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The Good Guys
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Reviews of The Good Guys

  • I've always trusted The Good Guys to give a discount no matter how cheap or expensive an item is.

    My family and I went to this shop a few weeks backs to buy a new rice cooker. While we were browsing, I allowed my son to sit on the massage chair on display since it was open for anyone who would like to try it. I could see him from where my husband and I were browsing for rice cooker but after a few minutes, we noticed that he was no longer there.

    We hurriedly left the aisle and began to search for him. The staff who was at the entrance assured me that there was no little boy unaccompanied who came out of the shop. Another staff noticed us and asked if we were missing a child and when we confirmed, he offered to help and look for our son after giving some descriptions. My husband found my son but we were still very grateful to the staff who tried to help us.

    We were also able to buy a rice cooker. Despite the fact that it's already less than $80, they still gave us a few dollars discount, which was good because no matter how small the discount was, savings is still savings.

    It's always a good experience to shop at this store. We will always come back here for other appliances that we will need in the future.
  • I was in the market for a Washing Machine and was told the rock bottom price , only to walk across the road to other store & find the same Washing Machine $100.00 cheaper.
  • trompfy Local Star 630 reviews
    On Friday 8th March 2013 I bought a LG 32LM6410 3D TV, which included 4 pairs of Passive 3D Glasses for $685 and I am very pleased with the TV since the 3D Glasses are flicker-free so they don't give me anymore headaches.
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,096 reviews
    Had a very negative experience with these guys when looking for a washing machine in a hurry for my mum. Range is very good, but staff way too pushy, delivery INCREDIBLY expensive despite the fact that it was just the salesperson with a trailer. They took about $10 off the price. Having said that, the price was ok to start with - they do have good sales, and stock is 'right there' - but wouldn't be going there again unless I needed something in a rush.
  • We were shopping around for many appliances and white goods to furnish my mothers home. The Good Guys were great with advice on size, energy ratings and prices. Even before they gave us the reduced price for cash they were cheaper than elsewhere that we had looked at. The salespeople were exceptional with great knowledge on each product we asked about. All in all a great group the buy from. We wouldn't look to buy electrical goods anywhere else.
  • We went in looking for a front loader washing machine when they had sale. I phoned around all the big name stores and found that the Good guys were the best prices even if they were not having a sale. We then got a discouont for paying up front. Then the added reduction of the sa water rebate. We were in and out within half and hour with the washing machine in the car. The salesman was great and told us what we needed to do before operating the machine so there was no need to pay the delivery & installation cost. We were washing clothes within 1 hour of being home. I would highly recommend the Good Guys at pooraka.

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