The Coffee Club
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Reviews of The Coffee Club

  • Great location...hubby and I sometimes pop down for breakfast when the kids are at school then go over for a walk along the river. Breakfast has always been to our satisfaction but I would love to see ham and cheese croissants on the menu. #reviewtowin
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  • bargn$hopa Local Star 181 reviews
    Very rare I go here, however each time the food has been good, however in my opinion over priced for the portions that you do get. It is a buzzing place and if you plan to go on a weekend, it will be packed. So plan your visit.
  • 5 stars! I live in the Sutherland Shire and I come to this place for the steak. Would recommend it to anyone. Since my last review I have been there about 4 times and it is amazing! Hurry up and get to the coffee club in penrith for their sirloin steak! Unreal!!!
  • Amazing sirloin steak! Taren Point Hotel was a favorite place to get the best steak but the coffee club has taken the title!
  • 80c extra for Soy Milk, come on they buy the carton probably less than that amount. I am sick and completely over places stinging customers for something that it pretty much mainstream these days. Shame on you - yet another place on the banned list. And oh the temperature of my coffee is MY CHOICE not your coffee makers. If I ask for it hot I want it hot - not to your OHS regulations.