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Reviews of Top Door Pty Ltd

  • Completely and utterly incompetent!! I've been waiting for more than a month for 2 very small, very simply window sashes. The sales lady keeps promising it is nearly done, then when I go to pick it up at the agreed date she has some silly excuse why it isn't ready yet. Doesn't call me to tell me, just waits for me to turn up. One of the delays was caused by the workshop "stuffing up" the rebates for the hinges, and they had to REMAKE the windows. Now it's again been more than a week since the windows have been remade and they still haven't finished the hinge rebates. Just incredible. Don't deal with these clowns!
  • Don't even waste your time. Our doors were fitted 7 months ago now (by our own tradie) and we're still waiting to get the flyscreens for them. Even though they built and delivered the doors, they had to come back and measure them for the flyscreens. To get the person to just come and measure has taken 2 months of solid calling. We were told it would then take another month to get them made. Here we are, 6 weeks later. They reply to emails with things like:
    "It is hard when I have external sub-contractors who dont pick up their phones and never get back to me". They should be the person chasing them, not us chasing them and to be told they haven't called them back! Emailled them 2 weeks ago to follow up, and have emailled again today to get the response "Dudly will try to come out this thursday or next thursday" Yeah, we all just hang around at home waiting all day in case someone shows up to install them whenever they can make it. What a joke.
  • We came here to buy some Bi-fold doors and timber windows for our new home and was surprised by the level of professionalism in customer service! By far the most courteous and helpful of all the joinery places we visited. prices were also very reasonable after we compared quotes from a few other places.

    Although there was a slight day delay in the delivery time, the manager was always proactive in keeping us updated and was very flexible in working with our builders and their schedule and we were very happy with the doors and windows once they were completed.

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