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Reviews of The Arthouse Hotel

  • Easy place to grab some drinks after work or before heading home. Definitely on the cultured side of things, not your average modern bar.
  • KamenRiderBlack Local Star 119 reviews
    Come, you bohemians, you beauty-obsessed, you, hunters of inspiration. YOU, drinkers of assorted ales, liquors and wines. Come you artists, you performers of harp and horn, you well-dressed, you slightly not-so-well-dressed, you reading this long review.

    Come! Come to The Arthouse Hotel for there is something for you here that isn't loud distortion played by DJ Ruin-A-Night.

    NOW! The Arthouse isn't for everybody but it is among my favourite places to go for the following reasons:

    1) The Arthouse Hotel is as beautifully bohemian as the name suggests. The exterior is a well maintained remnant of the late 1800's - early 1900's with beautiful stone and style of the Victorian Era, lit up at night with vibrantly coloured floor spotlight lights giving it a touch of art-deco mood. Oh yes. And the building is attached to the wonderfully modern looking cultural centre of The Galleries Victoria.
    The Interior is a well designed mixture of eras; the tall Victorian windows and wide open wood floor space making love to (slightly outdated now) modern contemporary decor and a splash of pop-art here and there.

    2) The staff are well-mannered, well presented, polite and intelligent.

    3) The drinks prices are standard but very acceptable for what The Arthouse Hotel is - comfortable, cultured and cool.

    4) The gallery space offers abundant opportunity for intellectual conversation while the alcohol you're inhaling in an oh-so sophisticated manner inhibits your speech capabilities anyway.

    5) The Arthouse Hotel has a basement for dancing, great food and drinks, art to exhibit, rooms to hire, a constant buffet of events and an amazing life-drawing class for a more than reasonable price on Monday evenings.

    I believe I have made my point and I have made it well if I may say so myself.

    Enjoy yourselves, ladies, gents and everybody inbetween!

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