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  • M.R57 Newbie   1 review
    Receptionist were okay but not as welcoming as they should be. The doctor I saw was not nice at all. Who almost had me in tears, the way the doctor went about things was not professional at all, the first thing the doctor said to me when I walked in was that I am overweight, then asked for my medical history and when I told them my father was diabetic they said he's probably overweight too and he has been all his life. There are plenty more nasty remarks the doctor made through our appointment together which made me feel very uncomfortable, on top of that the doctor was 40 minutes late for our appointment. I would never visit this clinic again because of my experience.
  • Raj14 Newbie   1 review
    Definitely they have a very poor customer service. I need to see my daughter to GP, booked for 3.20 appointment, took leave from the work and waiting for 50 minutes before come back without seeing the GP. The management then call and blame ? I prefer not to go back there unless it is emergency. Surprisingly the customer management claims that my record with them is their property and will not pass to me.
  • treehugger12   3 reviews
    Agreed with comments about reception staff- rude, not polite at all- by face or over the phone. The doctors here are good, but they obviously have a practice of seeing patients in the quickest time possible, then arranging follow up appointments so they can make as much cash as possible. I've been going here for 10 years- only because my medical history is here and I have a female doctor.. but wouldn't recommend
  • Annie Brownie Newbie   2 reviews
    I don't like this practice in general, there seem an attitude with the reception staffs - well, I accept that, because many medical practices have these practice! Anyway, I cancelled my appointment with them as I have been waiting for too long and walked to other medical centre and was diagnosed immediately.
  • gemininja   2 reviews
    I couldn't agree more with the last review. Dr and Nurses are great but the ladies at reception are extremely rude from the moment you call up to make an appointment. That and the fact that every time I made an appointment I would have to wait up to an hr to see the dr made me change GP its ashame because I really like the GP There.
    • missy12* Newbie 
      Wow, what a comparison, totally disagree! Best practice I have been too in years.........reception staff are the reason I have been coming to this practice for years. I agree, you do have to wait a bit for the doctor but the doctor is very thorough.


    • Happyforeva Newbie 
      I could not DISAGREE with you more....I have been attending this medical centre for 8 years and have found the staff and Doctors to be absolutely amazing! I actually feel better the moment I walk in and see the welcoming, smiling faces on the receptionists.
      The Doctors are amazing, as previously stated and well worth the wait if indeed there is one.
      I do believe that the problem may be you NOT
      Be brave and print your name.
      Mrs Enza Signore - couldn't be happier with the service!!!!!


  • chkchkchk   2 reviews
    I have been coming here for years (only due to necessity). Dr is basically nice but is constantly running up to an hour late. It's extremely frustrating if you don't have two hours to spare travelling, waiting and seeing a doctor. The reception staff always look grumpy. The only impressive thing about this surgery is the nurse, who is extremely professional.





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