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  • Noah 2010 Newbie   1 review
    I went to the good guys casula to buy a dryer and washing machine ended up just getting the dryer as the washing machine that was advertised was out of stock mind you it was the first day of that catalogue sale!

    We got $60 off the dryer which was not to bad although bing Lee had the same model dryer and were willing to give a $40 discount but because we saved the extra $20 we went ahead and brought it from the good guys.

    I called my sister and told her the price we paid for it and let her know they had plenty in stock as she was after the same sensor dryer.

    She finished work and went down to the good guys (casula) to buy one also, when she got there she asked what the best price they could sell it for, they told her $29 off she called me to tell me and I told her no that I got it $60 cheaper!

    The sales person went to ask a manager, came back and said sorry that's all we can do, when she told them that I was in there in the morning and brought one $60 cheaper they said "oh really" then went again!

    They came back and told her that the reason they couldn't sell it to her for the same price is because they made there target for sales and management refuses to let anything out the door at a good price once target has been made and told her to come back tomorrow morning and it should be okay.

    I was on the phone with her and couldn't believe what I was hearing, she thanked them for letting her know and told them that Bing Lee were even going to sell it $40 cheaper and they said in that case they could sell it for $41 cheaper. Seriously what games are they playing!

    She took my receipt down to Bing Lee the next day and they matched the price for her!

    It makes me sick, we all work hard for our money and should all be treated fairly no matter what time of the day it is or if they made target or not!
    If you decide to shop at the good guys stay clear from the Casula store!
  • noggin   30 reviews
    Great customer service, large variety, super excellent prices.

The Good Guys

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