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Sunglass Lens Replacement Specialist. Premium replacement lenses at a fair price for all sunglass brands. Finally a recycling alternative for sunglasses.

The Sunglass Fix makes premium replacement lenses for sunglasses. We manufacture and source the highest quality lenses and shape them to fit all sunglass makes and models.* All our lenses meet industrial grade safety standards, provide 100% UV protection, and are built to last. 

How Does It Work?
Step 1: Have Us Install the Lenses or Do It Yourself
If you are comfortable installing lenses yourself, order Replacement Lenses. Our lens search engine or phone sales support team will help you find replacement lenses for your sunglasses. Once found, you select the lens model and colour you want and the lenses will be shipped to you anywhere in the world for free. 
If you prefer to have your lenses custom cut and professionally installed, order Installed Lenses. Installation is free* and our Pick up and Delivery service makes it simple and affordable to do from the convenience of your home.

Step 2: Select Your Lenses
SFxLenses              $28.95
A top performing lens crafted from the same material used in bullet proof glass. The lens design enhances optical clarity and provides up to 8 times better abrasion protection than other leading brands. 
Polarised SFx Lenses        $38.95
Our premium polarised lenses provide a combination of glare protection, safety and performance. Our polycarbonate lens media is fused together with Japanese polarisation film. This generates 99.8% polarisation efficiency while providing crystal clear vision. The outside of the lens is hydrophobic which makes them easy to clean, fog and scratch resistant.      
Pick up and Delivery (for Free professional installation only)      $9.95
We provide all packaging including insured, prepaid mailing material. All you do is insert your sunnies and drop the package off in any Australia Post mail box or post office. You'll get your rebuilt sunnies delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. 

Lifetime breakage & 6 month 10

Reviews of The Sunglass Fix

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  • cmbankoff Newbie   1 review
    As a business owner myself, I really appreciate other small businesses that treat their customers like human beings instead of dollar signs. I have a pair of Vintage Wayfarer sunglasses that are particularly hard to size. I wound up with the wrong lenses, but Craig took care of it immediately by shipping the lenses to the other side of the planet (where I am) and trusting me to send the old ones back after I have a chance to make sure I have the correct ones first. This is what good customer service looks like!

    2 months ago - 31/12/2014

  • Darren.P Newbie   1 review
    Oakley wanted to charge me pretty much the price of a new pair of sunglasses for replacement lenses for my old and discontinued models. Thank God I found the sunglass fix! Not only are their lenses reasonably priced, they fit perfect and work better than the originals! My old sunglasses are now as good as new!

    Great customer service from the team at sunglass fix too! I ordered wrong lenses by mistake and they went ahead and processed an exchange for me. Quick, efficient and fuss free!

    Highly recommended!

    5 months ago - 14/10/2014

  • SpeCkLeD StaR Newbie   1 review
    ahhh the best thing ever! I am so glad I found you! I sent a pair of vintage glasses I bought off ebay in to have the lenses replaced & wasn't sure if they would be able to replace the lenses due to the age & shape of the glasses - but these guys managed to pull it off. Brilliant work, Great service, great prices. I will be back. These guys rock!

    5 months ago - 29/09/2014

  • TheInlet Newbie   1 review
    So glad we stumbled on The Sunglass Fix. Our family have been using the company to repair our sunglasses and replace the lenses for a few years now, and Craig really takes the time and the trouble to sort out what needs doing and suggests different solutions for the problems. Incredible value and top notch lenses.

    7 months ago - 06/08/2014

  • alf3040 Newbie   2 reviews
    I received the lenses in a couple of days, easy to install, well priced and appear to be of much better quality than the original manufacturer lenses. Highly recommended if you need replacement lenses or want to change the lenses on your designer sunglasses.

    7 months ago - 06/08/2014

  • clear Newbie   1 review
    Excllent company. I turned a set of custom frames I had into my favourite sunnies. Sunglass Fix put in 'ray ban' standard lenses (no way you could pick the difference) and now I have $300+ sunnies for a fraction of the price. Their communication and service + super fast postage made the whole experience excellent. I would definitely recommend
  • AndrewMac71 Newbie   1 review
    took my scratched sunnies to the sunnies shop to get some replacement lenses. I was told that Ray Ban don't supply lenses in Australia and that i would have to buy new glasses ($329).

    I searched around on the net and found thesunglassfix and got some replacement polaroid lenses for $40, they are as good as the originals.
  • col2006dyna Newbie   1 review
    Excellent service and very quick to get the product out and delivered. Only had my glasses 2 weeks whne they fell off my head and the lenses got scratched. $300 glasses fixed for $30, thank you.
    There should be more businesses like this, saving people money on over priced products. Great work and keep it up guys.
  • PomInSydney Newbie   1 review
    Highly recommended. Great service, and the replacement lenses are fantastic. I've used this company a couple of times and each time have been impressed with the value for money offered. Choice of fitting your own or sending off for fitting is great, and the postal system set-up means you don't have to phaff around with packaging and tracking your item - they do it all for you. Their replacement lenses have been used for outdoor activities and meant I can keep my faithful, trusted sunnies for much longer!!
  • Customer100 Newbie   1 review
    Excellent products and service.

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