyone & every few minutes they suggest that you should email your complaint to them, which I doubt you would get a reply!!. After making a nuisance of myself with daily calls, I was eventually told that it had been repaired & it was returned to me by courier 2 days later (the only good thing about Tempo is the courier service). However, when I checked the phone it still did not pick up WiFi & I doubt if they did anything. It is extremely easy to see if it can pick up a WiFi network so impossible not to see that the phone is incapable of picking up WiFi . I doubt if I will ever buy another electric item from Aldi again, after such shocking service from their repair agents.
    • I contacted Aldi Customer Service and the person I spoke to was shocked to hear about my experience with Tempo Australia they told me to take the phone into Aldi & tell them I am not prepared to try the Service Dept again & ask for a refund. So I went to Aldi & no prob - The management said that you can ask for a refund for any defective item during the warranty period with the receipt & they will refund the full amount, so no need to waste your time trying to get the item repaired. So Aldi do stand by their warranty
  • This company is an absolute joke and I would recommend anyone thinking of buying a product associated with them think again. The product itself was faulty after only a couple of months and trying to get it sorted meant calling tempo and the customer service call centre staff are extremely unhelpful, incompetent and rude even to the point I was hung up on after being on hold for half an hour. Do not buy anything associated with them! I learnt my lesson the hard way.
  • Tempo is a joke,still waiting for my refund since oct ,yes Oct 2013.After 50 phone calls,only to speak to a diffirent team member and explain my case over & over.was promised a refund 10 days ago, but f course still waiting. What a joke.
    • I understand - I want to BUY some spare parts for a steam mop but still no reply to many contacts.
  • Like another reviewer above, I would rate this company as been hopeless when it comes to communication and service. The only way that I could get them to talk to me was by going through other shop.I have eventually received a refund for the Onix tablet that was the source of all the problems, but it cost me a lot of phone calls and wasted time. Now I have to start again, because a second tablet has packed up - this time I will start by going to other store to try to avoid all the hassles.
  • I followed the procedure and had my receipt of purchase. The people at Tempo were polite and quick. The service was professional and the repairer had the TV fixed within 3 days of the my initial request
  • Many phone calls and several hours of wasted time re missing accessories with an Aldi product. Don't go near Aldi or Tempo if you want satisfaction.
  • This was the worst company i have dealt with. There is no communication and knowone rings back. It took over 30 phone calls and 4months to get a refund.

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