Tommo's Fish & Chippery

Chermside West, QLD




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Reviews of Tommo's Fish & Chippery

  • First time at Tommo's tonight and it was delicious. We will certainly be back!
  • Went to Tommo's for the first time tonight. I would recommend going to another fish & chip shop, if you are looking for one in the area. The grilled fish was dry and the package had cat-food-smelling fishy water through it. The chips and potatoes scallops were the cheap kind you buy in bulk and tasted terrible. I shouldn't have expected much more judging by the look of the place. Maybe it was an off night....but I doubt it
  • Tommo's is a bit of a mixed bag - the onion rings are amazing, the chips are ordinary, the fish is sometimes divine and sometimes dry and the service is usually not great. (The latter part is often due to how busy they are, though. I have rarely been when more than two staff (one cooking, one on till) have been working.)
    When ordering from Tommo's be prepared to roll the dice - you might get lucky!
  • Possibly the best fish and chippery in the area, and I have tried quite a few. Fish is always cooked to perfection and the chips are great. My little girl loves the calamari there so that's always on the order. Friendly staff, especially Lynne who is very personable, all go out of their way, what's not to like? My family gets take away from here at least every fortnight, it's reliable and always satisfying.
  • Very disappointed tonight when I rang at 8:20pm to place a reasonable order to be told their closing due to the rain (which was only a sprinkle.) Unfortunately they didn't take my order and I was left to call another takeaway at 8:29 to place the order who happily stayed opened and cooked our dinner. The staff who answered said they closed at 8:30 when clearly online it says they close at 9pm. Customer service is the true factor on why this business is lacking its full potential. Works burger is good, fish is ok but overall needs room for improvement. Cheers!!!! T
  • Very, very dissatisfied!!!!! Ordered and paid for Qld Barramundi and discovered when we got home that in fact what we had received was dry uneatable cod!!!!! When we rang to complain we were basically informed that we did not know what we were talking about.
    My suggestion would be to use another Fish and Chip shop.
    • We offered to show this customer the box this Qld Barra was packed in but he refused to look. He was shouting the whole time. We offered a full refund just to get him out of the shop but, again, he refused. He did NOT know what he was talking about and my suggestion is he goes to another fish and chip shop.
  • Always great food. And great service. The chicken skewers are the best. Kids love the chicken salt on the chips too!
  • the first owner of Tommos sold his business in July 08. Owing to an illness the new owner quit after 4 1/2 months which allowed the original owner to come back in. This would explain the small hiccup in the quality around the time of the previous review. We find Tommos to be top quality with top service and or Friday fish and chips are a regular habit.
  • I realise that times are tough and suppliers may not deliver fantastic quality produce as quoted but tommo's seem to be going through a rough patch when it comes to quality control. The food is not at the standard as it used to be which is a shame because it used to be a favourite place to go of an occasional friday night for dinner. The service remains good and I hope that they will be able to regain the good quality and reputation they used to have. I wish this place well, but it will be a while before I can bring myself to go back. I am giving Tommo's three stars for their good customer service.

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