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Via Napoli Pizzeria

Lane Cove, NSW
Open today - 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm / 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Mon 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Tue Closed
Wed 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Thu 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Fri 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sun 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Via Napoli Pizzeria located in Lane Cove, offers a unique Neapolitan dining experience in Sydney. 

Owners, Luigi and Sonia Esposito, have had a wealth of experience in restaurants; they are driven by a philosophy that incorporates the traditional values of exceptional service and the highest quality produce. Their main ingredient is passion, passion is everything!

Luigi is part of the two major accredited pizza associations; The AVNP (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and Associazione Regina Margherita.

The best fresh produce is sourced and prepared with the respect it deserves and our a la carte menu is changed regularly.
Via Napoli Pizzeria can accommodate up to 30 people inside and 30 outside.

Come in and try our half metre and metre pizzas! For enquiries or bookings call 02 9428 3297


Dining Options

A-la-carte Alfresco Take-Away Bookings Eat-in Indoor Dining


Pizza/Wood Fired Pizza Italian


Dinner Lunch

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Reviews of Via Napoli Pizzeria

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 962 reviews
    What a cool pizzeria!

    It was, however, literally freezing when we are here in early Summer in the evening. We sat outside. Bring a coat if you do ! Although, if you forget you can use any of the blankets that the staff nicely supply .

    The food was stellar. Honestly, the best pizza and antipasto I have had.

    The staff were very lively but a little hard to order from: they bounced around like pinballs!!!

    Atmosphere was great.

    Very hip!
  • My gf makes us go here at least once each month atm. The food is amazing and the place really feels like you are in napoli. The cheese ball is amazing and a must order.
  • First time at this rest, atmosphere great BUT, The hidden price of the entre doesn't justify the quality nor the taste. If you do happen to go there, my advice is to stick to the menu and pizza, don't let them con you in on their entre that's costs a bomb!!! Won't be going there any time soon.
  • Dining at Via Napoli is a real authentic Napoletana experience. The pizza is delicious and the staff are friendly and accommodating. A little piece of Southern Italy right here in Lane Cove.
  • First of all, the food is great. As everyone says, the pizzas and salads they make here are very authentic Italian style food. The real let down for me was the service. The few times I've been here they've always stuffed us around with bad seating, or incorrect number of tables/chairs for us. The staff is friendly, but not very apologetic when an error occurs. I'm not one to point fingers or hold grudges, but since this has happened to me more than once I am happy to take my business elsewhere.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    One of my favourite pizza places... When we took a trip to Naples in Italy we realized this local Lane Cove Pizzeria is legit!
  • Warning!!!
    Don't ever book this restaurant or its Hunters hill one.
    I booked 4 weeks in advance for my birthday lunch of 12 people and two hours before my lunch that day they rang and said they were not ready for lunch and MAYBE they could squeeze us in for dinner!
    I had people coming from all over Sydney and left no time to find a decent place that could accomodate 12 people at such short notice given the time of year.
    They offered no compensation and didn't give a tinkers toss about ruining my Birthday lunch.
    I would hate this to happen to anyone else on their special occasion
    Totally out of order.

  • Came here based on the reviews. Great food, and the restaurant has a nice mood to it. But staff are a little over the top and prices are bit expensive.
  • My favorite pizza place :) Great pizza, vibrant atmosphere.
    Not the place to come if you want a quiet meal though.
  • great range of pizzas, and surprisingly their salad range is quite delicious as well.
  • Heard rave reviews about this place, booked for a Friday night in July, arrived on time and were told they were booked out and we had to wait 30 minutes, we waited 30 minutes, and then seated in a tight corner which we could hardly move.
    The wait staffs are OVER the top, I dont know if its an act or if thats the way they are.
    The other restaurant was excellent, however we need scrapers to get to the big pizza, all soggy and wet.. Hardly finished our meal and they are trying to "diplomatically" asking us to leave because other guests have arrived..
  • Came here all the way from Tempe, and I think it was worth it. I'm not a food critic, and maybe its not the BEST pizza ever, but it sure was tasty and there was obvious quality in the ingredients and cooking. Staff can be a little bold, I think most of them are European.
  • Amazing foot long pizza, staff are great fun. This place buzzes, though noise is an issue. Not a first date venue!
  • This person does not like to pushed to finish, we ordered the large pizza, there was 4 of us we needed a scrapper to get parts of the pizza off, it was stuck to the board,then we get the loud and overbearing somewhat funny attitude asking us to please finish
    Ok the pizza parts of it was great, but this place is way too loud even for this person and the staff managed to realy iritate us with their "behaviour" maybe its genuine but its not always funny
  • Amazing food, can be quite busy and I agree with some comments below staff can be a bit pushy, but overall friendly guys who serve amazing pizzas
  • WORST PIZZA SHOP EVER. I've never been to dining place any worse than Via Napoli. WORST SERVICE. Waters in Via Napoli mostly on working holiday visa, VERY LOW QUALITY PEOPLE and not good English. They just don't know what is expected in the practice of hospitality. Booking coordinator waitstaff had rude attitude, most waitstaff were aggressive, pushy and rude just aiming to kick you out when people are having last bit of food. I brought other people and felt so bad to show this to them. Mystery why people visit this place.
  • Some of the best pizza I've ever had in sydney or even in Australia. We went with a party of four and shared a couple smaller pizzas but we saw some huge platter ones we want to try next time with a bigger group. Service was good if a little bit over exuberant but not complaining!
  • Love their pizzas . Amazing food and amazing service !!!
  • Amazing pizzas!!!! Traditional. Very quick too. I recommend to everyone who loves their pizza :)
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    Just when you thought this place couldn't get any better... They introduce 2m pizzas!!!
  • Well what can i say. Booked for 8:30pm got seated at 9:15pm excuses "oh we're so busy sorry". Well thats ok. The large 1 mtr pizzas were undercooked and soggy.

    PEOPLE I'm Italian and I can tell you thats not how we treat people.
    Not going back. Pity I had high hopes.
  • rina.v Local Star 407 reviews
    This restaurant is the most authentic Italian restaurant I've been to in Sydney. The pizzas are to die for. The arancini are mouth watering. The sugo is like velvety tomato sauce that has been cooking for hours. The wine is delicious. All of the staff are Italians and after everything, it's not that expensive! I really rate this place and rave on about to my friends. Definitely recommended.
  • I noticed this restaurant one Sunday night as I was driving to Woollies. It was full of seated people and a long line up. Now I know why, the most delicious Italian pizzas with tasty fresh ingredients.

    I did not give Via Napoli a full five star rating as the entrees and female staff were disappointing. When the female waitress took our order, we had problems pronouncing the menu items and she actually made an annoyed face which was quite rude ( and this occurred several times throughout the service). To be honest, she appeared to be hating life. We had to pretend she did not exist to continue our great lunch.

    We had the cheese and ham arancini balls which we all found lacking in flavour and although the filling of the stuffed zucchini was fabulous, the batter was very thick and doughy.

    We shared a Margherita, Quattro Salumi and Diavalo. I absolutely love the tomato base, cheese (fior de latte) and the Salami has a real bite!

    We shared a ricotta cake which was a good ending to our lunch along with great coffee!

    I will definitely return for the pizzas and ricotta cake!
  • Life changing pizza! Best pizza this side of Naples. Whenever I return to Sydney this is always my first stop! Please open one in Brisbane!!!
  • beautiful food, great customer service and very friendly! feels like your in Italy especially when your eating the pizza!
  • jojostuff Local Star 405 reviews
    I've upped my rating after being back again recently. Luigi has leveled out and expanded the outdoor seating area so it takes a lot more tables (and is a lot more comfortable) and he's also put in awnings. The service seems to have stepped up a notch too, with a larger team of waiters and waitresses, all of whom are extremely friendly and love a good banter. This place has gotten a lot more popular, bringing in more than just the local crowds. We arrived for an 8:30pm weeknight booking because it was booked out, and I was surprised to see a long line starting to form right after we were seated.

    The menu has expanded too, with a variety of daily specials. When we last visited, I was excited to see a large tub of buffalo mozzarella balls and prosciutto sitting on the meat slicer.

    The pizza is great, though I still reserve highest praise for other Pizzeria in Surry Hills. Luigi is a bit of a crowd-pleaser, making his way around the tables. He recognised us immediately and stopped by several times to chat and charm the parents who were visiting for the first time.

    Via Napoli is such a great place for a meal with family or friends, and I'm really happy to see him doing so well.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    I am still so in love with this place. The staff are so friendly, you are sure to get a laugh or two! The vibe is really great with lots of families and friends gathered in an unpretentious, homely atmosphere. It can get a little chilly so bring a jacket if it is a windy or cold day. I haven't eaten anything here that I didn't love! Everyone I have recommended this place to has loved it... Book in advance as this place has become very very popular!
  • Left this place singing Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier". The Buffalo cheese is unbelievable and carries this pizza. The authentic Italian feel of the place adds to the dining experience definitely would recommend to anyone who appreciated delicious food.
  • Authentic, flavoursome pizza & well priced to boot. Kid-friendly too with their "Mickey Mouse" shaped pizza. I almost don't want to recommend it so that this place can stay a local secret. Have yet to eat under their new alfresco area so I'll be back there very soon!
  • jojostuff Local Star 405 reviews
    Luigi and his team are doing a great thing, bringing traditional pizza and a great Italian spirit to an otherwise vanilla northern Sydney suburb.

    Luigi is a 3rd-gen pizza maker, he proudly tells us. The proof is in the pudding, or pizza, as it is in this case. I love that you won't be able to find pineapple on the menu, even if you asked.

    You can get metre-long pizzas with 3 types of toppings for $60, which is a great price. , Via Napoli is a great addition to the Italian food scene in Sydney.

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