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Trooper Lu's Garage is a work shop designed to provide a `One Stop Shop' for motorcycle enthusiasts who crave something different or are just after quality services at realistic prices.

Some of our services include Bike Service; Suspension; Restorations; Engineering Modifications; and Computerised Tuning. This is for any bike from Dirt Bikes to Classics to Scooters to Road Bikes. 

Quality, honesty and realistic prices are what we aim to provide our clients. Our hourly rate is very competitive, we offer pick up and delivery options as well as after hours assistance options. We are truly committed to satisfying the motorcycling needs of our clients and focusing on motorcycling as a way of life.

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  • Hd1554 Newbie   1 review
    Top seller top service and good price

    1 week ago - 09/04/2014

  • 3amra Newbie   1 review
    Do not order OEM parts from their online store. My first order I didn't receive 2 bottles of oil, on the invoice that came with it the oil had circles around the quantities whereas everything else had ticks. I called them and spoke to the online parts staff who got defensive and said "I wasn't the one who packed your order", which I found strange as I wasn't even accusing the staff of anything just enquiring. Staff said would speak with the people that did then called back and said that the oil was sent but they will be sending me out another 2 bottles. I ended up only receiving 2 bottles which is what I ordered and judging by the invoice I imagine they were left out of the original order hence why they were circled. Unfortunately I didn't learn from my first experience and ordered another lot of parts. This time they never arrived, I called them and they advised they had sent the parts out and they were signed for. I asked for the proof of delivery which was sent to my email and the signature did not match anyone's at my address. I was told that they would be setting up an enquiry with the freight company and that I should too as it would help speed up the process, it didn't. I was promised by both staff at Trooper Lu's and their freight company that I would receive calls back, which I didn't. I gave them a week after my initial call to lodge the enquiry to be told that the delivery driver says had left the package at my front door and as they have authority to leave there is nothing they could do. So I am now out of pocket and my bike it still unroadworthy. There are better dealers out there, don't bother with these guys the service is terrible and judging by the other reviews they don't seem to be able to service either. Do yourself a favour and go somewhere else or if your really want to, just throw the money in the toilet and flush, it's basically the same thing.

    1 month ago - 14/03/2014

  • nuffsaid Newbie   1 review
    Took my bike there for a major service as I just bought a second hand bike and no history. Was charged a lot for what was done on their itemised invoice. I\'m not exactly ignorant when it comes to mechanics. obviously they didn\'t test\/check my battery as it needed to be replaced which was simple enough to do. I went back very recently to see if I could replace my pipes. After waiting for one of four staff behind the counter to help me, I asked one particular staff behind the counter. They tried looking up on the computer and after finding nothing, waited for the management to ask if they had any ideas. So after watching them swing their arms around and smacking their hands together for a few minutes, they went back to looking at the computer. After a few minutes they looked up at me and asked \"you right mate?\" I replied \"pipes for bike?\" They responded with \"oh yeah\". They had forgotten already. So another staff there overheard and tried looking for me. Also, you can forget about the management getting back to you. On a completely unrelated matter, but one that needed their attention, I called five times, emailed twice and called in to speak with them. Each time I was told they said we‚??ll call you. To be fair they did email once after leaving my details when I rang and said that they only just got the messages and that they called me but they never did. In the the end it was a staff in Admin that emailed me and after my reply to them, they emailed me back apologising for the \"miscommunication\". There was simply no communication. The management obviously doesn\'t care. And for them to say "....BUT our regular customers get priority, this is how committed we are to our customers as we focus on them and not people just wanting a freebie from us who are not customers.\" is very short sighted. how can you expect repeat business from initial \"non regular\" customers if you just focus on your regulars? Remember, your \"regular customers\" weren\'t always regulars. They were once walk ins too.

    2 months ago - 01/02/2014

  • John Serter Newbie   1 review
    Took my motorbike there for repairs, issues with fuel system. After several days called and asked if bike was fixed, to be told in a not so nice fashion no we cant find the problem. Refused to listen, so I came in retrieved my bike to be hit with a bill. Said I refused to pay then told they were going to keep bike until bill was payed. Payed bill for problems not fixed and now have taken it to a reputable company.

    2 months ago - 21/01/2014

  • Youngy253 Newbie   2 reviews
    After going to pick my motorbike up from its first service at approximately 2000 kilometers on the bike I was told it would need a new rear brake and disc???? I stated it was a manufactures fault not mine and should be replaced under warranty,even though it was a case of trying to pull a few extra dollars their way for work that didn't needed to be done. Plenty of meat and no damage to the disc. After stating I was quoted a lower price then what was stated at counter and said this is not the first time I have been treated by you guys as the first time I purchased the bike new and broke down a week later I was told to f*** off again by the management and to find my own transport back to the shop. The management became abusive yelled at me.

    2 months ago - 19/01/2014

  • jonathon1982 Newbie   2 reviews
    Waited almost 2 weeks for a couple of small fuel filters for a jetski, then they had ordered in the wrong ones so I had to wait another week. I gave them the exact part name out of my SeaDoo manual and told them it was the small fuel filters inside the carburettor to make sure they got it right. They still got it wrong. Could have ordered those parts from America in less than a week.

    3 months ago - 20/12/2013

  • Donald Mur Newbie   1 review
    Wonderful service, great place bike fixed quick
  • trail blazer Newbie   1 review
    didnt fix bike the first time took it back want to charge again still didnt fix the bike took it somewhere else who fixed it first time for a quarter of the price way to dear for a job not done well .
    service centre is useless
    5 times ive ordered parts . 3 times was given the wrong part will never go back
    you can get the parts cheaper elsewhere

    5 months ago - 06/11/2013

  • michael smitherson   6 reviews
    what an absolute mess of a "service center"
    sat around while everybody gossiped and laughed about other customers,
    they did not seem to care that i heard everything they were saying.
    got quoted one price than another than another.
    the prices are outrageously high and lack quality.
    staffs would not make eye contact - i was at the counter for at least 15 minutes being looked at but not served although i rang before i came in......sounds like they need to be trained a bit better by someone
    waste of time and space.

    6 months ago - 21/09/2013

  • Gamac Newbie   1 review
    Trooper Lu's Garage have been servicing and modifying both my road and dirt bikes for the last couple years. Had a full suspension set up done on my TC250 dirt bike and its bloody amazing! Their prices are extremely fair for the work and knowledge they produce and they have regular sales which is awesome! I know I am not their only Happy customer as their shop is always Packed, and many friends of mine go there for service and parts too! 5 STARS - Garry

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