The Grounds of Alexandria

Alexandria, NSW
OPEN TODAY: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Mon 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Tue 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Wed 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Thu 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Sat 7:30 am - 11:00 pm
Sun 7:30 am - 10:00 pm
The Grounds of Alexandria is a landmark known for being a coffee roaster, cafe, bar, eatery and kitchen garden, full of fresh produce and hands-on experiences.

Suitable for all ages, the grounds hosts a coffee research and testing facility, artisan bakery, open garden, fragrant herbs, fresh fruit, flowers and an animal farm. 
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Reviews of The Grounds of Alexandria

  • Came here on a Saturday afternoon, it was very busy so did not attempt to sit down at the restaurant area. We got takeaway and managed to find some seats outside, the food was good quality but is pricey. They sell some amazing looking deserts, the donuts looked good, I will try these next time. Cool little animal area, they have goats, chickens and a shetland pony. We came back after a walk and it was all closing down, this was at around 5, just seems a bit early to be closing on a Saturday.
  • SBC84 Local Star 169 reviews
    So I had heard so much about The Grounds..... I have to say I was a little disappointed. We went late in the day for a coffee and a cake. The place was really busy with LOTS of children. I myself don't have any and I like them in small doses. you will not get that here. The layout is a little confusing and rambles all over the place. I like the concept of the garden courtyard. They animals are a nice touch but I feel they might get hounded from people trying to pet them and feed them. I couldn't see anyone checking the children aren't feeding them. The pen is very small for the goats.
    I had a Chai Latte and a slice of cake and it came to $10.50 thought that was on the pricey side. The staff seem flustered and when I asked what was in the cake slice she had no idea and actually told me something else until I pressed her on it.
    When we got in the Q we didnt realise it was only take away and we couldn't sit inside which we wanted to do originally. Again something to add to the confusion. we finally found a table outside and as soon as we sat down they told us they were closing the area and we would need to leave. GRRRRR
    Over rated , over price and too many children running about.

  • I've only had takeaway as the wait for a table is outrageous. The takeaway food is tasty but very modest in portion size. The property itself is very interesting to wander round (though not big enough to waste two hours waiting for a table) though I do worry about the farm animals on the premises as there doesn't appear to be anyone monitoring their welfare. Lots of kiosk, fresh food and drinks to try in a quaint setting. I would wait to go out of peak hours in the future mind.. #reviewtowin
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  • sedky 27 reviews
    Really disappointed after my last visit. Long wait for a table even mid week. Staff pay no attention to customers - impossible to flag anyone down and was even ignored by several staff while waiting beside their till. Then it took a long time and several reminders to get what I wanted (a slice to take away that I had paid for already). Food was nice but menu selection small. Oh and parking is an absolute nightmare. There are better places around nowadays so I won't be back. #reviewtowin
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  • The Grounds is worth a visit, but only during off-peak times (ie during the work week) or if you're getting take-away. Even then, it's ridiculously crowded and busy - there's nowhere to stand without feeling like you're in the way! The staff do a good job at managing it, and it's not their fault it's so popular. But I've never been able to eat a meal there, as the wait is often 2.5-3 hours no matter when I come. It's worth stopping by to take kids & visitors, but sadly I can't tell you what the food is like. #reviewtowin
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  • One of Sydney's hidden gems, why did it take me so long to hear about it. The people, the place, the atmosphere, it's an experience to say the least. They have everyone covered from the fresh flowers and food stalls to the cafe and restaurant it's a great experience and the food is fantastic too. If you're going there at the weekend you should either get there early or later in the afternoon. Beware though as they close the doors at 4pm sharp!
  • I love visiting this place during the week early! Its an adventure and great for visitors too. There are lovely gardens, an outdoor gazebo, a pretty fountain, a delightful florist shop, a cafe, a restaurant and even animals for all to enjoy. Dont forget to check out Kevin Bacon, the pig, though I must say the goat stole the show one day we visited by lounging around in the food trough!

    Because it is so popular, you need to book a table, otherwise line up for a coffee and cake with everyone else at the takeaway section and be prepared to wait for it. The down sides are the long waits for service or takeaway and the lack of parking. Sydney parking is poor and this area is dreadful. Go early if you can, car pool and try during the week, not the busy weekends.
  • mins Local Star 786 reviews
    This is such a haven in the bustling city. Beautiful gardens, animals for children to enjoy, great coffee and plenty of food options. Such a relaxing place to visit - so long as everyone is not dragging the heavy metal chairs.
  • Great food and service, and the atmosphere is a great example of Sydney to show your visitors/family. Will always return here!
  • Good food, and the place has a very nice decor to the place, but the service was unfriendly and made me feel unwelcome.
  • Nice coffee and pastries but the wait for take away coffee is a little too long. They could do with an extra coffee station. The facilities for kids are really good. The freshly made donuts were a big hit but they are a little bit expensive at $3.50 each considering they are only mini donuts.
  • I love this restaurant, food was great and staff were nice. Lovely little stalls out side is also enjoyable in both look and taste of some cake. But it was hassel to look around the parking area.
  • Ok, we liked the atmosphere the vibe, but overall for a family of 4 it was very stressfull, took us 40 minute drive to get there, another 15 minutes to find a park, 30 minutes to get coffee, 20 minutes to get a few doughnouts for the kids and an hour wait just to get a seat for lunch. Our table was bumped by everyone that walked by. Sorry but its not a relaxed oasis but a very busy noisy and stressful piece of industial land.
    The shopping at the italian goods shop was very very expensive, most goods we can get for almost half price, 200g of salami & 200gm of chesse was $22 yes $22 DOLLARS, first and last visit
  • scallywaggle Cafe Crowd 47 reviews
    I love this place -before abour 8 on the weekends it is a lovley relaxed oasis. After that, it is a bit crazy busy, but still fun. Having a sprog in tow, I now prefer eating in their outdoor area, where we can go visit the animals ( chooks and pigs) if restlessness strikes. The food options are limited, with little stalls to choose from but still great quality and the coffee is always good here. Great little play area too!
  • starwoman8 Local Star 1,070 reviews
    I enjoyed a leisurely week day lunch in the gorgeous grounds. I have heard of the weekend queues and have no patience for them. It's a lovely place to enjoy a meal and the food is lovely overall. It's one part eaterie, one part organic farm and there's even some cute animals on the grounds. It's definitely worth exploring. Come during the week or book ahead for a weekend.
  • I usually enjoy having my breakfast at the grounds until yesterday, we were 10 mins late for brekky so we had lunch instead. I ordered king prawn linguine that I couldn't eat! the prawns did not smell nice and the combination of the whole dish was poor! I had to swap my dish meal with my husband who ordered chicken schnitzel. the chicken was OK not much flavour. and on top of this we were seated at a rusty table which left two big marks of rust on my husbands elbow shirt! I left the grounds with big disappointment.
  • KingEatingChamp Local Star 22 reviews
    Overall not bad experience on my first lunch here. Apart from the blistering sun, loved the garden/organic farm theme throughout the place. Food was good; coffee great; ambience great, but the wait is terrible. I guess you gotta wait for places as hot as this. Might go back when the weather is cooler.
  • Easternian Local Star 970 reviews
    Me and my friend finally revisited The Grounds of Alexandria for a weekday lunch after our previous failed attempt on getting a table for brunch on an early Sunday afternoon a few weeks back where we were expected to wait for just shy of two hours. The takeaway line was also long and there was practically no more seats available at the garden.
    This time it was a little bit better. We waited for around 45 minutes for a table whilst enjoying lemonade we bought from one of the kiosks nearby and sat on the garden enjoying the sun.

    The staffs were all friendly and attentive, from the girl who took our name on the waiting list, the guy who took us to our seats, and the servers who were incredibly friendly, attentive, and very knowledgeable with their food offerings.

    The place was an absolute dcor-fest with multiple sections compiling the otherwise large dining area and whilst it was very busy (I seem to be blocking the staffs in many occasions while taking pictures of the place!) it was in no way cramped or feel under-spaced.

    I tried their mushroom tart (king, swiss brown and oyster mushroom tart with buffalo mozzarella). The tart was beautifully made and the mushroom toppings matched nicely with the mozzarella.

    My friend ordered the hand-made parpadelle (slow braised lamb, pear and extra virgin olive oil) that came with generous serving size and was beautifully made as well, with original homemade-like taste.

    Of course we had to try the chips. It was of large cuts and came with a special mayonnaise-thousand island fusion sauce similar to the ones you find at Grilld. Delicious.

    All in all, it was probably the most expensive casual launch we have paid for in a long time. We were just lucky that all the stars seemed to be lining up when we visited this place.
  • Oh where to start... Was excited about going here but what a disappointment. A massive fail for me on all fronts except the ambiance. First of all the wait... We were told there was a 40 minute wait. After an hour and 10 minutes we finally got our table, 10 minutes too late to order breakfast... Lunch it is then. The coffee was ok but not great. I expected a great cup. The food looked good but for a 19 dollar burger I expected a nice juicy burger with lots of flavour. The meat was dry and way too much sauce on it. Worst of all the bread was like charcoal on the bottom.Pitch black.By this time we were hungry so I cut the bottom of the burger bun, and ate it. The staff seemed to be uninterested possibly because it was just too busy. I won't be back.
  • Good coffee, average food. Meal size small. but overrated and pretentious service.
  • This is the place that all the others are trying to be. They do it so well and so effortlessly. And they have the best coffee in Sydney! Check it out!
  • My new favourite cafe. Admittedly we went during the week so it wasn't as busy as weekends but we were seated immediately. Fabulous looking place and great concept and atmosphere.The service and the food were outstanding. We had a lovely waitress (Riley) who was incredibly friendly and helpful. The service was prompt, the food was fresh and delicious and we really look forward to going back for breakfast next week.
  • Love this place but hates the queue. Been here many times, the foods are great especially the burger, and if you can't get in you can always order from the take away menu and have it in their garden with a rustic feel. The ambiance on weekend is really great, there is a small market with a few stalls selling fresh cheese , organic veggies,and other food options if u can't get into the cafe. There are also live music and animal corner for kids to pet a number of cute little farm animals on the weekend.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    I've tried twice now to dine at this place, but the queues between 10am-2pm are crazy, sometimes over 45 minutes to be seated. However third time lucky, we went at 3pm and walked straight in, keep in mind though the kitchen closes at 330pm sharp, but their still open for coffee/cakes. The service was good, quite attentive, and the food was delish, the venue itself is the real winner here, its extremely homely.
    I highly recommend it.
  • rina.v Local Star 361 reviews
    Amazing! Love this place! Really great brekkie, freshly squeezed orange juice. Although they don't do Eggs Benedict which was a downer but I still enjoyed it!
  • Cee Zee Cafe Crowd 278 reviews
    The Grounds is a great vision. As you enter the gate, you realise the scale of this place. There is a big kitchen garden, a coffee roasting section, a bakery and a cafe. The cafe was heaving while we were there and we were greeted by a really nice and attentive waiter at the door. Now my expectations here are high. When you roast your own coffee on site, you would expect the coffee to be amazing but it was awful. If someone orders a long black or short black and there is no crema and all you can see is black coffee, then don't serve it. We also have some pastries from the bakery which were delicious but apart from the first guy that showed us to a table, the rest of the service was horrible. Great concept and space but the service needs some work.

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