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Reviews of The Cupcake Factory

  • In October 2013 I ordered 50 cupcakes over the phone and whilst doing so I mentioned negative reviews I'd read regarding orders being lost and I was was not re-assured by the response, the staff simply went quiet on the phone. Still worried about this I called the day before the party and ... lo and behold ... they couldn't find my order. Eventually located it in the book but said it hadn't gone through electronically so would have been ignored if I her not rung. Again, not great customer service.

    When we showed up the next day the cupcakes were terrible. It looked like the apprentice had made them. Sloppy, rough, messy looking. I was embarrassed. This was all a big change from the year before when we got the same super hero ones that looked magnificent.

    Three days later we returned to pick up more cupcakes to take to my daughter's school and ... you guessed it ... they didn't have our order. The order was for 30 basic cupcakes like they sell everyday and they asked my husband to come back in half an hour when they had them ready, luckily from the day's supplies. But I would never risk it again for a birthday party. This is a shame given our positive experience with them previously.

    And they just don't seem too worried about it.
  • I ordered a cake here for a party I was having was such an exciting day until I was served by one of the staff at this drummoyne store normally the regular staff is lovely but not the one on the weekend who was so rude because god forbid I asked if I could buy a cake pop , didn't realise the ones in the store we're display only . I emailed the store but have not heard anything back. So much for customer service.
  • Love this place, they make the BEST cake pops ever..!! My kids adore them, I even had my wedding cake made here and it was a big hit with all of our guests
  • Fantastic service and cupcakes to die for...love them! I will definitely be coming back for more. I had these cupcakes for my wedding and they were great - my guests loved them and still to this day I get questions about where I got them from! Thank you Cupcake Factory!
  • These cupcakes have got to be the best cupcakes in Sydney! I love my cupcakes and I have never tasted any that are this good...the cakes are fresh and light and the icing is to die for! Thanks Cupcake Factory! Will definitely come back again...also, a big thank you to Kate in Drummoyne for her superb service!
  • I love the cupcakes from the Drummoyne store, especially the caramel ones. I am surprised to see people dislike the icing as that is what everyone raves about when I take them with me to visit friends. The cakes are always fresh too which isn't always the case from cupcake stores. I highly recommend these cupcakes!
  • These cupcakes are the worst I have had. I bought them for a party I was attending.
    The cake tasted awful, the icing was sugar. The icing stained our fingers. I am guessing to much food colouring.

    The service at drummoyne is terrible which I guess matches the cakes. The staff are rude and unhelpful.

    I will not be buying from the cup cake factory drummoyne or any store. They need to get it right in one of there stores before opening more.
  • As a trial run for my wedding we decided to have our engagement cake from the cupcake factory (Drummoyne)
    I rang them 2 weeks prior to the event and left a voicemail for them to call me back, and included my order.
    Three days later called again, left another voicemail.
    Two days after, they finally answered and I could place my order. (They did not call me at any time and the explanation I got for the lack of phone calls was "We have one phone")

    Being my engagement I wanted to make sure my order was confirmed, but received no email/SMS/call, anything!
    So I started on my war with the phone again.
    After more phone calls, sending them an email and leaving another message (no response from them AT ALL) on the day of the engagement I FINALLY got through to them and they confirmed my order was in fact going ahead.

    Now I am usually quite patient, but when it comes to dessert for 45 people I want to make sure the order is correct!

    Delivery was no issue, arrived before we did.
    The cupcakes were delicious, but the icing was HORRIBLE!
    I had vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, with red and white alternate icing.
    The white icing was nice, but the red was terrible.
    I don't know if they mixed up their salt with sugar but EVERYONE who had a red cupcake complained. Maybe they had excess dye in there, because the taste was off, and everyones lips/hands/teeth were all stained red after!

    A girlfriend had her wedding cupcakes from the cupcake factory, and it was lovely! But as that was a couple of years ago I thought it would be best to do a trial run.
    Lucky I did, saved myself from having a disappointing wedding cake!!

    Perhaps they are under new management, because the cupcake factory is definitely not what it used to be!
  • A birthday is suppose to be a joyous occasion but on 6 Feb 2012 our day was completely ruined by their appalling customer service.

    We placed an online order and chose Earlwood branch as it is nearer to our delivery location. We were feeling really anxious when our order was an hour's late (requested delivery between 11am - 12noon, the courier finally arrived after 1 pm). So we called up the company. The staff immediately got all defensive and claimed it's not their fault as they weren't the one who took the order, went on about how they didn't know who processed my order and that mystery staff did not write down my requested delivery time on their order receipt. They went on and on how it's not the company's fault that the other staff were late. We hadn't even started the finger pointing yet, all we needed to know is whether they were able to provide a quick resolution.

    What is a customer suppose to do when their cakes were late and the celebration had to be halted and not knowing exactly when the cakes would arrive? After repeated calls and many calls unanswered, they finally picked up the phone again, this time they failed to inform us the time the other staff collected the cakes (they said they would, and we needed this info badly so we could inform the relevant people about the delay and the amended starting time. With a callous tone, they said they were simply too busy to call us back).

    As if being late wasn't enough, they had to screw up our order too. When the other staff finally arrived, we realized that there were several problems with our order. There were short of 10 assorted cupcakes. And they gave us all vanilla when we specifically ordered half of the them in chocolate. At this stage, we were pretty upset with the numerous problems on our first order with Cupcake Factory. What is most upsetting is the appalling attitude we received from their customer service staff.

    Called up their HQ, called up Earlwood several times, nobody picked up the phone, left a msg with their HQ, never got back any reply. Finally we gave Earlwood another call and the same staff went silent on the phone after we told them what happened, not a word of apology nothing, just silence on the other end and we had to say 'hello' a couple of times to check if they were still on the line. With sarcasm, they told us the baking staff just came back from their 2 weeks holiday so perhaps they were confused. We were rather annoyed by their many excuses and they went on and on without offering any solution or even an apology. The last straw was when they retorted back that "Accidents do happen! Haven't you had any accidents in your life before?!" We were completely gobsmacked. We would appreciate if their company would first admit the mistakes and stop shifting the blame on others and finding lots of excuses and even went to the extent of arguing with the customers instead of trying to solve the problem.

    At this point, we decided we couldn't communicate with them any more, and asked to speak to someone else, someone who was able to offer us a solution. The baking staff on the other hand were apologetic and offered to personally deliver the missing cupcakes and added extras as an apology. We appreciate their sincere effort in rectifying the matter. However, we are left with distaste the way their customer service treated us. This will be our first and last time order from this company and we'll make sure to feedback to everyone we know so no one will undergo this type of service like we did. Never have we encountered such a rude and appalling service from a company.

    I almost forgot to mention, the staff also repeatedly shouted on the phone, "We ARE a very BUSY company! We are a very BIG company you know!"

    Such arrogance and rudeness. Rest assure that us, along with many others won't patronize their company any more.
  • Normally I don't go out of my way to give a bad review, but the whole saga needs to be published as it wasn't resolved and badly handled by the cupcake factory.

    This was the 2nd year we used the cupcake factory's cakes/cupcakes for our child's b'day party.

    Last year they screwed up the order by giving us fewer cupcakes than ordered, but that was resolved. Giving them the benefit of the doubt about last years messed up order, we regrettably tried again this year.

    This year, they outdid themselves, had the order, but did not fill it. It wasn't a trivial order either. $95 of cake/cupcakes is, I would think, a reasonable order....

    They attempted to fill the order on the spot, but as it was Saturday and our kid's party was only about an hour away so, they needed to pull out all the stops. They never completed it, and they didn't even offer a plan B, like "Sorry, would you like these other cupcakes." They kept saying.. it's coming, it's coming.

    Initially, we had called earlier to ask if they would allow pickup prior to opening, and that was flatly refused, no exceptions.

    So, we left without anything in hand, and won't be coming back.
    • And I thought mine was an isolated case! Unbelievable.
    • May I know which branch was it?
    • This seems to be a common theme. Same issue at Drummoyne though we at least got our cakes for our party. This company is not worth it. I'll drive to the north shore next time. Worth the extra 20 minute drive.

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