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  • Beryl63 Newbie   1 review
    While the style I had done by Moses was good and what I requested the colour was the opposite of what I requested. After 12 months of careful colouring by Toni and Guy at the Junction Newcastle to transition to a blonde/grey the colour technician turned me back to brunette. I warned them my hair took colour really easily and they completely ignored me. So angry and won't ever go back there again. I'm back to square one with ugly grey regrowth. As mentioned by others I paid a ridiculous fee to have my colour stuffed.

    4 months ago - 23/09/2014

  • ViewToTrue Newbie   1 review
    Horrid experience.
    I showed a picture of my haircut& colour. they manage to make it nappy poo yellow. I have very short hair (#3) and they charged an exorbitant 170$.
    The "stylist made me look like a peacock" I kid you not my friends response was "oh my god it's horrible".
    This is while enduring the stylist sniffing back up very 2minutes over my head.

    I'm so disgusted.
  • sahardel Newbie   1 review
    I had my worst hair cut there with one of the stylist and it was 110$ only for lousy cut. Don't waste your hard earning money in this salon. I have to admit customer service was fast and effective.
  • Royal Jade Newbie   1 review
    The haircut was nice but I really don't like how the stylist keeps pushing to but a product. It gets really stressful and I am there to get my hair done not to but products or to get extra stress
  • rollinginthedeep   4 reviews
    This salon is a disgrace to the toni and guy brand. The haircuts are sub-par and this was after visiting the top gun, the Art Director. They did not listen to anything I wanted and provided me with some generic haircut which did not suit my face or what I had asked for. They showed absolute no innovation and expertise. This salon always attempts to push products on customers. The only good thing about it is that they provide consistent same-sex pricing. Pity the haircuts are so poor.
  • Kafe171173   24 reviews
    And yet again I found myself in the hands of the stylist-God - Moses, who never fails, and the colour/ perm technician is the true Alchemist, every time he does the straightening treatment it looks and feels so healthy, smooth and silky, you just can't discern it from my real type, it's like I was born with it! :) seriously, the job they do lasts ages, at least on my hair, they always know what I need. On busy mornings, when I don't really have the time to brush it still looks fine, I can just comb it with my fingers while on the run!
    The reason I left half a star is because some of their staff, who supposed to help, aren't that helpful or even friendly, one staff washed the perm with hot water, which was wrong (i realised it later), you can only use cold water, and left me with remnants still my scalp, which was burning the skin, this staff argued with me that they washed it thoroughly, this staff spoke in a such haughty manner and made me look like I was just being a difficult spoiled customer. I couldn't believe I had to insist on washing it again, and even after this staff agreed to, this staff seemed bothered and frustrated, and very unfriendly, this staff didn't even try to hide hatred for me. Well, being an owner of business myself, I can say the recruitment area is the most difficult, thus, I don't have a grudge against the owners.
  • Zanuks Newbie   1 review
    I don't usually write reviews but here I feel it's a must. I have been going to this place for over a year now and can confidently say I have only received world class service. I have always had THE BEST color and the best highlights done not to mention the hair cuts as well as the professional and very useful advice on how to care for your hair, how best to style it and what products to use. Whilst Tony and Guy may appear to cost more, the quality is ALWAYS first rate, you are never disappointed and the effects last much longer than any other salon I've been to. Therefore, this is the best value for money. Highly recommended and even though I have moved further away I still come to the city to see them. A big thank you :)
  • Nina Bow   47 reviews
    This place has great service! I went there to get a wash, cut and blow dry and they did everything exactly the way i wanted it. I have long hair so my appointment did roll over abit into somebody else's time but they didn't rush, they made sure my hair was perfect when i left and it sure was!
  • KateF   3 reviews
    Moses (stylist) is simply the best I've had so far!!! Outstanding creativity and skills. I can confidently reccommend him.

    I do want to mention, though, some of the training staff weren't very impressive!
    Some have huge attitude problems, not friendly, very snobby and quite arrogant, at times makes you feel frustrated and awkward, the impression I get sometimes is that you should just be greatful being served by them (though, normally I wouldn't spend less than $400), and some just don't really care you are there, she left me waiting with treatment for 15 minutes, and didn't even inquire if I wanted a drink, then she went to the kitchenette chatting for the next 5 minutes to another apprentice, who also couldn't care much. All in all I'd be spending almost 4-5 hours there, and only the actual stylists would inquire if I was ok, but in most cases the stylists are pretty busy and they just don't have the time to perform multitasks.
    Actually, I can refer this to any T&G salons, all of those tiny "tad poles" have the biggest attitude.
    They really should do some ethics training, especially in the salon with world wide reputation.

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