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Reviews of The Roosevelt

  • lorettes Barfly 74 reviews
    I came here for a mate's surprise birthday dinner, we booked out a table at the back of the pub - and seriously, I've never had such appalling service in my life, which is very disappointing since the food and atmosphere at this place was actually really nice.

    When we sat down the waiter came around and asked what we'd like for drinks - I asked for a vodka with pineapple juice, he said "oook I'll see if we can do that for you", came back, asked me a second time what i'd like, repeat, and then came back a THIRD time asking me the same thing. At that point I was already pretty unimpressed. He finally took my order and guess what? He came back with the bill saying "OK so I've ordered a cocktail with pineapple juice for you which printed out as $19 on the bill. Naturally I said "No this isn't what I ordered", sent him back a FOURTH time and finally got my vodka and pineapple which was $9.

    And it doesn't even end there.

    They literally took about 45 minutes to attend to taking our food order, and we were told that due to convenience we'd all have to have the "Feed me please" set banquet at $60 per head, which included only dishes with fish as mains. We were all a bit outraged since A) Some of us did not want to pay $60 for something we don't want, and B) Most of us don't like fish. My friend who organised the dinner had to take the waiter aside and tell him that she had called up the hotel earlier on and were told that we would be able to order our own meals. After about 10 minutes explaining to the waiter what's going on and demanding to speak to his manager, we finally settled down and ordered our food. And the drama continues - the dishes came out at inconsistent intervals, and some people didn't even get their starter dishes (They basically never came). Portions were extremely small and most dishes were hard to split (the mains were 2 pieces of barramundi shared between 10 people). When we asked the waiter how much food would we still be expecting, we were told "I don't know, it's all depends on what the chef feels like. Wtf?

    Anyway, this place only deserves 1 1/2 stars due to the poor service. we were NOT impressed. Such a shame.
  • A hidden bar tucked away in potts point. It has a really cool atmosphere - classy, dark and cosy (great for a date!) with comfortable seats and friendly staff. They have an extensive drinks menu categorised by fun headings eg. "elegant, sassy and fun" and "boozy, strong and all things manly". They also serve food and have a private dining room but we came after a dinner at The Apollo (around the corner) and were more than content with a few cocktails.
  • WeenieM Local Star 88 reviews
    A sleek new bar in the cross but without the sleaze of all the others. This is more of a sit down & enjoy a fancy cocktail type of bar. I don't think they allow people to stand as we had to wait for a table for a few minutes. We decided to have a bit of fun & try one of the big cocktails to share. It came out in a huge trophy cup with loads of long colourful straws. It was great fun & tasted nice but by the time they fill the whole cup with crushed ice I don't think there was all that much of the drink in there for 4 people. Nice bar though & will probably venture out at some point. A good place to go for a drink before or after dinner when you're not one who wants to be hitting the kings cross club scene.
  • Parge Local Star 254 reviews
    If I promise to say how wonderful this place is, will you promise not to go there?

    Simply put the best Cocktails in Sydney bar None! I would list the entire ensemble of bars in Sydney that try and come close, and the ones I thought was up there, but Truelocal never publishes my reviews if I dare mention competitor.

    So allow me to paint a picture, walk through the seedy underbelly which is Kings Cross and be whisked back to a by-gone era of great drinks and customer service which will knock your socks off!

    As lovely and as intimate as the Roosevelt is, it means that you often have to wait to get a seat. But that's how things are when you make the perfect cocktail bar. I haven't had a bad cocktail here so I would recommend everyone of them, and though they range all around the $25 mark, they are worth every cent.

    I have plenty of favourites, so no point listing them here, just to say you can't go wrong. Start with your favourite base and and let the bartenders do their magic. Plenty of show, without the tacky flare you get from a Bryan Brown or Tom Cruise movie, but at the end of the day it's all about the taste and it's the drink which will make you come back for me.

    They also have a restaurant by I have never made it to there. Very popular so I can't imagine it being bad.

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