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  • ginagiovano   4 reviews
    I frequent here and I've got to say service & staff are exceptional. Its a great experience and I love visiting this place every 2 weeks or so. My nails always look great after every visit, highly recommended

    3 weeks ago - 02/04/2015

  • emmatrachtenburg Newbie   2 reviews
    I decided to go shopping in Bondi a few days ago and stopped by this place for the first time. I am very impressed. I usually go to my local one however I think I'll come here from now on. Never have I felt more pampered at a nail salon. Staff were extremely friendly and took care of my nails and I very well. I tried out their new Shellac collection and the end result was beautiful. It has been just over a week and the nails haven't tarnished at all. Highly recommended!

    1 month ago - 23/03/2015

  • East Service Reviews Newbie   1 review
    This nail place is poor. Bad service. Lots of unfriendly attitude.

    I visited the salon with 2 friends. I was served first. My friends had to wait, which is ok. Other customers walked in and they started working on them. I appointed out that my friends were waiting first and they gave dirty looks. There was lots eye rolling, huffing and puffing.

    They put 2 toe separators in my toes to paint them. It was too bulky and was slipping, I told them but I just got more eye rolling. When it slipped and touched the nail polish they told me they would not repaint the toe!!

    The paint job was not great. All in all very poor service. I will not return.
    • emmatrachtenburg Newbie 
      I'm not too sure but your friends may have had to wait because the staff specialise in different things? At my previous salon, they assigned each staff to different services. I'm not too sure why your experience was so bad but I recommend you try again. They left quite an impression for me haha

      1 month ago - 23/03/2015

  • lindatorrisi86 Newbie   1 review
    Amazing service. I always take my mother here and we have never been disappointed. As an elder, she has many needs (physically) yet they care for her without any questions or remarks. This is the type of service businesses should be promoting, instead of the lousy careless behaviour I've experienced at other places. Quality and professional services and of course, our nails looked amazing every time. Highly recommend this place.

    6 months ago - 16/10/2014

  • mdavvy Newbie   1 review
    Went on saturday to get acrylics, I had made a booking in advance but for some reason I had the rudest staff doing my nails. They rushed the entire process, they cut some of my cuticles way too much that you could see light pink specs of blood coming through. I've had acrylics before where they ask what shape we would prefer but this staff didn't, they then got annoyed when i asked for rounded tips and all they replied was THIS BETTER. Then in the middle for some reason randomly stopped filing my nails and leaned back in their chair and took a huge sigh, as if I was keeping them from something? When it was time to paint my nails they swapped places with an equally rude staff who was screaming conversation to another staff on the other side of the room and would only speak to me in aggressive hand signals. This entire experience felt like I had walked into a party I wasn't invited to that left me with minus $41 and and excruciating pain in my right middle finger.

    8 months ago - 12/08/2014

  • esgem Newbie   1 review
    Wont be going here again. Asked for a mani pedi that was $40.. while I was in the chair they offered me shelac for an extra $10 each which I decided to go with, I then decided on french on my fingers for an extra $5.. when I went to pay I was charged $85. When I asked them about it they said its a different price for shellac, I told them yes its an extra $10 each but they insisted no it is $85!!!! Then they asked if I wanted a loyalty card! As if ill be going back there!
  • kcolee   3 reviews
    Great quality and professional. I come here every 2-3 weeks and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's usually busy so that's a good sign. They have their own work techniques and sure know how to handle the business during peak hours. I love the friendly staff and the end result. Can always count on them :)
  • PaddingtonBear Newbie   1 review
    I went here yesterday for the first time and the experience was so distressing it prompted me to sign up to True Local just so I could warn others! Along with my pedicure they managed to cut a big hole in the top of my foot. It is incredibly painful, but perhaps the worst part was they didn't even apologise. One of the staff even said it was nothing and would be gone by tomorrow (today now).Basically the staff scrubbed the softest part of my foot with full force with one of those synthetic pumice sanding blocks.
  • emswalbridge   6 reviews
    I love this place, I come here so often and it's perfect every time. I don't see why there are bad reviews. Greatly recommended xx
  • Gingerbread   7 reviews
    They are great at what they do!

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