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House Vacating Cleaning
3 Bedroom House=$170

Steam Carpet Cleaning
3 Bedoom+Living Room=$80

Lawn & Mowing
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$80/Hours Two men with truck

The Little Monkey Property Service
0403 685 680
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Reviews of The Little Monkey Property Service

  • DO NOT use these people. They took my money and did not even clean.
    Didn't return any phone calls.
  • Can I rate zero stars?
    Did not come to our place so we had to pay another day rent in our vacant apartment.
  • WARNING: We received a flyer with no mention of a $40 call out fee. They agreed to do the front room with no power, but then took $40, left, and called us saying they had taken money for a call out fee - AFTER agreeing to do the front room without power.
  • Avoid like the plague! They dropped a letter in our box after a For Lease sign went up and we used them for a vacating clean. So badly wish Id read these reviews before as our story mirrors exactly what has happened to others. Really poor quality job done on cleaning, said itd take three hours and they were done within 2 one guy smoking and on his mobile out the front of the house for long periods. They actually wanted cash before the started the job, fortunately we didn't give it to them but it really made no difference as we were forced to go back in and fix the mess before our final inspection (oven barely touched, cupboards hadn't been wiped down, very small area of carpet to be dry-cleaned was terrible. They refused to answer calls within the 48 hours their shoddily constructed contract gives you to complain. We are now getting another company in to complete the job as real estate agent are being nice and not taking it out of our bond.
    • DO NOT USE EVER! Avoid like the plague!
      We booked these monkeys for a removal - they never arrived, never answered our calls or messages. They are atrocious
  • DO NOT USE EVER. If I could use bigger font to highlight this to other potential innocent people I would. I conatcted the manager and politely gave him the opportunity to rectify the issues but refused and simply hang up in my ear. They conveniently request that you need to book in the cleaning service a minimun of 7 days in advance but then rush in to do the cleaning only to find that they only guarantee their BS service for 48hrs....oh yes and of course you are not permitted to enther the property after they have left otherwise the BS 48hr warranty does not apply.
  • DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE I am like all the rest. I wish I had done my research. They were booked to clean our small house last Friday for an end of lease. They were meant to arrive at 9am, but rang to say they would be late. Two cleaners arrived 1 1/2 hours late so I paid $280 cash and left them to it as I had another appointment. I returned less than 3 hours later and they were gone. There were big puddles of water on the polished floor boards, but had not vacuumed or swept. There was muck on the floors which wasn't there when I left them, that must have come out of their mop. They did not dust the skirting boards, they did not remove the cobwebs, they did not wipe the bench tops, the mantle or the cupboard doors, they didn't clean the ceiling fans. They had steam cleaned the bedroom carpets but clearly didn't vacuum first.
    I rang immediately to complain but just got a message service. I rang 3 times but they never rang back. Eventually on Saturday they answered the phone and said they would send the cleaners back at 1.30pm on Sunday. This time they were 2 1/4 hours late. Give the cleaner his dues, he agreed that the job was poor, but he told me he didn't clean ceiling fans. He agreed to do the job again, apart from the steam cleaning, which he did. When I came back a few hours later he had finished and left. The job this time was just passable, but certainly not worth $280. Given that I spent almost 4 hours waiting for them to arrive and do an ordinary job, I should have done it myself.
  • we are the same as everyone else, I wish we had read the reviews.. They did not wipe the walls, did not clean the dust off the picture rails, the carpet was not clean, and the shower got broken arm which meant we had to buy another one. The fan cover in the kitchen also got broken. They did not clean the bathroom floor. Everything was filthy. It says that if you want them to come back it has to be claimed within 48 hours, no good if the clean is friday afternoon... I can't believe they are still in business..
  • I like so many others cannot believe I did not read the reviews before booking. The classic line of you pay for what you get yet in this case got a wet floor. I have had to organise a second exit clean. The agent said it could have been better cleaned by a two year old. My wife fell for the trick of them telling you that the floors are wet and best check in a couple of hours. Big mistake as when you try to call them back and finally getting through to them which is in 3 days time, you will get the you should have called back within the two day guarantee period followed by a hang up and will not answer your call again. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  • We booked them to do an end of lease clean and carpet steam clean - I could have done a better job with a blind fold on. It was then impossible to contact them to have them come back for their "job guarantee" re-clean. What a frustrating experience particularly during what is already a stressful time (moving!). Three words - DON'T USE THEM!! And they only get a half star as this system makes me choose a rating - no stars from me.
  • DO NOT USE!! I wish I'd read the reviews below before booking the little monkey property services to clean my house. Booked for 9am, they text at 10pm the night before to change the time to 2pm. Arrived at 9:30, I had changed all my plans for the day based on the new time so I sent them away to come back at the agreed time. Took 5 hours. Told me that they would have to charge me and extra $50 due to "extra cleaning". My agent sent me a list of all the things they missed and they refused to go back and fix! I've just had to pay for another cleaner to do the job as we have moved interstate and can't go back to fix ourselves. DO NOT USE!! Not even worth half a star!!

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