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  • Emzee Newbie   1 review
    Will not visit glamour sisters again! Got a bold spot and no the extension hasn't been in for a while!!! The hair is literally horse hair!! It's disgusting. Wash it once the hair starts to stick to together. You have to literally brush it every second !! Waste of money.
  • Kylie West Newbie   1 review
    The service was great the lady who answers the phone & greets you is so nice! Before I came in I went to get extensions at Liverpool at a similar place & they couldn't match the colour, came into glamour sisters & I've never been happier with my extensions! There perfect! Defiantly reccomend them!
  • Audir8 Newbie   1 review
    I have been going to gs for like 6 7 years when they were in that tiny arcade they use to look after you the hair was great..I got my hair done there 2 wefts payed I think 180 to 200 the next day the hair was all matted I would brush it walk a meter and it would get knotty again ?? I went back after all those years I knew something was wrong with the hair!! I didn't come back after 2 weeks it was the next day!! They said u have done something to make the hair like that.. After arguing telling them I have extensions in my hair for a long time this shouldn't happen they finally agreed to fix it and give me new hair.. Boy was I wrong they finished I got up and they told me to go to reception and they were asking me to pay them 200 and I just did them yesterday so that was $400 in. 2 days never again will I go back haven't been back since that's happend found a new place and loving it.. If there not going to look after a customer that's been there for years they don't give a s**t about new ones !!!
  • sonia hamze Newbie   1 review
    hi rondas hair and beauty recommended me and a friend love the girls at glamour sisters great smiles
  • llla. Newbie   1 review
    i love glamour sisters sometimes they can be rude but they are always still helpful, besides its not like we go shopping to make friends.
    i have had hair extensions from more places than i can remember and the hair has been disgusting shredding like no tomorrow, becoming mattered and that was with following the maintance and care instructions. i have had my clipin extensions from glamour sisters for nearly a year and half now and the hair is still perfect. i wash them when they need to be washed with everyday shampoo and conditioner, use no hair products and straighten them almost everyday and they remain still in perfect condtion. i wouldn't think of getting my hair extensions anywhere else.
  • kh10   2 reviews
    there was a really lovely girl who manages the front desk on wednesdays and thursdays, so i was glad to go there on a wednesday. after reading the reviews, i expected really bad service, but it was ok. however. the actual extensions themselves are a joke, 80% natural hair and 20% synthetic and honestly, not worth the money. i brushed five or six times a day, never stopped putting in argan oil and did everything and more to maintain them, but had my hairdresser take them out after two weeks. the amount of hair you lose is crazy, it never stops coming out in huge clumps and every day is worse than the last. it became embarrassing. the quality of the hair is so bad that after only two weeks, it looked like a possum had died on my head. it looked so fake and dead, if that makes sense. a big drawcard for glamour sisters is the cheap price - $250 for three rows - but it's not cheap when you only have them for two weeks. so girls, just get 100% hair and not at glamour sisters. and the wefts are so thick and the knots stick out of your head like an antenna. got micro beading the day after this atrocity was taken off my head and the difference is unbelievable. leave the weave, get the bead.
  • Anita Mulgawah Newbie   1 review
    Absolutely bad service and rude staff.
  • netsta Newbie   1 review
    I too had a bad experience with this place, I call it a PLACE because no Salon would act in this manner. On arrival, I was not greeted and after 20 mins I approached them. Well hello, I am the customer. I was served by staff. We proceeded to purchase our item and left. On Tuesday I called this place and told them that we weren't happy with the clip ins and the staff I spoke with said that if they weren't worn and it was all in tact, we could return them, then this other staff got on the phone and proceeded to tell me that their policy was a no refund basis. I then went on to tell them that the Dept. of Fair Trading don't recognise such signs and if the customer is not happy with what they have received and it does not work the way it should, i am entitled to a refund. They then went on to say that due to hygiene reasons, we cannot refund, I explained to them that if we didn't try them, how would we know if we liked the product. They then proceeded to say, if it was underwear, you could not return it. I then proceeded to tell them that actually, I have returned underwear and they obviously didn't want to hear what I had to say as they kept talking over me. They then went on to say and this is quite detrimental to this PLACE that PLENTY of people have contacted Fair Trading etc...... um, so what is that telling you, that people are not happy therefore, they are contacting Fair Trading. Wrong thing to say!!. Anyway, I don't recommend this PLACE and if you really want to get your monies worth, contact a company called Glambition Hair Extensions. You won't be sorry!!! I have taken this matter further.
  • mel410   2 reviews
    I have been to glamour sisters about once or twice a year since about 2008 , everything posted on here is 100% correct, staff are rude, no sense of customer service, they can be very intimidating even when you ask a simple question they seem to get very angry if you speak to them which is CRAZY! ,the hair is ok but nothing special, I was there yesterday and had one of the worst experiences , the staff doing my hair did not even brush my hair after i had been at work all day long so as they were doing the braid they were ripping my hair out while trying to just pull the not out with her fingers , they stood there talking to the "regular" beside me and payed no attention to me what so ever even when i had finished i got up and said thank you and they completely ignored me and sat down in the seat i was, yes it is painful getting this type of extension put in but yesterday was the absolute worst.
    I have spent over $1200 in the past few years and regret every cent! not one of the times i have been there i have walked out happy , i will be spending my money elsewhere,
    All i can say is going to glamour sisters Bankstown will be an experience you have never had at any other "professional " hair salon , it is so far of being "professional".
  • mleenman Newbie   1 review
    I have had a REALLY bad experience there today and inparticular with the management. My hair was weaved incorrectly resulting in both layers being the same length - the story is too long and convoluted for the space here to write in, but it resulted in the management humiliating me publicly, telling me they didnt care that they were rude to me and told me I needed to get my hair cut or have yet another layer added to my hair. It ended with me leaving & driving stright to a hairdressing salon in my area and getting a professional opinion and with them agreeing with me. I will be taking my complaint further. They have no right to speak to their bread and butter like that. Once I find a way to get past the Rottweiller at the front counter. That and Fair Trading. First rule of business - BAD REVIEWS TRAVEL ALOT FASTER THAN GOOD ONES!!!
    • Hairreview  
      I totally agree with you and have had a very similar experience to you. The staff are disgustingly rude and refuse to admit of they make a mistake or if their service isn't up to scratch. Have never been so appalled with a business before. They treat you as a mindless person refusing to even look at you if you have a complaint. I have contracted the.department of fair trading about them and suggest others to do the same if you are unhappy with their service.




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