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  • kcolee   3 reviews
    Great quality and professional. I come here every 2-3 weeks and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's usually busy so that's a good sign. They have their own work techniques and sure know how to handle the business during peak hours. I love the friendly staff and the end result. Can always count on them :)

    5 months ago - 17/02/2014

  • PaddingtonBear Newbie   1 review
    I went here yesterday for the first time and the experience was so distressing it prompted me to sign up to True Local just so I could warn others! Along with my pedicure they managed to cut a big hole in the top of my foot. It is incredibly painful, but perhaps the worst part was they didn't even apologise. One of the staff even said it was nothing and would be gone by tomorrow (today now).Basically the staff scrubbed the softest part of my foot with full force with one of those synthetic pumice sanding blocks.

    10 months ago - 24/08/2013

  • emswalbridge   6 reviews
    I love this place, I come here so often and it's perfect every time. I don't see why there are bad reviews. Greatly recommended xx
  • Gingerbread   7 reviews
    They are great at what they do!
  • Sandyra Newbie   1 review
    Have been here twice. Both times when painting my nails, they left a gap between my skin and the end of the polish. It looks a week old before I have left the salon. Today they also left polish on my skin on the sides if my nails. The artists attitude was one of total disinterest. The artist wasn't even watching my nails as she filed them. Very very disappointing
  • kimberlyd   2 reviews
    I must say, I adore this USA Nails & Footspa. It never fails to impress me. Great nail store, sterilised, clean, professional and excellent quality. What could be better?
  • clarawalts   3 reviews
    Probably the best nail salon ever. My nails were once horrid but now I am very proud of them, thanks to this nail store. Definitely recommend this place for everyone
  • ElsBells   5 reviews
    I had may nails done here for a wedding and found them to be good. Everyone was complementing me on my nails
  • mrensam Newbie   1 review
    This place is growing on me! I tried Shellac here a few months back and it has been so efficient! I come by every two weeks or so now and I've noticed the girls do it very professionally (sterilised tools, great customer service, excellent quality). I have been happy every time I step in and out of this store. The prices are affordable and the quality is great, in contrast to the stores around the area. Great nail store, I love it!
  • lovebondi   3 reviews
    I have tried most of USA nails salons and very disappointed . The last service I had done here was a Mani and Pedi and it was the worst. I waited nearly 30 minutes for my service. The service was rushed, the job was terrible. My polish came off in 2 days. I also notice they all were unprofessional. They are very cheap so I guess you pay for what you get. From now I would pay a little more for quality. Not worth it.
    • mrensam Newbie 
      Give it another go! I'm sure it'll do you justice. After I found this nail salon, I don't trust anyone else, including myself, with my nails lol!



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