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UFT (Ultimate Fighter Training) is the brand new MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training facility in Berwick.
It has been created to combine the highest quality of MMA techniques with some of the most advanced functional training techniques available today. Our clients are able to train at an optimum level free from pain, injury and discomfort.
With the UFC growing so rapidly, and Melbourne having the largest fan base of MMA in Australia. Our ultimate goal is to become the number 1 MMA Training Facility in Australia.
UFT Boasts internationally trained and recognised trainers such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach Yacine Alaoui (4th degree purple belt under Patrick Bittan, 3rd degreee black belt from Bittan Academy Paris), Jeremy Ta'kody a protegeĀ“ of renowned mixed martial arts pioneer John B. Will, and student of international martial arts legend Richard Norton.
Traditional Muay Thai, Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Ultimate Conditioning are available along with TMMA, utilizing all the key techniques and methodologies of these arts as well as the most advanced strength and conditioning and sport specific conditioning training available today.
UFT will not only teach how to effectively throw powerful head high kicks, pull off bone crunching takedowns and how to get your opponent to tapout with very effective submissions in the training arena. We will also teach you how to use these skills effectively in self defence situations and sports.
At UFT we have identified martial arts as not only being a fantastic way to keep fit, strong and healthy but it also teaches us discipline, respect, humility and control.
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