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Reviews of The Reject Shop

  • Moochies Local Star 86 reviews
    I like value for money, so unsurprisingly i think the Reject Shop is fantastic and very budget friendly. The shop stocks most basic needs as well as cool accessories that you'd otherwise pay almost twice as much for in Woolies,Coles, Kmart or wherever you choose to lose your money. In terms of the quality of the products, for the most part its the same brands that you love, trust and buy, e.g. colgate, lynx, omo, logix, save they are manufactured overseas so they don't quite fit 'Australian Standards' which are very high (and end up increasing the cost of goods). Still on the goods stocked, I can say hand on heart they are good quality, brand new and there's nothing absolutely nothing wrong with them! To add to this customer and pocket friendly heaven, the staff are very helpful and friendly and seem happy to be at work - this makes for an even better shopping experience! I have shopped and returned many a thing at this store and every time I would say i would deal with them again - without batting an eyelid!
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,094 reviews
    You wouldn't really expect much customer service from "The Reject Shop", right? Well here you'd be wrong! It's a big shop, plenty of stock - but therefore it can be hard to find what you're looking for. But (in my case) ask a staff member & they'll be ready to help, show you what you were looking for, help you get it into your trolley and work everything out for you. Great work, I'm a happy shopper.
    (Half a star off because it was hard to find in the first place!)

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