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The Cheesecake Shop

Braybrook, VIC
Open today - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Mon 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Cakes made daily! Custom made cakes to order! Call us now to book your next cake!

Trading Hours Mon - Sun: 9am to 7pm 
Phone Orders Welcomed & deliveries also available. 
Specializing in Wedding Cakes, Special Orders, Personalized Birthday Cakes and more!
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The Cheesecake Shop
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Reviews of The Cheesecake Shop

  • pepperpots Local Star 447 reviews
    Back again to grab a quick order for an engagement cake. Love how the cakes are all ready to go. This time i went with the strawberry glazed cheesecake. This is my favourite as the sour of the strawberries evens out with the sweetness of the cheese cake mix. It also looked delicious because the red jelly layer on the top is thin enough to see real strawberries just underneath which makes it look so good. Nicely packed and secure, i couldn't wait to get a slice. Everyone at the engagement party enjoyed the cake and there was not much left over. The cheese was so smooth and soft and every spoon full was worth the bite. Looking forward to my next session with the Cheesecake Shop.
  • svchu1 Local Star 478 reviews
    Cheesecake Shop has been around for years and the cakes are not too expensive if you are looking to buy a celebration cake say for a family birthday or event. I couldn't make up my mind whether to get a half cake or full cake, a chocolate cake or fruit cake, and found the girl here to be extremely patient. We ended up going for the baked Amercian cheesecake and had no regrets. It was extremely rich and tasty. We were very happy with the cake we chose which was very fresh. The black forest cake can be hit or miss depending on the day you get it because the inside can be crumbly.
  • pepperpots Local Star 447 reviews
    Never use to like cheesecake of any sort until i was given a slice of the strawberry glazed cheesecake at a birthday. Since then strawberry cheesecakes are one of my favourite cakes. My closest one is the Braybrook store. If i haven't had time to custom order a cake for an occasion i find it really simple to just walk into the cheesecake store and have a whole cake in my hands in 5mins. Cheap, just slightly under $30.00 for a whole cake. They do birthday tops which can easily be placed on top to make it look like a birthday cake. Cost only $5.00. The staff at the Braybrook store have always been helpful every time. If it's not a cheesecake I'm ordering it would be the toffee peacan cake. The sponge is so soft and smooth and the slight tinge of toffee is not strong which makes it pleasant to eat. I have also tried their black forrest cake but don't find that suits my taste. Too much cream and too much chocolate for me. There are so many other cakes i have not tried and now they are or have been doing macaroons which comes nicely packed which can also make a good gift. Also you don't need to buy a whole cake, you can actually buy individual slice for 1 person which is good because it will be enough to satisfy a single craving.
  • looknow Local Star 767 reviews
    Another great Cheese cake shop in the passing was in the area visiting a friend and thought well drop in to pick up a cheese cake. I picked up the full marble mud cake for $24.95, as we got a $5 discount for joining their fan club, which involved only completing a few details and was advised that on your birthday youll be sent an additional $5 discount voucher. The girl serving was friendly. What a fantastic incentive for you to return! oh the cake was so yummy, we all enjoyed a slice and a bit more each!. Definitely a place to return again, when Im in the area. A few other favourites that I have purchased in the past from the cheese cake includes the American Cheesecake, French vanilla and enchanted forest, which of course you could pick up at any cheese cake as I believe they stock all the same cakes.
  • We got a cake for our daughter's birthday party from here. She's ten so the only important thing for her was the chocolate - the more, the better. The cake looked amazing and tasted even better. I can say that from the small piece that I managed to get from the children who almost ate the whole thing.
  • Fresh products and excellent customer service! They had great customer service and the staff were friendly and helped me choose the right cake for the occasion! Their cakes are fresh and delicious, I will always buy my cakes from The Cheesecake Shop Braybrook!
  • I went to the shop the other day and was impressed. Now its under new management and their cakes were really fresh and tasted great.

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