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Reviews of UltraTune Auto Service Centres

  • I used to have our cars serviced here until I received my car back with the driver's electric window switch broken. I called the next day to notify them and they refused to accept responsibility for it and instead blamed me for breaking it myself. I complained to the head office but they referred the complaint back to the same store and I had the same sales rep responding to me so I complained to the Office of Fair Trading but it came down to my word against them. Since I couldn't prove they broke it there was nothing to pursue. Replacing the broken switch is going to cost me hundreds of dollars now.
  • I've been to these guys a few times now, and they are always very helpful and honest! I have done a few e safety checks, service, headlight replaced, and just today I went there to get a nail out of my tyre! They fixed it up straight away and did not charge me a cent for it! Always very happy with their honesty and efficiency. Will definitely be back if need be. Highly recommended :)
  • Took my car in to get a repair on the brake lights. UltraTune fixed the problem with an adjustment they didn't charge me for - rather than making me buy a whole new part as my previous mechanic had said was necessary. I will definitely go back to UltraTune Alexandria when the part finally does fail.
  • I took the car for a service today. Not only did they have the car ready at the agreed time, but they contacted me to let me know of a problem that they were able to fix, but asked permission first. They let me know of the total cost before I arrived. There was no hard sell. The staff are friendly, efficient and honest. For any females out there looking for a mechanic that won't take advantage of your gender, then UltraTune Alexandria is the place to go. It's the only place I will continue to use and recommend to family, friends and work colleagues as well...
  • these guys are great. Its the first time in a long time that i have been to a mechanic and not felt like they are trying to screw me. they seem impeccably honest, and have a lot of integrity.

    Heres what happened:
    I've got a Peugeot diesel that i purchased recently but the tail lights weren't working. I took it down to Ultra tune Alexandria and the guy spent about 10 mins seeing if he could find the fuse, and worked out that it wasn't a fuse issue, and there was an electrical component broken. He DIDN'T charge me, and instead of telling me to leave the car there and they will sort it out, he said that i should go to the Auto Electrician down the road and get them to fix it directly to save me time and money. which is what i did - and it was all sorted in 1 hour. (the auto electrician the recommend are good people too.)

    It would have been very easy for them to 'take care of it' and take it down there themselves and then chuck an extra $100 to the auto electricians bill.

    Because of this great service i have decided to keep using them for all my future needs. Recently i took my car in for its regular service, and again they handled it with honesty and integrity, charging less than i was predicting, and again sending the auto electrical work i had requested to the auto electrician and then the auto electrician billing me directly.

    A good example of the way they operate is as follows:
    I've got 2 seat belts that don't retract like they should (Spring must be getting old) - but Peugeot charges $550 for them each. so the guy at Ultra tune told me how i can use silicon spray on the belt it self to then try to revive the spring. Its stuff like that that just makes me like these guys. They actually care.

  • Best mechanical service I've seen in a long time. Walked in, talked to straight away, car looked at and sorted out quick smart. No long sales pitch or anything - just straight up advice. Will definitely be back.
  • -admirable honesty: never pushed any fixes, always asked permission, clarified superficial fixes vs. mission critical
    -outstanding customer service: even picked me up from Green Square train station when I was picking up my car
    It'll be Ultratune - Alexandria for me all the way through!
  • Honest, fast, and reliable..... Geesh! Does a mechanic need to be much more than that for us un-car people? Our car has been serviced here for a few years now, and I've always been thoroughly impressed with their work. Can highly recommend this branch for their integrity and quality car servicing. Well done. p.s. love the drop off/pick up in the city that they offer as well.
  • I recently got my pink slip done here and the guys were fast and efficient and friendly.
  • We have been getting the car serviced here for a couple of years, and this mechanic works with integrity and is honest. I recommend them to anyone thinking of getting their car done. And you can drop off your vehicle in town and they pick up and drop off too.

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