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The world's most trusted publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals.

The travel deals that Travelzoo provide are of the highest quality standard. The deals are researched, evaluated and tested before they are published. Travelzoo offers a reliable free source of information, helping you find the best travel deals. 

The information that Travelzoo provides is concise, factual and no frills. It cuts through clutter and makes life simple for our subscribers. We provide valuable insights that help users save money. 

Hundreds of leading travel companies list their very best offers with us. We have local deal experts (we call them producers) across Australia, North America, Europe and Asia, who work with companies in order to provide you the smartest information. 

While it does cost companies money to have their deals listed on Travelzoo, all deals are carefully selected and no amount of money ensures that a deal will get listed - Travelzoo only publishes top-value offers. 

The hottest travel deals are handpicked and published every Wednesday in our famous Travelzoo Top 20 - e-mail newsletter, the Internet's most popular travel newsletter. 

Get your free copy of the Travelzoo Top 20 delivered to your mailbox by clicking on our website.

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  • atan7 Local Star   1,009 reviews
    One thing I have noticed is that all the deals I inquire about on TravelZoo are the real thing. The offers in their Top 20 email are genuine discounts at trusted establishments and businesses. I inquired about a sailing deal they had and when I called the business directly they were easy to deal with and spoke very highly of their interactions with TravelZoo and that the deal had received a great response. When I visited the Travel Zoo office I notice they have a whole team of people checking their travel deals and ensuring these are represented accurately (they were all on the phone 'pretending' to be customers ordering the deals.
    Great service and would recommend their Top 20!
  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star   935 reviews
    I am really glad that I signed up for the weekly Travelzoo newsletter. Although I don't always get the chance to take up th great offers it is greta to receive the discounts in one email without having the trawl through hundreds of pages on the internet to find the best deal. The discounts are not only limited to hotels, but holiday packaged (domestic and international), shows, sports events, attractions, etc.
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