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  • Grey Offroader Newbie   1 review
    My wife and I have just completed a 17,500 km 4 month tour of Queensland, including Old Strezlecki track to Innamincka en route to Birdsville, then Lawn Hill and on to the tip of Cape York, via Burketon, Normanton & Karumba, towing a 2 Tonne caravan most of the way. More than half the trip was on dirt, a lot of which was poor. Towing vehicle was a 1991 80 series L'cruiser, with 392,000 Km on the clock. Geoff has serviced our vehicle for some years, and over this time has added a turbo kit & snorkel, heavy duty shocks (specifically recommended for this trip which performed exceptionally), overhauled the front end, and generally has kept this old vehicle purring. Geoff & his team have provided unstinting valuable advice at all times, and gave us the confidence to undertake this journey with the old vehicle, and it did not let us down. I would (and have) recommend(ed) 4 WD Workshop to anyone who wishes to keep their vehicle in tip top condition for the arduous demands of seeing this wonderful country of ours secure in the knowledge the vehicle will not let them down.

    5 months ago - 21/10/2013

  • 4x4 family man Newbie   1 review
    I have just moved to the area and am a 4wd enthusiast. I drive a Nissan patrol for work and play and a new Toyota landcruiser as my family car. I have to thank young Geoff and his crew for opening my eyes to whats going on in the service industry. My new Toyota has been serviced by Toyota from new as I thort (as they told me) It had to be done by the dealer. No it dosnt and as I have found out, through research. Just stick to the dealers for car sales. As I now have found out, the dealer has neglected to change my oils and pretty much just hot washed the engine bay and sent it on its way. Geoff and his team now look after my family car and I know its being done correctly. He even showed me the oil filter that came from my car cut in half and it was clogged with ????. Trust is a huge thing when my family is involved. Im now looking at my work/play car getting a supercharger fitted. I see they have fantastic results with their kits. I cant recommend The 4wd workshop enough as they have spent a lot of time just explaining and talking to me about my vehicle.

    6 months ago - 24/09/2013

  • Michael_Evans Newbie   1 review
    After reading the below comments I can only tell you the opposite is the case, I was initially recommended to these guys by a neighbour after he had his car checked and repaired prior to a round Australia trip, so when I was arranging my trip up to Queensland I thought I would give Geoff and the boys a try, well after having my car serviced by my local dealer since new I was gobsmacked at what they picked up that could have left me stranded in the middle of no-where, the diff oil looked like it had never been changed and I don't think they had ever flushed the oils out either, well not only does my car run substantially better I'm now getting better fuel economy than I have ever had and the best part is I now have a mechanic I can trust! Don't think twice and give the boys a call you won't be disappointed.

    7 months ago - 09/09/2013

    • superjeep Newbie 
      Michael, thank you for your positive input ,generally we don't get too many people taking the time to offer their praises for the work we do. We hope you and your family have a safe and enjoyable trip up north,if you have room for one more...........
      The 4WD Workshop

      7 months ago - 09/09/2013

  • OzTouring   4 reviews
    Took my GU Patrol here after noticing a clunk in the drive line. With a few questions and a trip around the corner, the management made their assessment and suggested I book it in for a transmission rebuild. I took it to another reputable 4wd mechanic who shot a few pumps of grease into the uni\'s and slip yoke...problem fixed.

    7 months ago - 05/09/2013

    • superjeep Newbie 
      This fellow turned up to our workshop unannounced , with the complaint that his Patrol had a noise in what he said was the gearbox, we are normally booked out for aprox 2 weeks at the time ,however i took the time out to go for a short drive with the customer to see if i could diagnose the issue. I went for a drive and noticed that there was a noise coming from the transmission or so i thought, given that there was also a slight whine coming from the vehicle I said to the owner that I would be surprised if the gearbox/ transfer case would be a problem as they are generally bullet proof, that's why all the comp truck guys use Nissan drive lines. I recommended that he book the vehicle in for an inspection so that we can better ascertain the cause of the problem . I spent about 10 min driving the vehicle , i did not give any estimates to rectify the vehicle and i did not charge him for my time.We are a well established (36 years) family run Business serving the local community

      7 months ago - 09/09/2013

  • Unhappyclient11 Newbie   1 review
    Never ever use. After dropping my vehicle off the night before for a service and organizing pick up the follow afternoon at four. Then several calls throughout the day to assess the progress, after complaining I managed to leave around 5:30 Thats 1 and a half hrs late and missing vital meetings with my clients and therefore loosing contracts. In that time i listened to constant whinges of everybody else's products where inferior to this so called business. All i recevied was a poor incomplete service, pathetic excuses and not a single cent in compensation for their pathetic excuses of running late.. I strongly advise looking up a professional business which i have done.. Use them at your own risk!!!!

    9 months ago - 02/07/2013

    • superjeep Newbie 
      We aim to deliver the best possible service we can to our clients, if the job takes a little longer than expected then so be it because we will not hurry a job and risk making a mistake. I would like to know what this fellow does when he visits the doctor or the dentist. Most people are reasonable and accept that sometimes things take longer to do than originally thought.

      7 months ago - 09/09/2013

  • Pete&Jill Newbie   1 review
    Thank you great service and advice on setting up our new Nissan Navara, 5 stars from us
  • TrevorG Newbie   1 review
    I thoroughly recommend this company, I would not take my 4WD any where else
    • superjeep Newbie 
      Trevor , thank you for your kind words, i trust you enjoy using you vehicle as much as we enjoyed working on it, drive carefully and stay safe
      Geoff Whitehead and the Team at The 4WD Workshop

      7 months ago - 09/09/2013

  • Jenniwong Newbie   1 review
    The only place I would take my 4WD to in Melbourne. These guys really know what they are about. They found the problem with my Nissan GQ quickly and had me back on the road in no time. The job cost much less than I expected. A very professional company to deal with
  • Dave4x4 Newbie   1 review
    I have tried many 4WD workshops in the Frankston area and finally The 4Wd Workshop was recommended to me by my 4WD buddies. I have to say I was completed satisfied with the level of professionalism and the quality of the work done. Geoff Whitehead the owner was very helpful, gave me good advice and really went through and explained everything to me before carrying out the work.
    Believe me I have tried the rest and now know where to find the best 4WD workshop in Melbourne, I would recommend the 4WD Workshop to any one looking for quality work.

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