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  • ABN 51 332 872 529
  • ACN 000 000 000
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Reviews of Toll Priority

  • This company gives a whole new meaning to the word incompetent. How do they stay in business??? From rude staff that can't think (or talk) outside the box, to drivers who don't know what a door bell is to 'senior managers' who put shame to that title. Goodness people. Sad thing is online traders use them a lot. They must be cheap. If you can, keep away...or ask companies you buy from to look for alternative ways of getting the item to you.
  • Very bad delivery service. Very bad customer service. Delivery did not take place on requested day but on a day stated as not available. Left a card stating "you were not home" and to phone them. When contacted, ignores questions as to why this happened, but confirms item with courier for delivery the day of the call. Delivery promised on phone, never took place, neither the next day. No phone call from them to explain why. To date drama continues and item is still undelivered. This company is used by another company (international) to deliver items falling outside their boundary for delivery. The item is still not delivered.

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