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  • Kara 56 Newbie   1 review
    I found my new getaway !!!! This salon is one of the best I've been to !!!!! Had a great hair cut !!!! Had a laugh and the team is upbeat, funky and fresh and don't get me started on the refreshments!!!! WOW would you like wine with that... Oh yeah !!!
    Great way to end a busy day loved it and will be back :)

    2 days ago - 16/04/2015

  • Snailz Newbie   1 review
    Had the best experience of my life!!!! I have never had a colour and a cut like this.
    From when I called to make the appointment to the moment I walked into the salon I knew I was in good hands. Its always a little scary when going somewhere you have never been before, The service was great all the staff were warm and welcoming and really took the time to hear my ideas on what looks I was going for. The Salon was busy and the Technician took her time to explain to me how colour works and the best way to achieve this without damaging my hair and then I met my stylist who also took the time and listened to what I wanted and explained to me how the cut would work with my day to day life, Which was great! I felt like I was really listened to and understood by both colourist and stylist. Once my colour was done I was then taken into a the basin room to have my hair washed and treatment applied. THIS WAS AMAZING !!!! The room was not too bright,candles burning it had a relaxed feel to it!! This was the perfect place to relax!!! After that I was taken to the styling area where my new look was achieved and its exactly what i wanted.
    Toni and Guy Leichhardt has to be one of the best Salons I have been to in a long time !!!
    See you all soon xxx

    3 weeks ago - 26/03/2015

  • KGirl Local Star   336 reviews
    I called up a couple weeks ago to book an appointment for a cut, colour and blow dry. The lady who answered the phone was very friendly and managed to book me in on a Saturday. When I got there, I was greeted and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I didn't have to wait too long. The hairdresser made some suggestions as to what kind of cut I should have and was happy with the outcome! I love my new hair, the colour is very vibrant and would definitely be coming back here again for touch ups.

    5 months ago - 17/11/2014

  • Costabill   3 reviews
    Charge a bomb, probably based on the name not on the service. A $40 treatment that is advertised as staying on your head for 10-15 minutes is only on there for 4 minutes. The hairdresser and cut is really good and the staff who does it. However the colour is really disappointing, you feel like you are getting what they want and what they think it should be, and you don't end up getting what you actually asked for. A couple of the other staff have real attitude on them. For the price and what you get, it's not worth it. Very disappointing. Could probably get better someone cheaper and more local. Charge expensive rates because they look the part and have the name, but what you walk out with the the service is totally opposite. Wanted to like them because they're close to me and handy to get too, but just can't.

    7 months ago - 01/09/2014

    • TONI&GUYLeichhardt Newbie 
      Hi,sorry to hear that your experience was not to your satisfaction.
      On that note in regarding your treatment ,we do not advertise how long the duration of time on the massage process is only to stay on the hair under a hot steamed towel for 5 min as instructed by manufacturer
      as it is prescriptive & is active for 10 days .in regards to your colour we always quote before commencing any service in the salon.We pride ourselves to only have the most experienced team that are highly trained & are trained to provide there professional advice, as your name is not mentioned on this post i can not review your visit with us,if you would like to discuss further please contact
      Kathy (salon manager) 95645999

      7 months ago - 17/09/2014

  • jody87 Newbie   1 review
    I don't understand all these reviews!!
    When you enter into a five stars salon,you expect a five stars service and this is what I had today!
    I went for the first time in T&G Leichhardt today and Katrina the technician did a beautiful color correction and Rob an amazing haircut, I am so happy and I had the best experience!
    I didn't feel once they were trying to push me to buy products no they were trying to recommend me the best for my hair and this what you should expect when you go to a top brand salon.
    Toni&Guy Leichhardt thank you for making me feel great!!!!

    8 months ago - 02/08/2014

  • Misslouisa Newbie   1 review
    Awful. Just awful. I used to frequent Toni and Guy in another place until they were so rude to me I vowed never to go back to Toni and Guy salon. After moving to Leichhardt I had a momentary lapse in brain function and booked in for a treatment.

    I wasn't even able to put my bag down and take a seat before they were putting a gown on me in the reception area. I came in for a treatment and only a treatment yet the they felt they should carry on about my colour and how my cut was uneven.

    Finally they passively aggressively told me I should really book in with much more notice (I called that day to try my luck of availability (just a treatment after all!), because they're just so busy. Sigh. You get the feeling your a kid in trouble the whole time because your hair isn't in the best shape. They're rude and product pushers. Please don't bother with this place. There are plenty of other lovely little places around (and probably cheaper too!)

    9 months ago - 09/07/2014

  • Buddy Safi Newbie   1 review
    I get a five star service every time I go in for an awesome Haircut. Just wanted to say thank you.
  • Cathy87 Newbie   1 review
    I have been getting my hair cut at Toni & Guy Leichhardt for a couple of years now. I went in for a haircut last week and explained VERY CLEARLY to the the staff cutting my hair that I am getting married in 6 weeks. I also showed them a photo of how I was to have my hair for my wedding. We both agreed I needed to keep the length in order to achieve the look I was after for this special day. I also advised them what I would done to my hair in order to make it easier for my hairdresser to achieve this look on the day, and they proceeded to put me and my bridal hairdresser down saying that they don't know what they are doing and they should be able to achieve any look with any haircut. I could tell their ego was getting in the way and they were being a little bit immature about it. They ended up cutting four inches off the length of my hair and fed me that they only cut 2cm. I only found this out when I got home. Disgusting service, no respect for the customer and will never ever ever be back.
  • albert22   4 reviews
    An average haircut and it cost me $150!
    They charged an extra $40 for a conditioning treatment that they didn't ask if I wanted. When I asked about this, they were nothing but rude. They said, I guess they should have told you, but that's what it costs.
    I thought by paying more I would get something exceptional, but it was average on all levels. I'll go back to my $60 cut.
  • emlou81   3 reviews
    I've been searching high and low for a new hairdresser ever since my dream stylist moved away. Unfortunately T&G isn't it. All up my experience was lacklustre. Welcome was fine, shampoo was fine, but I think I made a mistake in booking a Saturday arvo. The hairdresser who actually cut my hair spent a maximum 15 minutes doing it. I'd discussed with them at length what I wanted but after the minimal effort it was exactly the same - I couldn't believe hairdresser was finished. So I asked if that person mind adding some layers, and asked me 'what for?'. Yeah...won't be back.
    • Toniandguy Leichardt Newbie 
      Hi emlou81,
      I'm the assistant manager from T&G Leichhardt and I was wondering if you're actually talking about our salon as it is coming up on our true local page just because we pride ourselves in giving our clients a five stars service.
      We are very sorry if you have received a poor service within T&G company.
      Best regards,


    • emlou81  
      Hi there,

      Just to verify the location, I went to the Toni & Guy in Leichhardt on Norton St, upstairs above the NAB bank and next door to Berkelouw books. If this is your salon, then yes - I'm afraid this is the one I reviewed. I understand it must not be pleasant to receive a less-than-stellar review, but I'm pretty sure I can navigate to the point of knowing which hairdresser I visited. Thank you for your response and good luck with future reviews.


    • Toniandguy Leichardt Newbie 
      We hope your next experience will be better...Good luck for you too!



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