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  • To Tetsuya's Restaurant
Always ranked in the top ten resturants in the world, you know that you will never be disappointed here at Tetsuya's.

The cuisine is unique; based on Japanese philosophy and enhanced by classical French technique Tetsuya's is one of the most rewarding dining experiences in the country.

Also featuring an extensive local and international wine list, you are sure to find something to match with your dish of choice. 

--TrueLocal description--
Tetsuya Wakuda?s Japanese philosophy plus French technique and inspired degustation is a wonderful 11-course journey that should be experienced at least  once in every lifetime. Those lucky enough to dine here are swept inside, greeted by a bow and enveloped in the sense of quiet, order and tradition: all things that make up an impression of the man himself. Look out onto ornate Japanese miniature gardens of fern and bonsai trees. Enjoy fantasy food memories of the confit of Tasmanian ocean trout. 

Reviews of Tetsuya's Restaurant

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  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star   660 reviews
    WOW! This place is amazing! We visited for dinner on a Saturday night with a group of four. The service was seasoned and professional but also very friendly and relatable - a difficult balance to get just right. The food was beautiful. If the oysters are available as an extra when you visit I would strongly recommend getting them. They were one of our favourite courses. It is certainly expensive (our bill was $1300) but I believe good value for what you get. I am so glad there are restaurants like this in Sydney, it is such a wonderful experience to treat yourself to.

    6 months ago - 31/08/2014

  • January Girl Local Star   109 reviews
    Wow, just wow. My next words would be sure, pricey, but still, very nice. An experience in itself, Tetsuyas did not disappoint. I have tried 2 hat restaurants in other countries and Tetsuyas is right up amongst the best. Fine attention to detail, beautiful selections. Wine pairing cost extra. Some of our favorites were the ocean trout with roe, quail with calamari and parsnip, but seriously, this experience needs to be tasted. It helps that the dining room was very pleasant and staff were amiable. Recommended, as long as it's in your budget of course. Book way ahead by the way, it's not so popular for no reason after all. Bon appetit and thank you Tetsuya!

    8 months ago - 27/07/2014

  • Enamored Newbie   2 reviews
    Was hard to explain in words our first visit to Tetsuya's. The sitting room let us enjoy ourselves without tables on top of one another. The food is memorable and must be experienced. To top it off my table was presented gifts upon departure.
    A must try, glad I finally did.
  • Benny1979 Newbie   1 review
    For a special occasion I chose Tetsuya`s and am so glad we did. The food is exquisite, atmosphere is relaxed and service is exceptional. Couldn't fault it.
  • charlessherwin   4 reviews
    Lovely place - quite expensive but definitely worth it. Pretty much everything is great about this place - atmosphere, food, service. A slight inconvenience was caused to us when we were leaving (there was some mix up with the check) but that was a hardware problem and I hope they won't have it next time. Approved and recommended.
  • gondala1   25 reviews
    This really is an experience that everyone should try, I had a wonderful time and have been back twice since our first meal for special occasions. This is customer service and great unusual food at its very best. Loved everything about it. Its true, you get what you pay for and I'd rather go out less to these to these type of restaurants than pay for sub standard service and sub standard food weekly, I am looking forward to my next visit in November.
  • winglee Foodie   186 reviews
    What can you say that hasn't been said already. Its ridiculously pricey, but you have to go there at least once. The food is insanely good. And I never understood how wine could complement a meal until I chose their matching wine option. Mind you after wine with nearly every course of the degusation menu my head was starting to spin.
  • Parge Local Star   235 reviews
    Have a good look at my pic and you can probably know where my review is going to go?

    Absolutely sublime: deserves to be the best restaurant in Australia.

    You have to go the Degustation, and though it's pricey, (think 360 Euroes at Guy Savoy without wines) even with wines, you'll leave happy after a divine experience. I would not rather comment on the menu as it changes a bit every time I have been there.

    Just to say that Tet's hands on experience in going to Tasmania and being involved in the trout farming, really means his signature dish transcends the every taste you can imagine. Matching wines, nothing short of perfection.
  • So Phresh   2 reviews
    hollla yalll i be taken my taste buds on a trip to disney land with my extended family, the restaurant had room for all 30 of my cousins. Now we used to sitten down to grandma's finest thanksgiven turkey and kool-aide with watermelon and crispy chicken nuggitz to spare. But I aint ever tasted anything dis fine, one time, my daddy-o took me out to burger king and i got the deluxe meal. after that this meal was da bestest i ever ated fo sho!
  • Kim Chi   2 reviews
    I went here for my birthday, and I had a wonderful time!

    As you can guess, booking early is required, however I only booked 2 months in advance (not sure if 2 months is early?). My birthday fell on an early weekday, and I also preferred the earliest reservation, 6pm, so I was lucky in that it wasn't one of the most popular types of bookings! I just sent an e-mail through the website and Rebecca came back straight away to me.

    Even though it was a weekday, it was still full by the end of the night. I had a great time; the food was amazing (as expected!), and the service, especially from the head waiter, was excellent. We also opted for the pacific oysters, well worth it!

    My mother doesn't like cold soups, so we requested for her soup to be changed, and it was done straight away! She couldn't have been happier.

    It's really a great dining experience, and I can't wait to go again!



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