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  • Jamesbog Newbie   1 review
    It's so refreshing not to feel like you're being ripped off. My dishwasher was fixed in one go, no ongoing issues and what a nice fella.

    1 month ago - 14/03/2014

  • Tifflongamore Newbie   1 review
    I highly recommend this company, I have always used another service provider, until my fridge stopped working. As it is an overseas model, I was told I had to bin it, even though it is only three years old! I'm so glad I sought a second opinion, as the office staff took the time to investigate which Australian models would match my fridge after sending them the model details and hey presto, fridge is fixed. Thanks to their office staff for taking the time, I will be recommending you to all my friends.
  • Northie5647 Newbie   1 review
    Would definitely recommend this company, everyone was very helpful, and the service provided was outstanding. Very fast to come out, and very professional workmen, very clean invoicing and communication system. No paper! Very impressed.
  • ChocoLoco Newbie   1 review
    In a nutshell, they will come out to your place and if they can fix the problem then and there, with the parts they have, they will do it. But if they need to get a part in and come back, that is when the service will disappear.

    Seeing as they charge a single flat rate for "all labour" they have no incentive to ever come back after the initial charge.

    I had no trouble getting the serviceman to come. Staff was polite and easy going said that I would be needing major work on my washing machine and that the request for a quote for the part was sent to LG from their iPad whilst staff was still at my house.

    7 days later with no notice of a price to fix it, and now a week without a washing machine I started calling. It took daily phone calls for 5 days to eventually get someone to send a quote. No surprise that the quote to fix it was more that what a new replacement washing machine would cost. Hence making it pointless getting it fixed and that way they wouldn't have to come back.

    I would not recommend them as they are all bells and whistles up front but have no long term intention to finish what they start.

    2 months ago - 27/01/2014

  • Maisiemoo8119 Newbie   1 review
    Great service! Attended in the time frame given, didn't mind my children asking a million questions whilst working on my dishwasher, and most importantly, fixed it the first time! Very happy with the service I was provided
  • Justin Renew Newbie   1 review
    Just had a guy leave my property after being here for 2 hours to fix three appliances. And I was charged one flat service call fee for the three with NO LABOUR. Worth a positive review, as all three appliances working and my bank balance still healthy.
  • HelenParkes57 Newbie   1 review
    I just have to write a review as the man that was sent out to my home to repair my washing machine was simply lovely. Well spoken and kind, he has been to my place twice and has been of the upmost credit to the company. Being older and single, I really appreciate when a person I need to let into my home is as courteous and professional as this man was. Would use again in a heartbeat.
    • ManlyLocal1000 Newbie 
      I think the engineers are well spoken and kind. It is their appointment booking system which is totally unprofessional.

      3 months ago - 06/01/2014

  • ManlyLocal1000 Newbie   1 review
    We had the same experience of the no show. They fixed washing machine ok, staff was polite, but basically the staff came, they didn't have the part, they charged me, they called a couple of days later to arrange a time to fit it, all good...then I waited in all day for him to come and they didn't make it (I was hanging around 1pm until 7pm)....The reception staff says engineer out of hours blah blah. Contacted management, no reply. Thanks for that. Came round ok a few days later, fitted it, no apology (they do one area a day so if you miss your slot, you don't get one for a few days). Will not use again.

    3 months ago - 02/01/2014

  • Ann C Newbie   1 review
    Has ruined our Christmas! We contacted them over two weeks ago about our fridge. They cancelled via text the first time and waited for me to call to reschedule. Showed up an hour outside their window and after 20 minutes left us with the fridge running, some parts replaced (we think) and a bill for $700+. 12 hours later the fridge was tripping the circuit again and this time we lost food. After repeatedly trying to contact them I finally reached someone who said they would get someone out that Afternoon (A Friday) and no show again. Tried all weekend to reach them via, phone, email and "emergency" numbers and had no response. We were finally sent an email Monday morning asking when the technician could come by and I answered back: after Noon. So the technician calls at 11:15 when nobody was home yet to say they were 10 minutes away! When my daughter reached the technician to find out when they were coming the technician indicated about 3:30. Nobody showed and the mobile we called seemed to be rejecting our calls from about 4:30 on. We have had no apologies ever and no further is late morning on Christmas Eve!

    3 months ago - 24/12/2013

  • SharonShrabnell Newbie   1 review
    SAVED MY CHRISTMAS!!!! Thank you so much my fridge is back to normal and I didn't even loose any food, because you were all so efficient...... recommend to all! Merry Christmas!

    3 months ago - 23/12/2013

    • ruined christmas Newbie 
      Glad they saved yours but they Royally RUINED our Christmas. They "Fixed" our fridge for 800 dollars and promptly less than 24 hrs after it was broken again. After calling them and booking a new appointment they said they would be out on Friday . Friday finishes and they are a NO SHOW. We book another appointment on Monday for noon. 230 and no one was shown up. I call and I am told by staff that they will be there in an hr. 330 and No one has shown up . I try and call again and What a surprise no one picks up and my calls started to get rejected after a few rings . Very professional NOT!!! SO now we have a broken fridge which has cost us 800 dollar, a ruined Christmas with out any apology from United Appliance Australia or our money BACK.

      3 months ago - 24/12/2013


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