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  • ravinghippo Newbie   2 reviews
    They come out quick take your money for the service call and parts and then never return. I have been waiting a month after numerous cancelled bookings by this company I demanded my money back, still waiting for my refund. I have lodged a claim with fair trading and reported them to the ATO !! DO NOT USE YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY AGAIN.

    2 weeks ago - 03/07/2014

  • markrev Newbie   1 review
    4 months out of my life I won't get back!

    Do not use them!!! Same thing happened to me as many others on here. Took the cash never to return again!!! They charged a hefty call out fee to say turn the fridge on again in 24 hours, it was still broken after that so they ordered a part (I paid up front) which would take 2 weeks at most. After 2 weeks had passed I started trying to get an answer about when the part would be ready, after a while they said it would be a further 9 weeks. It would have been 3 months without a fridge so I asked for a refund which I was advised would be processed.

    No refund ever came! I was continuously calling and emailing to get the refund but nothing was happening. Eventually I was told I would only get 80% of the refund as the part had been ordered, I was not satisfied with this but they would not respond to my calls or emails to communicate this.

    I took it too the ACCC and fair trading which are quite long process' in themselves. Eventually Fair trading applied pressure on them and I was refunded 4 months later!

    Worst experience ever!

    3 weeks ago - 01/07/2014

  • gjtr1 Newbie   1 review
    Terrible experience, do not use this company. Nothing but a nightmare to deal with and a complete waste of time. Happy to take your money and that's where it ends, the job was never completed.

    1 month ago - 23/06/2014

  • DoreenL Newbie   1 review
    From the first call I made to this company the staff were very professional and helpful. I am hard to tie down, so the fact they called me with an hours notice of arrival meant I could go about my tasks I had for the day. The service man was very courteous and was quick in diagnosing the issue. Unfortunately he did not have the exact part we needed, however I was contacted by staff within the week to book in for a return visit at no extra cost to fix the machine. Overall I was highly impressed by the service and would not hesitate to contact them again. The reason I am reviewing them is I had called other company's and was going to have to be home almost all day to await their arrival. This company saved me the hassle of missing a day on the road.
  • RitaM Newbie   1 review
    Just had the pleasure of having a lovely man from this company fix my oven. I was even given proper instructions on how to use it and now it's like my oven is brand new, I had been struggling with it for a long time and to have someone take the time to show an old lady how to get the best out of her oven was very appreciated. Thank you
  • knr21   6 reviews
    WOW, don't even bother calling these guys if you want your machine fixed. Washing machine, waited over 4 weeks for a part to come in, they fitted it but then found something else wrong, said they had in stock but waited to hear back from them and waited and waited and waited. Finally decided to go somewhere else, they had someone out the next morning, said the United put in the wrong part, the new company had it fixed within a week. Called United for explanation and to get refund on part no response until I said I would be reporting them to Fair Trade, finally after 2 weeks got the refund with no apologies or explanation! If I could give them No Stars I would.

    1 month ago - 29/05/2014

  • Sydneyfamilymum Newbie   1 review
    Worst worst worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with!! They removed my oven door over two weeks ago and have not returned. Food I have puchased to put in the oven has now spoiled. I have a family of 6 and it is very difficult to cook without having an oven.
    I really wished we had never chosen them. I was stupid to pay $800 for the repair in full at the beginning and not hold some of the cost. I have learnt my lesson now and only hope everyone learns from my mistake.
    In summary - bad communication, terrible service and shocking results.
  • Rosebery01 Newbie   1 review
    This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. I wish I had read these reviews. I actually believe they have a cold-hearted business model of taking a call out fee plus extra for exorbitantly marked up parts at first visit then just not fixing the problem until you give up. They promise to come and don't, you can't contact them, they never return calls or emails. They are worse than hopeless.
    WARNING. Stay away from this company.

    2 months ago - 17/05/2014

  • SydneyDoc   4 reviews
    Worst service ... horrible people .. they made me wait 2 days waiting for them to come but they never arrived nor did they bother to let me know
    I since have used some one else

    2 months ago - 05/05/2014

  • maroubragal Newbie   1 review
    Worst company I have ever dealt with. Called of a service and they came out the next day. Said they had to order parts and would call in two weeks. After three weeks called them. They set me up an appointment between 12-5 never came, never called. I called them and they set up another appointment "first thing" have an email to prove it. They never came. I called they called me a lier.
    Took $700 the first call out and have yet to return.
    They should be ashamed. PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

    2 months ago - 29/04/2014

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