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Reviews of TNT Australia - Head Office

  • Hard to imagine a worse, more incompetent company. For days running have been unable to find my address (which is a very ordinary house in an ordinary street) yet have not once called me to clarify - i have had to chase the the whole time. Dreadful company - would trust them to send a Xmas card.
  • Terrible customer service!!
    Was called regarding a parcel that could not be delivered as we didn't have a forklift, so the lady told me to to see if we could either organise a forklift and call TNT back or call the sender to organise something else. She gave me the generic call line number, not her direct line, which she told me was fine.
    After discussing with my boss, he asked me to find out who the sender was as we weren't sure what the delivery actually was. I called the generic call line and it was answered by the receptionist. She was terribly rude, without a friendly tone and transferred my call when I was mid sentence. As a receptionist myself I have never been so shocked at what terrible phone manner she had, even though I am on a busy switch also, I would never transfer a call whilst a customer was still talking.....ever.
    I was put through to another department, I can't remember her name as it was last month (she sounded to be about 40-50). I told her what the lady the other day had told me and asked if she could tell me the name of the sender. She asked for the (consignment?) number, but I told her that I was not provided with this number by the first caller, but that I could give her the name and address and the recipient as that was all that I had. She asked if the first caller had given me her extension number, but no, I was also not provided this. She said she didn't believe that I was not provided these details, essentially calling me a liar. She asked if I knew the senders' details, but I reminded her that that was the purpose of my call. She was rude and unhelpful and said that "we receive many calls every day and can't remember who I had spoken to". I again told her that no details were given to me and that I had followed the instructions I had received and asked if she could help me, but she flat out said no. The call ended with zero assistance given.
    The original caller was much friendlier, I don't blame her for not giving me the details, and the driver was friendly also. But one bad staff member can bring a whole big business down. They need to rethink some of their staff or give training on basic customer service skills.
    Would never use again because of this staff member!!
    • As an ex employee, I had to fill in at reception on numerous occassions. Those girls can take in excess of 900 calls a day, especially during an Apple launch. Passing your call to someone who can assist in a timely manner was imperative, especially when those girls are not trained to answer your enquiries and do not have the applications used in the call centre. I understand how it works in a corporate environment as I worked as a corporate receptionist for Norske Skogindustrier prior to working at TNT but it is an entirely different ball game in the freight industry. They have KPIs to meet and taking in excess of 300 calls a day when required was one of them.
  • why accept parcels for door to door delivery if you dont deliver to the area its going to?
  • 2 boxes were to be transported from Melbourne to Adelaide, OVERNIGHT EXPRESS from a Thursday pick up. 1 box delivered 3.30pm on Monday (4 nights). 2nd box missing. Was informed Wednesday that box had been found and I could pick it up (No delivery), get there and told that it was missing again. Still NO BOX!!!!
  • Purchased 4WD drawers from Sydney. Sent to Brisbane thought TNT. The direction from the company in Sydney was that TNT where to contact us when the drawers reached Brisbane. I looked up the tracking number to see that the drawers were in the depot at Eagle Farm. The direction to TNT was that we were to be contacted upon arrival in Brisbane. We waited and waited and finally after lunch we decided to call TNT. That was the first disaster. We were told that the drawers were picked up and signed for by someone else. That there was nothing that we or they could do about the fact that somebody else collected our drawers. That the issue was to be handed over to security. The operator even told my husband that "no we did not call you and let you know that the drawers were in" when he questioned them on why we weren't informed that the drawers were in when the tracking showed that they arrived in Brisbane at 10:00 am. We called the company in Sydney and told them that TNT never called us and that when we called them we were told someone else picked our drawers up. The company in Sydney had to call TNT and get to the bottom of the drama. At no time did TNT ever called us, but they told the 4WD company that the drawers were scanned in wrong and that's what caused all the screw up. But we were still never called to be informed that our drawers were in like the direction stated. The service was shocking. I will never use TNT again. They are hopeless and don't know how to follow instructions.
  • The ipad from Apple was delivered to Sydney. A week later and I don't have it. It is "on a trailer" somewhere, although I'm not convinced they know where. The online track a package facility is useless, and isn't updated as often as it should be. They have delivered twice to my home address, even though they were asked to redirect to my work. the package then sat for a day, somewhere in the warehouse, even though I had rung at 9am to see where it was. And again at 2:30. And again at 3. The I rang Apple. Then I rang back, and was cut off twice. I finally rang head office, who put me through to the enquiry line again.... That was yesterday. Now, they're promising to tell me by 1pm that they have it, and it will be delivered to me today.

    Here's the kicker - the delivery address was changed from the Blue Mountains to Penrith after their first delivery attempt (I wasn't home). The next delivery attempt, they drove past Penrith to go back to the Blue Mountains, where I still wasn't home. It went back to Enfield. Now it has to go from Enfield to Mascot, so it can be delivered to Penrith.

    All I can say is that I am glad I didn't pay for delivery!

  • I bought bag for my Macbook Air on January 23.

    The next day, I got an email from Apple that my order will be shipped on January 25 by TNT.

    On Monday morning (January 25), I got text from TNT that my parcel will be delivered that day and I need to be at home between 9am-5pm as a signature will be required. So I was waiting at home since then and suddenly got a text "The receiver was not available, please do an arrangement for re-delivery."

    I was like what? I didn't hear any buzz or anything. How did they know I wasn't at home?

    So I made an arrangement to do the re-delivery. And it's been scheduled to be delivered on January 30. But guess what, it happened again! They sent me text in the morning that they will deliver my order, and again they sent me text that I need to do the arrangement for re-delivery cause I was not available.

    I called them after that, and kindly asked them to send my order back to Apple, so I just pick it up at store. They said,"we need to wait until 3 times. If you are unable to receive the order for the third times, then we'll send it back to Apple. Or you can pick it up at our depot." --- Oh so now I am the one who has the courier service company. Great.

    On that call, I've arranged the re-delivery again, and kindly asked the girl to make a note to the driver that he needed to buzz my apartment, so I could go down to the lobby and pick the parcel up from them. TADAAA!! I got jackpot! It happened again for the third times! "TNT attempted delivery of your APPLE consignment xxxxx today. The receiver was not available."

    I called Apple few days later, and I asked them whether my order has been returned to them or not (since it was the third times), and he said bla bla bla bla, we'll arrange the re-delivery to the other place, such as school or office. So I gave him my school address.

    I was expected that I would get my order after that, apparently TNT didn't deliver it to my school, but they delivered it to my apartment.. again.. and its been signed by Joseph at 7.54 AM.

    1. My apartment has a regulation not to receive anything from anyone
    2. There is no Joseph working in my apartment
    3. I've confirmed these two things on February 8, 2013 around 4-5 PM

    And btw,I got all informations about TNT didnt deliver my parcel to my school from Apple Customer Service. Because when I called TNT to ask who the hell was Joseph, since there is no Joseph in my school and my school opens at 8 AM, they just said,"let us take a look and crosscheck where is your parcel going."

    1. I called TNT, and was waiting for 35 mins to get an answer. I asked for the POD, the guy said they couldnt send it to my email, it can be sent only by FAX. When I was about to give the fax number to him, the call was ended.
    2. I called them again, and was waiting for another 30 mins to get an answer. The other staff said,"oh yeah, just give me your email address, and I will send it to you."

    1. This is the first time I know that all TNT drivers do not know how to buzz or maybe they dont even know that they need to buzz so people can meet them at the lobby and pick the parcel! Or maybe they expect us to wait at the lobby from 9 to 5 and wave our hands to them.
    2. They are so not professional.

    • Did you see the consignment note? Was it really labelled correctly?
  • We also had the misfortune of having a parcel shipped by TNT in Dec. How wrong can you go with a full size bed? First, they dropped some parcel in the basement of our apartment without any intimation to us. When we received a call to confirm whether we had the right consignment, we had no clue of why were being called in the first place. After 7 days of running around the entire apartment, we found 3 pieces of furniture strewn all over the place. TNT had apparently mixed up the pieces and delivered a part of it to another address. We called TNT to confirm that we did manage to trace the consignment. To our utter surprise, the unapologetic management said they were closing down for Christmas holidays and would look at retrieving our misplaced parcels after the break. It's past New Years now but not a word from the pathetic service team. Using TNT is like inviting a disaster. Going by their service record, the chances are they will get the address wrong again!!
  • I have had the misfortune to have numerous deliveries allocated to TNT (by Apple) and on 100% of occasions, the courier claims no access. As I live in a multistorey apartment building in the centre of Melbourne AND I've been sitting two feet from the video doorbell/Intercom, tracking the parcel online, AND have a concierge on the ground floor to accept all deliveries, it constantly amazes me that "No-one is home". Not one other courier service ever has this issue. Just TNT. Ringing a doorbell isn't hard.

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