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Reviews of The Tilbury Hotel

  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star 1,090 reviews
    I attned my work Christmas Party here on Friday. From the minute we arrived I knew this was a popular place as it was packed to the rafters. We had a three course sit down meal and whilst a little noisy as we did not have an exclusive room it was still cosy and a warm atmosphere. Many compliments to the Chef(s) as each and every dish was delicious, particularly the Zucchini Flowers, Sale & Pepper Calamari and Turkish Delight dessert (yum). We were a large party and I compliment the wait staff for their impeccable and friendly service. Parking close by, beautiful scenery and overall a great night out.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    My friend had their 30th upstairs in a private function room, plenty of space, decent cocktail menu, large outdoor veranda's either side of the bar, which makes a good space for smokers, or if your attending this place during the day - a good place to catch the rays. The downstairs outdoor area is really good too. Catering is well priced and a well made menu.
  • Amanda Cassar Local Star 1,256 reviews
    Have enjoyed lunch downstairs and a bottle of wine with a mate here, and sangria and tapas upstairs late at the Tilbury.
    It's a great hotel, whether you're after something a little formal (in a hotel) or casual and cruisy with friends. This one's got it all.
    And an interesting little bit of history with John Waters - Looking through a Glass Onion kicking off here in the early 1990's.
  • bradlyloco Local Star 184 reviews
    A bit of everything for everyone. Relaxed front bar downstairs for more informal over-the-bar drinking and catching up. Excellent restaurant on the same level serving a modern full menu with impeccable service. Outside sunshine & decking for the warmer months and an intimate lounge bar upstairs.

    Mixed crowd across these different zones. You'll feel right at home with your friends in any of the settings. Not full of peeps that are too cool (unless you're a cool kid, and well, there's nothing wrong with that).

    Drink prices at the bars are reasonable enough that you could come here regularly and it doesn't have to be a "special occasion" spot. Food prices in the restaurant are comparable with what you'd expect at any decent restaurant with a tablecloth. By no means out of this world expensive at all. You can feed adequately here at fair prices. If you're a smoker, there's a decked area outside just off the restaurant to catch a helpless gasp between courses. Wine selection is extensive and covers most budgets. And the service I found for a large group dining was impressive on the day visited.

    Over the years, I've been to the Tilbury probably about 10-15 times. I've always had fun, enjoyed the atmosphere, service, food & drinks. All round a winner and consistent performer. As some others have mentioned before me, it's a great place to catch some outside drinking time with friends in a relaxed crowd that at times can have a real hum when the people start to flock in. It has it's quiet times too. It's really what you want to make it. Thumbs up.

    Oh, I almost forgot, upstairs on the outside decking they fire up a BBQ to serve more informal food and snacks to patrons. Usually consisting of freshly made burgers, etc. The smell is intoxicating, and grub delicious if you're not up for the sit down knife and fork food opportunity downstairs in the restaurant.

  • Christian Bowie Local Star 49 reviews
    What a welcome surprise, this great bar/restaurant (what I'll call boat house-esque) is a great little find. The bar has a great atmosphere and a pretty decent looking crowd if I don't say so myself. The music is cool, the bars are relaxed and chilled, the bar menu is simple but satisfying. I hear the restaurant is fantastic but slightly on the expensive side. But, I'll be back to try it out.
  • Definitely try the upstairs bbq- I had the most amazine grilled chorizo with tomato chutney, hommus and turkish bread. Great prices, good dj, highly recommended as a sunday relaxed drink. Try the pimms,ginger ale, cucumber and mint jug, you'll never leave!
  • Cee Zee Foodie 278 reviews
    Great place for a chilled out Sunday afternoon drink when you want to be outside in the sunshine. They have great DJs that also play.
  • Offering a funky urban vibe just steps away from trendy Woolloomooloo Wharf. This hotel offers a public bar, cafe and restuarant, fantastic in summer with the upstairs balcony.
  • STL Foodie 72 reviews
    its great for a drink for lunch or after work and the crowd is usually pretty good.

    the prices are normal for sydney and the selection of the bar is good.

    their food is very much like all the other pubs - nothing special but very edable
  • Jesus 87 reviews
    A good pub, although I've never eaten at the restaurant downstairs. with a range of lounges and chairs upstairs, it caters for an intimate, yet upbeat atmosphere. A nice outdoor area and they serve great chicken burgers from the outdoor BBQ area.

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