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Reviews of United Appliance Australia Pty Ltd

  • So wrapped with the service I received from these guys! Called yesterday, came today, machine fixed and the weekend ahead! Friendly & professional workman came and didn't charge me the earth... Impressive, made my day!
  • Fantastic service! A technician has just left my property who was remarkably polite, and extremely knowledgable. I was having my dryer repaired, when I mentioned a problem with my refrigerator (which was a different brand to the dryer) and he instantly knew the issue and fixed that on the spot too! Couldn't be happier... Both appliances are now working, and all in 45 minutes! Thanks a bunch!
  • I have been using this company for over four years, and was truly shocked at some of these reviews that have popped up. I have always received fast, courteous service and all of my appliances are in top working condition! I give them 5 stars for their expertise, and for their technician David, who is always polite and a great representative for the company. I won't be using anyone else!
  • Do not call this company. You will be in for a world full of pain and frustration. 1. They never answer the phone. 2. They never call you back especially if you have a problem 3. After taking your money up front they never bother call, text, email, carrier pigeon you with any follow up on when they will fix your appliance. 4. When you finally get through, they tell you that the service person didn't get the right details on the appliance ....don't they do this for a living ? 5. Then they tell you it will take another 2 weeks to get the part after you have been waiting 2 weeks already. 6. you buy a new dryer good luck trying to get your money back for the for part you paid for in advance 6 weeks ago. DON'T CALL THEM ....I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED WITH SUCH .
  • They come out quick take your money for the service call and parts and then never return. I have been waiting a month after numerous cancelled bookings by this company I demanded my money back, still waiting for my refund. I have lodged a claim with fair trading and reported them to the ATO !! DO NOT USE YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY AGAIN.
  • 4 months out of my life I won't get back!

    Do not use them!!! Same thing happened to me as many others on here. Took the cash never to return again!!! They charged a hefty call out fee to say turn the fridge on again in 24 hours, it was still broken after that so they ordered a part (I paid up front) which would take 2 weeks at most. After 2 weeks had passed I started trying to get an answer about when the part would be ready, after a while they said it would be a further 9 weeks. It would have been 3 months without a fridge so I asked for a refund which I was advised would be processed.

    No refund ever came! I was continuously calling and emailing to get the refund but nothing was happening. Eventually I was told I would only get 80% of the refund as the part had been ordered, I was not satisfied with this but they would not respond to my calls or emails to communicate this.

    I took it too the ACCC and fair trading which are quite long process' in themselves. Eventually Fair trading applied pressure on them and I was refunded 4 months later!

    Worst experience ever!
  • Terrible experience, do not use this company. Nothing but a nightmare to deal with and a complete waste of time. Happy to take your money and that's where it ends, the job was never completed.
  • From the first call I made to this company the staff were very professional and helpful. I am hard to tie down, so the fact they called me with an hours notice of arrival meant I could go about my tasks I had for the day. The service man was very courteous and was quick in diagnosing the issue. Unfortunately he did not have the exact part we needed, however I was contacted by staff within the week to book in for a return visit at no extra cost to fix the machine. Overall I was highly impressed by the service and would not hesitate to contact them again. The reason I am reviewing them is I had called other company's and was going to have to be home almost all day to await their arrival. This company saved me the hassle of missing a day on the road.
  • Just had the pleasure of having a lovely man from this company fix my oven. I was even given proper instructions on how to use it and now it's like my oven is brand new, I had been struggling with it for a long time and to have someone take the time to show an old lady how to get the best out of her oven was very appreciated. Thank you
  • WOW, don't even bother calling these guys if you want your machine fixed. Washing machine, waited over 4 weeks for a part to come in, they fitted it but then found something else wrong, said they had in stock but waited to hear back from them and waited and waited and waited. Finally decided to go somewhere else, they had someone out the next morning, said the United put in the wrong part, the new company had it fixed within a week. Called United for explanation and to get refund on part no response until I said I would be reporting them to Fair Trade, finally after 2 weeks got the refund with no apologies or explanation! If I could give them No Stars I would.
  • Worst worst worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with!! They removed my oven door over two weeks ago and have not returned. Food I have puchased to put in the oven has now spoiled. I have a family of 6 and it is very difficult to cook without having an oven.
    I really wished we had never chosen them. I was stupid to pay $800 for the repair in full at the beginning and not hold some of the cost. I have learnt my lesson now and only hope everyone learns from my mistake.
    In summary - bad communication, terrible service and shocking results.
  • This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. I wish I had read these reviews. I actually believe they have a cold-hearted business model of taking a call out fee plus extra for exorbitantly marked up parts at first visit then just not fixing the problem until you give up. They promise to come and don't, you can't contact them, they never return calls or emails. They are worse than hopeless.
    WARNING. Stay away from this company.
  • Worst service ... horrible people .. they made me wait 2 days waiting for them to come but they never arrived nor did they bother to let me know
    I since have used some one else
  • Worst company I have ever dealt with. Called of a service and they came out the next day. Said they had to order parts and would call in two weeks. After three weeks called them. They set me up an appointment between 12-5 never came, never called. I called them and they set up another appointment "first thing" have an email to prove it. They never came. I called they called me a lier.
    Took $700 the first call out and have yet to return.
    They should be ashamed. PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
  • It's so refreshing not to feel like you're being ripped off. My dishwasher was fixed in one go, no ongoing issues and what a nice fella.
  • I highly recommend this company, I have always used another service provider, until my fridge stopped working. As it is an overseas model, I was told I had to bin it, even though it is only three years old! I'm so glad I sought a second opinion, as the office staff took the time to investigate which Australian models would match my fridge after sending them the model details and hey presto, fridge is fixed. Thanks to their office staff for taking the time, I will be recommending you to all my friends.
  • Would definitely recommend this company, everyone was very helpful, and the service provided was outstanding. Very fast to come out, and very professional workmen, very clean invoicing and communication system. No paper! Very impressed.
  • Great service! Attended in the time frame given, didn't mind my children asking a million questions whilst working on my dishwasher, and most importantly, fixed it the first time! Very happy with the service I was provided
  • Just had a guy leave my property after being here for 2 hours to fix three appliances. And I was charged one flat service call fee for the three with NO LABOUR. Worth a positive review, as all three appliances working and my bank balance still healthy.
  • I just have to write a review as the man that was sent out to my home to repair my washing machine was simply lovely. Well spoken and kind, he has been to my place twice and has been of the upmost credit to the company. Being older and single, I really appreciate when a person I need to let into my home is as courteous and professional as this man was. Would use again in a heartbeat.
    • I think the engineers are well spoken and kind. It is their appointment booking system which is totally unprofessional.
  • We had the same experience of the no show. They fixed washing machine ok, staff was polite, but basically the staff came, they didn't have the part, they charged me, they called a couple of days later to arrange a time to fit it, all good...then I waited in all day for him to come and they didn't make it (I was hanging around 1pm until 7pm)....The reception staff says engineer out of hours blah blah. Contacted management, no reply. Thanks for that. Came round ok a few days later, fitted it, no apology (they do one area a day so if you miss your slot, you don't get one for a few days). Will not use again.
  • Has ruined our Christmas! We contacted them over two weeks ago about our fridge. They cancelled via text the first time and waited for me to call to reschedule. Showed up an hour outside their window and after 20 minutes left us with the fridge running, some parts replaced (we think) and a bill for $700+. 12 hours later the fridge was tripping the circuit again and this time we lost food. After repeatedly trying to contact them I finally reached someone who said they would get someone out that Afternoon (A Friday) and no show again. Tried all weekend to reach them via, phone, email and "emergency" numbers and had no response. We were finally sent an email Monday morning asking when the technician could come by and I answered back: after Noon. So the technician calls at 11:15 when nobody was home yet to say they were 10 minutes away! When my daughter reached the technician to find out when they were coming the technician indicated about 3:30. Nobody showed and the mobile we called seemed to be rejecting our calls from about 4:30 on. We have had no apologies ever and no further contact...it is late morning on Christmas Eve!
  • SAVED MY CHRISTMAS!!!! Thank you so much my fridge is back to normal and I didn't even loose any food, because you were all so efficient...... recommend to all! Merry Christmas!
    • Glad they saved yours but they Royally RUINED our Christmas. They "Fixed" our fridge for 800 dollars and promptly less than 24 hrs after it was broken again. After calling them and booking a new appointment they said they would be out on Friday . Friday finishes and they are a NO SHOW. We book another appointment on Monday for noon. 230 and no one was shown up. I call and I am told by staff that they will be there in an hr. 330 and No one has shown up . I try and call again and What a surprise no one picks up and my calls started to get rejected after a few rings . Very professional NOT!!! SO now we have a broken fridge which has cost us 800 dollar, a ruined Christmas with out any apology from United Appliance Australia or our money BACK.
  • After having another mob out wanting to charge me over $1000 for repairs to my oven gave these guys a call.

    Very professional technician, explained everything in detail and was very honest with me. He even helped service our dishwasher and gave us tips on general maintenance of our appliances!

    The fact that not a single piece of paper was used is very impressive. Highly recommended.
  • Fantastic! Over the week end my washing machine broke down... I have 5 kids so I had about 100 loads to do. Contacted them this morning, requesting an urgent booking, and the technician arrived within 2 hours.... now I'm half way through the washing. Phew! So convenient.... Thanks again
  • Wow! Great service! Covered everything off and fixed two of my appliances! Recommend to everyone....
  • Everything was professional and above board. The staff on the phone, the workman that showed up, the invoicing program he had, the work he did, the wait times explained. All very professional. I was burnt by another company and am so glad I called this company. They are great, recommend for sure.
    • You're lucky. I had a service booked for today too. Was told they would be here in the afternoon. I even confirmed the booking this morning. At 4.40pm I get a text message saying they weren't able to make it. Tried calling after I got the text and no one answered the phone. DONT USE this company.
  • Cancelled twice via text message. My wife was waiting for them to come, and a blatant no show both times with no excuse. Don't use this company!
  • Technician Did not show up ! No contact / no explanation/ will not answer phones/ will not reply to emails - appalling and frustrating - would leave no star if I could
  • They charge you a flat rate, and then come out and tell you they cannot even service the simplest of machines. From what I can see from other repairs it's their tatic to replace your machine at any chance, and they have no intention or understanding of how to fix a machine. Don't even bother with this company.
  • The workman that came out instantly told me my machine wasn't worth repairing. Would cost too much and I'd still have things go wrong. I appreciate the honesty. Then put WD40 on my dryer handle instead of charging me for a new one, and it works like new. Nice not to get ripped off. Will recommend your company for sure. Thank you
  • Half a star off cuz they had delays which put me out. However, they made up for it upon arrival... Nice guy who didn't treat me like an idiot had my machine working within half an hour and now I'm slowly getting through the 15 loads I need to do!!!!! Thanks guys, I will be recommending you!
  • AVOID. Do not turn up on time, never return calls, do not complete work and do not fix ongoing problems.
  • Hi guys, just signed up to review after seeing everyone else's ratings. Was on the phone today to the office to request an update on some spares I needed installed. Mentioned all these reviews to the office girl, who firstly told me she had already chased my parts & booked me in, but also said "wouldn't it be nice if everyone who reviewed updated their comments after their work order was resolved? Sounds like these guys are coping a bit of flack a tad early. Thanks
    • I don't think it's making a rash judgement if I paid them over $700 weeks ago and they still haven't fix my machine. I think they are uncaring and unethical. That is after five weeks of dealing with them.
  • AMAZING TECH!!!!! I have an old Ilve stove, which was not heating. I called Ilve themselves out, who after several repeated attempts had no luck in determining the issue and recommended we replace the stove. I called United Appliance Australia for a second opinion and am so glad I did. Not only was the issue identified on the first visit (with sheer persistence by their tech), but they then restored my stove to the point where it works and LOOKS brand new! I hated the metal on the cooktop looking rusted but they are now sparkling! I really am so happy. Saved me thousands. Thanks so much
  • If only I'd read some of these reviews. I've just had to chase them up because the technician hasn't turned up for the second time. Last time they were unavoidably taken ill, this time there is an unexpected family emergency. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
  • If only I could give 'no stars'. Signed up just to provide feedback. Deplorable service. No confirmation. No return calls after leaving many messages on the office and 'the 'emergency mobile', never received a return call. Email correspondence so slow. Didnt turn up. AVOID!
  • Beware! They are uncontactable even though they ask you to leave a message and they will get back to you which they never [at least in our case] We paid for some repairs in May 2013 and have still not had the matter resolved. We have tried contacting the company and left messages but to no avail. We managed to contact their technician by using another telephone as they wont answer. That was on Friday. Even though they were the one that did the unfinished work they quickly cut the conversation short and said they will have someone from the office contact us immediately. Had no alternative but to report the company to Fair Trading. We have not had a dishwasher since May, It is close to October now.
    • Did they ever fix it? They are doing the same thing to us been 5 weeks now...
      It's shocking!
  • Arrived a little late but did let me know of expected delays. Knew what the problem was almost straight away. More importantly, he had all he needed. Dishwasher fixed, happy wife, happy life. Thank you guys.
  • Job Well done chaps washing machine back to normal, Busy household with lots of dishes very grateful the service man got the job done quickly even with a house full of chaos. Also gave me great advice on why the smell comes from out of our dishwasher. Much Appreciated.
  • They don't even deserve half a star (but I had no choice)! Their service is awful! 2 weeks ago I arranged the last service call on a Saturday for my oven. On the Saturday I received a text around 4pm to say they were running late. I then received another text at 6.00pm to say they weren't coming. Needless to say I emailed them saying how unsatisfactory and rude their service was. I eventually got hold of them the next week after their phone systems went down. They eventually came and fixed the oven and I was then horrified at what I was charged. However the oven did work the best it ever has following their service. Two weeks later and the oven isn't working again. Needless to say I arranged a late call out for today (after waiting for them to return my call as their systems had failed them once again), received the text at 4.15 pm to say they were running late. Immediately called them and they assured me they would be there (it was a system generated email). But you guessed it - 6.00pm and another text to say they weren't coming and I would have to reschedule. Do not use them!!!!!!!!!
  • I couldn't thank United Appliance enough for the service I had received yesterday, being a mother of 5 with a broken washing machine and dryer I could have quite easily killed someone over the stress. The lengths the team at United Appliance went too is extremely appreciated and I will be using your services again. Thank you, Natalie
  • My oven has not been working for 3 months. This company came to repair it in Dec and charged us then ($600) for the repair and new hinges etc which they were coming back to do. The oven still was not working and it took broken appointment after broken appointment to get them back to do the hinges and seals and replace the faulty part. Before they left on that occasion I checked and the oven still was not working. They now say the parts were faulty and have promised on 3 occasions to again replace the faulty part but never show up or even call to say they are not coming. We are taking this further. Be Warned!!!!
  • Our oven was not doing what it usually does. I looked in to finding someone to repair it and contacted several companies only to find that they did not service our Bosch oven. Contacted United and they were here in under 48 hrs surprisingly! More importantly they had all the parts required. I'm happy, will use again and refer on to friends. Thanks you.
  • My friend recommended these guys as I had four broken appliances but when I checked true local reviews I was put off.. I rang around all over the place trying to find someone who could fix all four appliances but no one could. Some companies couldnt even fix one as my appliances are high end European brands. Anyway my friend was still insisting I call United Appliance Australia so warily I booked. I signed up on here just to say this company is excellent. The repairman was well presented and well spoken. To say he was efficient is an understatement, three of my appliances were fixed on the spot and the fourth was fixed within 3 days of the initial visit as he had to collect some parts. I also questioned the repairman regarding some previous poor reviews apparently management has changed hands recently. I recommend anyone with good quality appliances to use this company because they know their stuff.
  • I had requested my smeg dishwasher to be repaired thursday last week, I also own a rental property and asked that the oven be fixed as it wasnt heating. I was contacted straight away and booked in for the following afternoon. The dishwasher was repaired on the day but they had to order my part in for the oven. I didnt mind as the service call covers all return visits. The technician returned today, repaired my oven and its working perfectly. I found the service to be nothing less than fantastic from United Appliace and will be recommending your services to everyone. Thank you
  • I too signed up just to create a review!!! After doing some surfing I decided to call United Appliance Australia. Reception staff were friendly and helpful. Received an email detailing the process and although they were delayed on the day of the appointment I received updates via text message which was convenient!On the spot they spent over two hours to detect the problem and then also completely restored my cooktop which now looks almost better than when it was new!!!!! Completely satisfied with the service and will use them for any issues with any of my appliances in the future!
  • I requested a booking about a week ago to service my oven, having done a quick search of the web found that United have flat call out fee (charged once no matter how many times they have to visit to remedy the problem), and that was where the trouble began.

    I was informed that they couldn't commit to a specific time but could commit to a time window during the day - either morning (sometime between 7AM - 12PM) or alternatively the afternoon. I requested a morning booking and was then informed by a confirmation email after the call that I was not to stay at home waiting, and as advised on the call earlier that I would be called up to an hour prior to when they could be there so I can arrange to get home to meet the technician. So I did just that - went to work with the expectation that at some stage before 12PM I would need to leave the office.

    I heard nothing from them. I then emailed them after 12 to ask them what had gone wrong and when would the next morning booking be available. I was then told that I was "still in the queue" and I "do you want to rescedule?".

    I then got an automated SMS after 1PM to advise that "they were epxeriencing delays on today's route".

    This place demands that the customer do the runing around for their benefit. The concept of customer service must be unheard of at this company.

    Take my advice - don't waste your time.
  • Zero rating. Wish I had read these reviews before booking a service call for washing machine & dyson. My only day off with my son per week has been wasted waiting for them! Morning call booked online as no reply from phone number. Technician called to confirm day/rough time. Received txt message confirming they are behind schedule on day. After four hours of no show, call phone number several times with no answer. Eventually cancel call via email. Thankfully never paid anything.. Do Not use this crappy company.
  • Really wish I had read the reviews here before using them. What a mistake! I had a broken oven and paid close to $400 - The oven is not fixed and still presents with the same problem. They took my part (which I'm not convinced was faulty in the first placed) and they replaced it with another part (which hasn't fixed the problem). They keep missing appointments and I feel ripped off. I'm not normally compelled to create an account on a website like this to leave a review. Save yourself and do not use them.
  • I too have signed up just to relate my experience with this bad company.
    More than 3 weeks ago I paid nearly $800 for repairs to my fridge upon the assurances from staff that could fix it. Has tried to fix it twice. Now 2 days before Christmas the fridge is still not working. They finally said they would come on the afternoon of the 21st and I waited home all afternoon. I have rung many times and sent many emails. They have not contacted me. A warning to all - never use this company!!!
  • I have signed up just to relate my experiences with these guys.
    My wife and I had the misfortune to deal with them over 12 months ago and it makes me angry that they still continue.
    Our story was exactly as everyone else has described.
    Paid the call out fee, paid for parts up front, then no contact despite repeated attempts. We eventually gave up and couldn't be bothered chasing up our lost $800.00 or so..
    We consistently doubted ourselves but with hindsight and reading many reviews we realize we were just part of a pattern.
    Please don't use this company.

  • Wow! Wish I found these reviews before I paid! Yep same problem. Three week after they sung me for a part that is 600% mark up from the Orginial price, I am still without a washing machine that works! Wrote a legal letter of demand. Still havn't turned up. So they now have 24hours to reimburse my funds. Boy I am not happy! PS I wouldn't give them a rating at all!
  • In the same vein as the normal reviews on this "company", I too was bitten to the tune of $700. Denials, multiple missed appointments, broken promises should be posted across their beautiful website. Fair trading advised them to return my funds, but they still kept them. To make matters worse, their diagnosis on my washing machine was wrong, so if they had turned up I would have been stung for the same amount again to actually fix it! If you are unfortunate enough to be snared in their web, DO NOT PAY UP FRONT!! The only efficient part of this business is collecting your money!
    • Hi, I am in the same boat! If you have in writing from the department they owe you, I believe you can go down to the small claim court get judgement. Then hand over to the sheriff department then they will have legal power to seize property/assets so you will get your money back! Speak to the Sherif they will advise you or the local magistrate. Good Luck! :-)
  • Wow! Finally a company that can fix everything. We recently needed service on our stove, washer and range hood. All different makes. These guys sent one tech who knew what was needed almost straight away. What surprised me was the fact that he had most of the parts needed ready to install. Our stove was rebuilt and detailed and the range hood has never sounded better. He also took the time to ensure we were doing all the right things such as hot washes in the washer to improve cold wash results. No ones done that before.
    Great job guys.
  • Same experience as other customers below. They attend, take payment in advance for parts, then when they are due to come back and carry out the repair they miss appointments without calling, head office rings out unanswered. Do not use them.
  • DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY! They will take pre payment for parts and then treat you like you are a low priority and will miss numerous appointments before returning to complete any repairs and even then there is no guarantee that the repairs will work.
  • It doesn't seem like they ever turn up to any jobs! I had 2 appointments that they didn't even show up for all call to say they were not able to make it or even apologise!! They are so hard to get through to either responding to online feedback or calling. Don't bother using them - they are the worst service I've ever received (or not received for that matter!!)
  • Bad, unreliable service. They didn't show up for appointments with not even a courtesy phone call. They also have a "pay in advance" policy that should ring some bells. Never again!!!
  • Two and a half weeks ago, they took my oven door away to be repaired. I have had nothing but phone calls not returned and excuses as to why it has not been reinstalled in the 7 day period that was promised.

    Appointments made to reinstall the oven door, which I paid for upfront, have been ignored. I have tried calling the landline which is now cut off.

    I have left more than a dozen messages on the mobile for the service department, and not one has been returned.

    I have now reported this company to Gordon Police Station for the theft of my oven door, and for the money that I paid upfront for the service.

    Further, I have lodged a report of their conduct with the department of fair trading in NSW.