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  • Bridie85 Newbie   1 review
    The Shower Repair Centre fixed out shower by resealing in August. The service was fast, efficient and very friendly. Great advice was also given for other necessary repairs. I recommend The Shower Centre if you are after value for money and great service!
  • rauchy Newbie   1 review
    The Shower Repair Centre repaired our shower in November 2013 - they were cost effective, quick and did an excellent job. I was thrilled then and left feedback to that effect. Four days ago (6 months after work done) I noticed some cracks in the grouting in one of the showers that was repaired. I telephoned on the Monday, they were out to inspect on the Wednesday, and fixed the grouting without question and under the warranty. We are now able to use our shower today (Thursday).
    This business is professional, prompt, courteous in all dealings and we would recommend them to any considering shower repair.

    6 months ago - 20/03/2014

  • WowNow Newbie   1 review
    OMG what a fantastic job frank did of my shower... Will be recommending him to people. Thank u so much. Regards LP :)

    11 months ago - 25/09/2013

  • SpringBean Newbie   1 review
    Your technician arrived early, he was polite, friendly efficient, quick there was no mess, really appreciated the after care note explaining what to do with the shower the following day. The technician explained the issues with the shower and then fixed these. The Service he gave was excellent Thank you.
  • Kere Zahn Newbie   1 review
    I rang the shower repair centre and the staff on the phone were very friendly and helpful. When we pin pointed what was wrong they had someone out within a few days and fixed the leek. The technician was polite and cleaned up after himself . I would highly recommend the shower repair centre.
  • tkarim Newbie   1 review
    Water was leaking into my daughters bedroom. I spoke to a plumber over the phone and they said it sounded like a shower water proofing issue. So I called in the Shower Repair Centre to assess the situation. A technician from the Shower Repair Centre came to my home, had a look around and said that the leak was caused by my shower and water proofing would definitely solve my problem. Not the case. After spending $595 on water proofing the shower, water still continued to come into my daughters bedroom. When the guys from the Shower Repair Centre came in again to address the issue they discovered that the water leakage was due to a burst pipe. I then called in a plumber to fix the pipe and the leakage stop straight away.

    I was annoyed there was no way I would have spent $595 on water proofing if I had known it was not going to fix the leakage problem. I trusted the advice of their technician that water proofing would solve all my problems.

    I called them back and expressed my frustrations and practically got yelled at. After that I spoke to the management and indicated I would like something for the fact that their technician had incorrectly diagnosed the leakage issue and I spent $595 on a service I really didnt want. I was made to feel like I was crazy to think they did anything wrong. They kept arguing they were not plumbers and therefore they could not be held accountable for getting the diagnosis wrong?? then why did your "technician" tell me that water proofing would solve my leakage problems! I agree - they were not qualified to make that diagnosis. They should have told me to call a plumber to assess the situation properly.

    NOW to added to all this, whatever they used to seal the shower is now collecting black mold that is impossible to remove!! I never had such mold issues in the past but I have them now!!!!

    Stay away from these guys!!
  • Juan66 Newbie   1 review
    Used The Shower Repairs Centre to re-seal our upstairs shower. All seemed good until we started re-using the shower and the leaking started again. Thinking that the leak couldn't possibly be related to the re-sealing work just done and that it had to be a plumbling problem we called the plumber back out to check the water & drainage pipes. Turns out that leaking was as a result of silicone not being applied to the back of the taps. Cost us $595 to have the re-sealing work and then an extra $190 to get the plumber back out. Given the failure to apply the silicone was an oversight by The Shower Repair Centre guy, I believe that it is fair & reasonable for The Shower Repair Centre reimburse us for the $190 extra cost we incurred. Two emails requesting reimbursement remain unanswered. If you want the job done right and want to deal with a company that stands behind the quality of their work, then use someone else not The Shower Repair Centre.
  • SweetPuppy Newbie   1 review
    These's guys are great. I had two plumbers out and they couldn't fix the problem. My real estate recommended them. I rang The Shower Repair Centre and they fixed the problem straight away. It has been three years now and no leaks. Thanks guys
  • c.murphy2508   2 reviews
    I have always been happy with the service that the Shower repair centre have provided us over the years. They have comparitable prices and will continue to use there services in the future.
  • Coombesy   4 reviews
    For a company that spruiks a commitment to uncompromising perfection and highly trained technicians they have fallen well short of these claims. Today 17/12/2010 I had the unfortunate pleasure of having this company repair a leaky shower in a bathroom renovated less than 12 months ago. Numerous tiles are now chipped along the edge supposedly as a result of TSRC using their apparently specialised tools. One tile has been gouged through thjis specialised process. The application of silicone in some areas appears to have been done by school age children and in one junction the joint has embedded in ti some foreign material which is very obvious. The application is very uneven and the state the bathroom was left in is questionable, some minor film from gorut application I can understand but this is just plain unprofessional.
    The grouting that had been stained remains stained and very obvious, should have done it myself. While the job cost me $550:00 which I paid promptly the repairs now required will cost considerably more for TSRC.
    I await their response to several emails and will post my satisfaction at their resolution appropriately. In the meantime if you live the Adelaide area I could not under any circumstances recommend the trained technician who will not be allowed back on my property!!!
    • Coombesy  
      After sending off photographs of damage and work conducted I spoke with General Manager who advised they could rectify the dmage but it would be the original technician doing the work, which I declined. By way of compensationI had been offerred $1300:00 for full and final settlement and no charge for the work carried out - so was very thankful for the speedy resolution, but cannot recommend the South Australian franchisee/technician to carry out any work.
      So full marks to TSRC for wanting to rectify the situation quickly.


    • ShowerRC Newbie 
      We sincerely apologies for the unfortunate experience that "Coombesy" has detailed, however are most pleased that he was satisfied with the outcome. The Shower Repair Centre takes full responsibility for all of the workmanship carried out by its Technicians. The Shower Repair Centre Technicians do not operate as franchisee's. Our Technicians undergo a rigorous induction and training program, and are qualified trades professionals. All repairs conducted are subject to a five star quality assurance assessment. The Shower Repair Centre is dedicated to providing a professional service with no fuss to the customer and endeavours to attend to all complaints with the utmost urgency. The Shower Repair Centre offers a Twelve Year Warranty and Written Guarantee and is recognised as the leader in Shower Repairs. The Shower Repair Centre has received several industry awards, including most recently Excellence in Customer Service 2010 and Small Business of the Year 2011.



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