Trims Fresh Leichhardt

Fruits & Vegetables
Leichhardt, NSW
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Reviews of Trims Fresh Leichhardt

  • mumsrite Local Star 224 reviews
    I really enjoy shopping here; produce are fresh and prices are fair. Love the deli department where it is packed with a variety of yummy salami, olives, pate, olives, cheese and other cold cuts.

    If only I live close enough to this store...
  • Lovely local grocer!!
    I do my weekly fruit, veg, herbs, pasta, bread and deli-goods shopping there usually and find that their produce are seasonal, fresh and great value.
    Our weeky shop there usually comes in at under $100.. and that includes cheese, italian/spanish sausages, stock and canned goods as well as the stuff I've already mentioned.
    Never had a problem with any items and the staff are usualy very helpful and friendly

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