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  • zeps69 Newbie   1 review
    They have a terrible customer service who keep passing you to one another. Their management don't even care about customer complains. As you can see lots of problems with this company! I wish I read these reviews earlier. My advise, STAY AWAY this company.

    2 months ago - 22/07/2014

  • Blueoceanwaves Newbie   2 reviews
    Just had our 2 year system check and because they test each panel one panel had a manufacturing fault only producing 25% other panels are fine, so we will now find out how good they are at replacing it under warranty I don't have high hopes because Installation went ok, great sales person and communication, BUT after install customer service non existent. Long wait on hold, they advertise their customer service email and web contact form but don't bother to get back to people after numerous attempts to get them to arrange this 2 year service check to maintain the warranty which they charge between $199-$299 but we found our own solar accredited electriction who only charged $140 and cleaned them as well.

    6 months ago - 27/02/2014

  • rebada Newbie   1 review
    I signed up to have a 5KW system installed back in Aug/September of last year (it is now mid-late Jan 2014) and was told my installation date was to be November. I am still waiting for the system to be installed. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Funny thing is I signed up with them as they came at the recommendation of family members who had installed units on their homes. I told them this at the time of sign up.

    8 months ago - 16/01/2014

  • True Solar Newbie   2 reviews
    A few days after the installers left, I looked in the roof space and found they had split one truss/rafter almost the entire length and other trusses/rafters had also sustained damage. This structural damage could have been avoided if they had pre-drilled the hardwood first. I sent off photos to TVS at their request and after a week, not even a formal acknowledgement of the issues, let alone starting remedial work. In addition, I was told by TVS that the installer could install the extra switch in the mains switchboard but when installer arrived, installer knew nothing about it. Had an extra expense to get an electrician in to upgrade.

    9 months ago - 18/12/2013

  • Midtown   3 reviews
    I found installation and initial sales process to be good... HOWEVER, as others have indicated the customer service is apalling!! They promise to send the forms required to get approval to connect to the grid ...but don't send them. (I've installed more than once with this company with exactly the same result). If you chase and chase you'll eventually get sent blank forms to fill out yourself and return to the grid connection department. This department will reject your forms saying YOU sent them the wrong forms - even though you are returning what was sent to you. You'll then be instructed to call the electricity company yourself to arrange forms,

    The sales team will tell you that you'll have all the forms submitted within 48 hours. Please assume it'll take a month and you'll end up doing it all yourself. Then the approval process starts. Assume that due to the terrible service it'll take up to 2 months for installation.

    Also, don't assume that they'll arrange your Interest Free Finance for you (like Harvey Norman or others do). You have to arrange the finance by yourself ... but don't expect them to actually tell you'll figure it out when you call and call to find out why you've heard nothing and they ask you... did you arrange your own finance yet ?

    Once you get through the frustration of the applications etc you'll find they do a god job installing and the systems work well.

    9 months ago - 13/12/2013

  • Ray Valk Newbie   1 review
    True value solar has to have the worst customer care service in the country. Have been calling and e-mailing them for weeks and all I get is we will get someone to call you back. NO ONE EVER CALLS BACKS. We signed up in February 2013, system not even installed yet and all we get is the run around. One has to ask if this is how they threat you before install, what happens if you have a problem after install ??

    TVS Ref : T245646.

    Update : After a call to the dmanagement , customer care found the time to return my call. All good for now, Will update with the install progress. looking forward to having the job done.

    Update : It is now OCTOBER .... Still waiting....!!

    This has to be the worst company in Australia to deal with.

    I have e-mailed, called many times and all I get is empty promises. If this is how you are treated before you even get to installation, how will they deal with any problems after install ???

    I am now asking for a refund of my deposit as this is unacceptable. I was promised a call back yesterday, did not happen, I was promised a call back today, did not happen, I told the customer care rep if there was no call I was cancelling.


    11 months ago - 05/10/2013

    • Dr Mike Newbie 
      Ray, I hear your pain mate! In any & every dealing I've had with them to date they have been unbelievably absent - you can NEVER get anybody on the phone if you want something from them. I have lingering warranty issues with my system which they are not interested in fixing & I'm about a week away from lodging a formal complaint with the office of consumer & business services/ACCC. People - don't go anywhere near them!

      9 months ago - 22/12/2013

  • Cici. N Newbie   1 review
    I installed solar panels in June and my solar is still not connected. I was advised by TVS that there would be a cost of $40-$80 and they would be all cost involved to connect and TVS also mentioned once they install it it would be up and running and I did not have to worry about anything. I try to call they tell me no management to speak to I send emails and they respond not answering my question. I am waiting to get my solar connected and then take the matter further. Do not install solar with TVS and I will send conversations to ACA when I can..
  • FailBig Newbie   2 reviews
    Paid deposit of $500, no contact from TVS since. Emailed them, no reply, but they were quick to respond prior to deposit. Next step is credit card chargeback.

    11 months ago - 26/09/2013

  • kiddenme   2 reviews
    Recieved a letter from TVS offering a $50 discount on a service for my solar system. A few days later a phone call wanting to confirm if this was okay - invited them to call back the next day, that was 6 days ago. I did mention they ought to look at my comments on truelocal. And then, would you believe it? I get an email offering me a super special deal on buying a new solar system. Spent just on $19,000 2 years ago, the system took 1 year to get operating, smashed around forty tiles, messed up the electronics in the house. They just keep on trying to sell
    • kiddenme  
      Latest update - been nearly 6 weeks, still waiting for the phone call. Those who say this company has customer service best think again. They don't Care about you THE CUSTOMER.


  • koleos   3 reviews
    Poor installation job (damaged roof tiles, wrong cabling, etc.) and rude customer service: they always respond 'someone will call you back' but they never do! Had to file official complaint...and would not use them again.
    • Str8 mate Newbie 
      Sorry to hear that mate. I am hoping everything got solved. Rarely do you read an opinion like this one about the best and largest solar power company in Australia but everything happens you know?


    • Stovie Newbie 
      True Value Solar are just too good of a company to let something like this happen.


    • Hiermaj Newbie 
      This is a rare bad review about such great solar power company like True Value Solar. I don't know if what you are saying is absolutely correct but I'll let the other readers decide that matter. I'm sorry that you had to go through that.


    • koleos  
      We've purchased two 1.52 kW systems from TVS and both have major defects but no one from TVS has called me back since 22/5 - so nothing solved yet. As mentioned, we have filed official complaints because we have independent reports to back up my claims.


    • Skupi Newbie 
      I am sorry to hear this. I have never heard of someone complaining about True Value Solar before. I guess this sort of things just happen no matter how great and caring the solar company is. Tell us what happened.


    • Chikimas Newbie 
      This sounds like something that a company that has low reputation would do, not the most respectable solar power company in Australia. I don't believe that they are that rude but who knows.


    • Nextmo Newbie 
      I do not know how this could have happened. Have you contacted them after this and if so, what happened? This sounds like it is not the complete truth and it sounds a bit exaggerated.


    • koleos  
      Nextmo, I have called and emailed them (incl. their customer resolutions) 8 times - what else would you do?! TVS may be a good company...until there is a problem with their installations. Anyway, you can all scroll down or search the web for many more unhappy customers.


    • Kokiche Newbie 
      I doubt like the other comments, that this really happened. How could you be the exception, how could so many things go wrong only with you. It doesn't seem fair to bash on a great solar company dude.


    • Member#999 Newbie 
      They have never had the need to say to me that they will call me back because they always made a deal with me the moment I have called them. Like when I first called them they offered me a couple of deals, I told them I will call them back if I decide to purchase one. I have called them couple of days later and arranged when they will come. They came, installed it, and afterwards I called them for a couple of questions I had and they answered them immediately.


    • Papaum Newbie 
      Koleos I have to disagree with you, just like the others have said we have rarely heard of cases such as this one and they were not as bad as you mentioned. Maybe you should reconsider and rewrite a review.


    • kiddenme  
      Agree, this company has a lot of problems



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