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The Grand National in Paddington is a contemporary bistro style restaurant serving gourmet cuisine such as rabbit, olives and orange in puff pastry. The award winning restaurant has a chic, relaxed ambiance and attentive waitstaff, which make for a great dining experience.

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Once the footy is finished this small bar turns into a bit of a house party.

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  • scott1984 Newbie   2 reviews
    I would like to start with, the grand national is a really great venue. The food and customer service is pretty much impeccable.
    But here is the problem, Last night, Saturday the 24/11/12 at about 730-8PM. This will be long but please read on.

    Myself and 4 friends (2 girls 3 guys) had all had a few drinks at home and decided we would go to TGN because of these reasons above.

    As we walked up the street the boys and I were talking loudly and laughing about great movies we had watched in the past
    reciting the scripts and just having a good ol time, until we get to the door and the security guard asks us for our licences,(which is of course what they're meant to do)
    We over hear this younger looking fellow say watch out for these guys

    The staff member in his exact words "hi guys, licences please. You all know we are a respected establishment here? and our guests are nice respectable people".

    I just could not believe my ears! Actually thinking about this and typing it down makes quite agitated. I almost said well if he's going to be like this then lets go elsewhere.
    BUT! this is a good place right? good food everything...normally. Now this isn't the first time we have
    all been to the TGN, we bring friends and family here all the time. I have even had a good exchange of words with this particular security personnel.

    This agitated all of us as we felt like he was insinuating that we were not good enough to be there.I run my own business, I dress nicely and behave myself.
    My friends are also successful professionals. So who does this guy think he is!

    OK, so we eventually got in, walked straight out the back and sat down. I pondered to leave straight away and we nearly did.
    But we stayed because? you guessed it pretty nice place....normally.

    Not even 5 minutes after we had arrived he walks out to the restaurant area and just stares straight through me like I was running around like a drunken idiot.
    says something to the bar staff and walks out. Immediately the person working at the bar starts eyeing us down, not to mention there was a table full of about
    8 younger guys sitting right next to us, but that irrelevant right?

    Anyway we are sitting down by this time and the mood had definitely soured as we were waiting for our food. This person looking fellow walks out
    into the back bar area and starts pacing up down staring at me with quite aggressive eyes, like a caged angry lion.
    This made us all very uncomfortable so we gobbled our delicious meals up and got out of the pub asap.

    On our way out we received the same stares from the security and and the bar guy.

    I think this attitude is completely inappropriate and needless to say if that guy stared at me out on the street pacing up and down like a caged lion I wouldn't have bit my tongue.
    The whole problem started with this younger caged lion stalker eyes fellow telling the bouncer to watch out for us...We weren't aggressive, swearing, drunk or shoving each other around;
    so We feel we did not act in a manner that deserved the insulting comments upon entry and hostile treatment while we were dining.
  • WeenieM Local Star   69 reviews
    The Grand Nash is a great pub! The food is delicious & won't cost you too much for a quality meal. There is a large area out the back near the kitchen with a bar for casual dining. There is also the front pub but it can be trickier to get a table in there. Only bad point is if you are with a larger group and the meals come out at different times because you order separately at the bar.
  • C Sandiego Barfly   60 reviews
    Pub grub perfection. Simple yet effective. This cosy pub in the back-streets of Paddington has a blackboard menu that is constantly changing. Meals are well-priced and there is an option to suit most pub-goers. They do a brilliant steak with chips and salad or mash and veg all cooked to perfection. My personal preference is a rare eye fillet and they get it just right. Other dishes I have enjoyed here include ocean trout with a tomato and capers salsa, served on a bed of green beans or a delicious gourmet chicken burger of sour dough bread with chips. The bar area is buzzing with Paddington locals meeting mates for dinner or eating a meal at the bar & watching Rugby on the big screen. The staff and friendly and the service is efficient. A great place to meet & eat.
  • T Modra   53 reviews
    Crawling with young professionals every week night is the Grand National Hotel. A short step off the main strip of Oxford Street you will find this iconic pub nestled on a corner amongst terraced housing. Once inside, wooden tables line small separate eating areas, or you can try out the back for a bit more space. It is quite hard to get a table, so I recommend ordering and then letting bar staff know when you find one. I eat here approximately once a week and have the T-Bone Steak with Mash and Bernaise Sauce which is to die for. For other options, there is a huge lamb curry or a smaller fish option if youre not too hungry. Being a pub, it is obviously quite loud and in the front bar you will be sitting quite close to the next table, so probably not appropriate for an intimate get together. Standard pricing is around $20 for the mains, beers are reasonable and the good times are free.
  • yobrett   2 reviews
    Always go for the Nash Mash.
  • Out About   221 reviews
    A great value pub, no table service, no table cloths but one of the best steaks I've had recently and for under 20 bucks. Recently dined with a group of friends, all of which are food snobs, and every one of us came away loving our meals and raving about the great value. Only hastle was getting your own drinks but for these prices you can't complain - definately one of Sydney's top pub meals at great prices. Dont drive, parking is complete pain.
  • CCC123   7 reviews
    great intimate atmosphere, and good food
  • Jackie M Barfly   52 reviews
    Fantastic and reasonably priced food. I was a regular there when I lived in Paddington. Less stuck up than some of the Paddo pubs too.
  • Jazzy28   15 reviews
    I come here to eat, drink and hang out. A great local, excellent food and staff. A place not to go past without popping in
  • Le 'Awk Barfly   312 reviews
    Great pub, great food. Steak and seafood are always good.

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