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Reviews of Tru Energy

  • Tru energy have put a hit on my Veda (credit) file in 6/2012 for an electricity account period 11/5/2010 - 22/3/2011. They have alleged that I payed no bills during this period. I disagree and will pursue this in due course. I was told they issued the bills to a my previous address in October 2011, seven months after I had left this address, and this should have been obvious as the final meter reading occurred on 22/3/11. Today 4/7/12 (as soon as I found out about this) I payed $1005.96 to clear this debt. I have lodged a complaint with the ombudsman regarding this issue. After the due date I was still a tru energy customer and they failed to forward these unpaid bills to me, and I was totally unaware of this situation until it was brought it to my attention today as I am applying for a substantial loan. Further to this when I arranged to turn power on at a new property on a friday they failed to turn on the power and yep you guessed it noone would even take my call till monday too bad I moved all my furniture into the new house and had no power all weekend. ohh and also my bills for 2 address changes were sent to my first address and no mention of 12 months of unpaid bills.

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