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Reviews of V J Ray Pty Ltd

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  • tell it like it is   5 reviews
    Sorry, this review has been removed by TrueLocal.

    REMOVED - 


  • WALLS Newbie   1 review
    absolutely hard to deal with. our property management was difficult the entire time we rented with them. they took offense when we submitted an accurate entry condition report that noted the marks on the cupboards "WELL I NEVER SAID IT WAS PERFECT!" was uttered, like a person with a messy bedroom. trying to get your bond back will be a struggle.

    do not use
  • use it lost money Newbie   1 review
    Services are really bad from admin to property management. they are so rude. really bad and disgusting. and the same time they managed the block with no caring at all- rubbish bin without covers, common areas are all rubbish, paper etc.
  • Arif Moin Newbie   1 review
    Thanks to management for their persistent rudeness and beyond imaginable customer service. Last few years you have been outstanding in what you do best " Hang up calls" ! All the best.
    From Campsie
  • kloser Newbie   1 review
    Everything the first two comments said is spot on. Their service is poor from the staff all the way up to management. I am completely disgusted with the way I have been spoken to and treated by the management on multiple occasions. I should have seen the warning signs, when I made my first inquiries it was always such a hassle to get a response and now that they have my money it is near impossible.

    I would strongly advise anyone considering VJ Ray to keep looking. You have been warned - again.
    • steal your bond Newbie 
      It is very hard to deal with them..really unprofessional services and bad management and they are so rude. no more renting from them.


  • tell it like it is   5 reviews
    Excellent to deal with - they follow through and my tenants have nbever been left without service
  • physiegirl   86 reviews
    V J Ray Pty Ltd have managed the block where I own a unit for many years. I have never needed to have any dealings with them until recently, and unfortunately the experience has been very unpleasant.

    I will not name the managing agent, however I have never come across anyone so rude or obnoxious. I did not request anything unusual or difficult, however everything I asked for was all too hard for them. I have paid my management fees on time for years and years, and I am disgusted that the one time I asked something in return, I was treated so badly.

    I am hoping that my property manager may be the exception rather than the rule at this company, however I would not recommend this company to anyone! I would like to give a negative star rating, however the system won't allow me to!
    • Raycampsie Newbie 
      physiegirl You are so spot on!!

      I stumbled on your post searching to see if anyone else had the same abysmally poor service from VJ Ray, and there is.

      The strata manager sounds exactly like the one I've had to deal with, are they all the same? Whenever I've had bad service elsewhere I can highlight the issue and there would be some redress, not the case with VJ Ray.

      Anyone who is considering VJ Ray strata managers seriously LOOK ELSEWHERE, you have been warned!



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