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Reviews of Toll Group Customer Service

  • The worst customer service I have ever had with any courier company till date.
    The delivery driver took the delivery card (asking to drop the courier at specified place), but didn't really drop the stuff.
    Had contacted them like more than 15 times, never got any satisfactory reply.
    For the two weeks they like kept pushing me away by saying "they can't liaise with me as they got contract with the dealer".
    Its almost 4 weeks now and they are still investigating the issue.
    Their driver when investigated for the first time by their management said Intercom wasn't accessible, on the contrary there isn't any gate or any obstacle in front of the intercom.
    They are completely worthless guys.
    Customer service not up to the mark.
    completely Unacceptable service.
    Caution : DO NOT SIGN THEIR CARD ASKING TO DROP STUFF AT SPECIFIED PLACE. The drivers don't really deliver the stuff and take the card along with them.
    • My case is even worst... I have a container ship from Shenzhen to Vancouver,... I given them all the BL info to follow and highlighted, but then they did not follow and my container was stuck in Shenzhen port for almost 3 weeks. I checked for every steps and even checked the ACI form they submitted to Canada custom and finally found their mistake "not follow my BL". The result was the container successfully shipped but TOLL Group would like to bill us for warehouse fees and all the cost incurred. This is Shenzhen Toll group mistake, and they bill us more than rmb10,000... they do not take the responsibility !!!

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