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Reviews of Tiny Town Car Sales

  • Wasn't comfortab with the dealer, he was rude, and the car wasn't reliable and over priced for wat its worth... Lucky I brought it to my mechanic before going ahead with the purchase! Would of been a big loss!
  • Could not have been happier with the professional, expert service I received at Tiny Town. As a single female I have had my share of derogatory comments when I turn up on my own to buy a car, but none of that here. All three guys were incredibly polite and respectful. They gave me great advice about the pros and cons of the car and tips on how to care for it to get the best out of it ( after I had signed the deal). They followed up a week later to see if I was happy with everything. Thanks Guys I love my new car, will be back when I need another one!
  • Absolutely devastated, purchased vehicle only to have an already failing transmission completely cease and costing thousands of dollars, (it seems problem was temporarily masked for it to sell), even though I was assured vehicle was roadworthy and shouldn't require an extended warranty upon purchase. An absolute thorough disgrace.
  • We visited Tiny Town Car Sales looking at a Mercedes that took our eye from the street. We only looked at the one second hand vehicle and took it for a test drive. We asked if we could put a deposit on it and have a thorough vehicle report arranged the next working day by an independent mechanic. The management was rude and dismissive and said there was a road worthy certicate and that was all that we needed as the car was "perfect". We said that we had previously bought a vehicle on those conditions elsewhere and it had proven to have several issues and we wanted to take an extra precaution on this purchase. The management scoffed at us and turned to walk off on us without so much as a polite ending to the discussion. Whilst we had a strong interest in the vehicle and would have been able to purchase it outright with cash, we were so disgusted with their attitude to our potential business that we have chosen not to give Tiny Town Car Sales our business regardless of how "perfect" the Mercedes vehicle in question was. Clearly this organisation is not affected by any down turn in business due to global financial crises and they do not value customers who have good cash to spend.

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