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Reviews of Toni & Guy

  • I've been going to the Randwick T&G salon for over 10 years. During that time I've moved interstate and returned, travelled extensively overseas (and been to many UK T&G salons as well). I have very high expectations of a good cut (and tricky hair) and don't trust many salons. In all that time, the Randwick team have NEVER failed to give me a great cut and colour. Never pushy, always able to steer me in the right direction with a style change, I completely trust Vinhi and her team with my hair. They make me feel like a VIP, always welcome and taken care of, and they always remember the little details. It's rare that I walk in upset or tired, and not walk out feeling a whole lot better about hair and life! The best team, with the best skills. You won't find a better team in Sydney.
  • I wish I had seen the bad reviews that this salon got before I went there yesterday.

    I got there 6:50pm and had my hair washed and was in chair at 7:05. I asked for a curly blow-dry. The lady doing my hair started off by blow-drying it straight with a very slight curl at the end. When I said I wanted bigger curls and that usually when I get it done the brushes are left in for a while to set it. She did not understand what I was saying to her at all .English was not her first language so she went and got a colleague and I explained what I wanted to her colleague . Her colleague explained that they don't leave brushes in to set as they didn't have enough but assured me that while the procedure was different the result would be the same. Which I said was fine. But when my stylist started again she continued to blow-dry straight. She also had not sectioned my hair at all so she was letting wet hair fall on top of sections that she had supposedly finished. When I explained they were not curly enough and that they were getting frizzy because she was leaving wet hair on top of the curls she said that she would put GHD curls in at the end when she was finished blow drying which was not what I wanted.

    At 7:45 after nearly an hour in the salon and nowhere near finished I could feel myself getting upset so I asked to change stylists. I was informed that the only other stylist at that time was busy with another customer and I was told I could wait until she was finished or have a different hairdresser who was not a stylist. As I was in a rush and it was nearly 8pm I didn't want to wait any longer. I chose the girl who was not a stylist. She pulled and pulled my hair. She wrapped small sections of hair around the brush and when she went to take the curl out it got stuck in the brush each time . It was painful and frizzy. When I told her she was hurting me and that it was frizzy she also said she would put GHD curls in at end to make my hair curly. Which again was not what I wanted. When I said this she rolled her eyes and mouthed something at a colleague. When I saw this I told her I didn't appreciate it , took the cape off and left.

    I was in there for about 1hour 15 mins all up. When I left less than half my hair was 'done' and what was done was frizzy and nowhere near what I wanted. Her rolling her eyes at me was super catty in a supposedly professional establishment. I left crying. I have been to a few Tony & Guy's around Sydney but the standards in the Randwick one didn't come close.
    • Hi Maggie,

      It truly saddens me that you had a bad experience here at Toni&Guy Randwick.

      As the salon owner I take great pride in trying to keep all clients happy by making sure customer service and skill level is high.

      Unfortunately we haven't met your expectations let alone exceeded them.

      I am not sure whether you remember me but I was the one who ran after you after you left the salon. Please know that I did my best to help you out last Wednesday night. I did ring the Mosman salon to see how we could improve our service, as that is where you said you had previously visited. They said that how we had gone about blow drying your hair is how Ben and Maddy had also blow dried it when you visited them. I would appreciate it if we could please earn your trust and show you what a good experience is here at the Randwick salon. Emma is available, she is our Style Director and I am an Art Director however I am only here on a Saturday as I am currently on Maternity Leave.
    • Thank You Maggie and I am sorry again. Vinhi
  • I had my haircut with Emma and I was very satisfied, she cut and styled my hair exactly how I wanted.
    • Apologies for the late reply. I was not aware of this site until today. Thank You for your feedback and we are glad you were satisfied with your experience here at the Randwick salon. I have passed this onto Emma. 😊
  • I had a recent haircut with Kylie. Kylie was very friendly and professional, and made me feel comfortable. She cut my hair as I asked, during the cut we discussed whether I would need more off the front or not. I couldn't decide at the time, so she left more. A week later she gave me a courtesy call to see if I was happy with my cut, this call is standard at this salon and I think it's an excellent idea that all salons should use. I popped back in to have a bit more cut from the front and Kylie spent time altering my cut slightly. I felt very happy with my hair, and it was one of the best haircuts I have had. Unfortunately I am leaving Australia, otherwise I would definitely go back for my next cut!
    • Hello😊 Thank You for your kind words. Happy that your experience was great even after you had left the salon. Sorry for the belated reply. Discovered this sight today. Our marketing crew had been responding on our behalf previously. We would love to see you again if you visit Sydeny again. Vinhi
  • The first visit I had a hair cut at Toni&Guy Randwick was fantastic.

    Unfortunately the second time I visited the hairdresser who cut my hair failed to do their job. My hairdresser confirmed with me three or more times if I would like my trim all the same length, which I stated "that is now I like my hair, all the same length and at collar bone length." When I left the salon I had a bob at the back of my head that is shorter then my neck, and longer at the front.This is not what i requested, and now I cannot even put my hair up.

    It is incredibly hard to express the panic and sadness this hair cut brought to me in person with the hairdresser because they were very nice, I think it is important for Toni and Guy Randwick to know that their colleague are not following instructions, and in result they have a customer who is upset and will not return.
  • I was recommended Toni&Guy in Randwick by a work colleague and they didn't disappoint. I have had some terrible experiences at some of Sydney's best named salons in the past so I was a little nervous, but they quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable with a thorough consultation before my services started.
    The colour and cut was exactly what I wanted and I will definitely be returning.

    Thanks guys!!
  • Not a great atmosphere and a worse haircut. Very overpriced for the very below average haircut.
  • I had my 5th visit to t&g, well, I just can't express my disappointment, it seem the more you come to the same place the less they care how you walk out. The staff who was washing out perm treatment left my head still tingling, i asked the staff whether they were sure it was well rinsed, staff was reluctant at first, but washed it again, and rudely asked me whether i was happy enough. Every time the staff come near me staff was choking with cough, literally turning the face away and gasping for air, making an impression staff was disgusted by serving me. Every time staff touch my hair. would even say what they were about to do, or ask how was the water temperature, staff was so rough and arrogant. Then the staff chit chat with stylist whilst looking askew in my direction odiously. Oh dear!
    I walked pretty upset, spending ridiculous $$$, but looking like it was done by the "quick hand", chopping off the dead ends. That's all it seems there is. A friend of mine actually asked me whether I have done it myself.
    I particularly asked not to thin it - they've thinned it, and simply because they realized how badly it looked otherwise, so they had to thin it, they had no other choice because it was chopped too much already. I asked "not too short", they made it shorter. They've done perm straitening but one side is flat the other has an inward kink, which I can't really do much about now, it just doesn't brush outwards, not even with the hairdryer, and i clearly asked for an Easy and manageable style. Not so easy for the next few months i guess, till it grows!! Argh! I won't be back.
    • It's very disappointing to hear that your experience at Toni and Guy was less than satisfactory. Here at Toni and Guy in Randwick, we do pride ourselves on always looking to improve our customer service in ways that will enhance our client's experience positively at our salon, these include our policy on no 'gossiping'. We, as a company, are taught to provide a service/s with the utmost respect, care and consideration for our clients comfort and happiness from the moment they choose to visit our salon. I was wondering if you could please confirm what day/date, time and who looked after you when you visited the salon. The reason I ask is, at Toni and Guy Randwick we do not perform any perming/straightening services. I would like to be able to help you rectify the situation, so please do not hesitate to ring me on (02) 93981099.

      Thank You Kafe171173

      Vincenta Russell
      Salon Owner/Managing Director

      Shop 2, 135 Belmore Road
      Sydney, NSW 2031
      Ph: 02 9398 1099
  • I have been going to Toni & Guy Randwick for 6yrs now and even with the change of staff and ownership they have been brilliant, professional and very courteous. During my 6yrs I have tried other local hairdressers and I can never find a salon or cut that I am absolutely happy with like I am with a Toni & Guy cut. I absolutely love my hair cut everytime at Toni & Guy and have never had any issues. When I need a change of style and I do not know what I am after, the staff are very skilled and experienced and have been able to recomend a style which I have been happy with and have always been able to replicate at home. I do have to say the prices are a little high, but you really do get best style and service.
  • My overall experience very poor. Staff are rude and service not up to the standard of other Toni and Guys. One girl washed off my colour without checking it was done, then I had to complain and the colour was re-applied. 4 hours later I was done. They let me walk out with colour still all over my forehead, ears and neck and my scalp was on fire....I will not be returning after my visit. Not worth the money!
    • Hello Coogee Surf.

      It saddens me to hear that your experience with us at Toni&Guy Randwick was not pleasant. It disappoints me to think that you found us rude and not at all up to the high standard that we pride ourselves on. I apologise and I would be more than happy for you to please call me at the salon so that I can discuss a solution.

      Thank You for your feedback and I apologise.

      Yours sincerely,

      Vincenta Russell
      Salon Owner

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